North Georgia Best Apartments/Townhome for Family Relocating to Georgia

Updated on October 05, 2009
V.B. asks from Jackson, NJ
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Hello to all mothers,

My family and I would really appreciate your help in helping us decide where to rent a three bedroom Apt that has great amenities especially tennis courts/shopping/great schools for the kids/playground/ and most important safe with the apt price not being too expensive and very low crime. We are thinking about relocating currently we're looking towards North Atlanta areas. Please help for we will be new to Atlanta. We were recently there (Alpharetta) in May and we all fell in love with the place. If you can provide the link to the apts would also be most helpful. The areas we liked are Sandy Springs, Alpharetta,Roswell Rd/ Roswell strecht etc... mostly north.

Thanking you in advance for your help and assistance.

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So What Happened?

I just wanted to thank everyone that contributed to providing information that I requested. I can always count you.
I think we may be looking at the Sandy Springs/Roswell area not confirmed as yet though. We still have a lot think about and see where the job will be first.

Thank you all.

Thank you.

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answers from Atlanta on

I live in Cumming, just north of Alpharetta... we have been living here for almost 3 years and absolutely love it.... we've made amazing friends, so beautiful ppl, since you can still find alot of the families that started Cumming a few generations ago.

Ppl here are very welcoming and loving, and as a matter of fact, a lot of ppl from Alpahretta who are tired of the noise and fast paced, move up to Cumming, for they find alot of their shopping and commuting needs, within the "small town" peace that is forever lost in the cities, with still a great taste for the country mixed with the amenities of a city. ATL downtown is about a 30-45 minute commute on non-rush hours...

If you travel Ga 400 north, which passes from Buckhead, then Roswell ( Sandy Springs and Marietta are at a spit neighboring), then Alpahretta, and right around exit 12 you'll find where Alpharetta meets Cumming, and Cumming goes all the way up to exit 17 and then some.. We live right off exit 16, in a rather new subd ( about 5-6 years old homes).

There is an apatment complex on Freedom Pkwy, which is right between exit 16 and exit 17, I think it is called The Columns at Pilgrim Mill with all the amenities you search for... but I'll give you some advice when it comes to apts.: the cost of a 3 bedroom apt. here in North Ga can be equivalent to the cost of renting a 3 bedroom house, within a nice subd with all the amenities .... a 3 bdrm apt can rent anywhere from $1,100- $1,300, unless you find a move in special and a desperate need to rent from the complex.... a house with those same characterisitcs can rent for the same price, except you'll have more room, a garage, possibly a basement. The cons: you'll have to mow a lawn, and you MIGT have 2 utility bills to cover ( electric and gas), while all apts. run soley on electric
The pros... more room for the same or better price.
Last tip: homeowners who rent their properties are desperate to get tenants... they really need the income to cover the mortgages!
I.E. you may google Ansley at Pilgrim Mill subd... there are several houses up for rent.... the schools are really good here in Forsyth County.. I have 3 kids attending the public school system



answers from Atlanta on

Hello and welcome to GA! I have always enjoyed renting homes versus apartments, so cannot help, but the market's great for renting homes right now.

I live in East Cobb/NE Marietta Zip 30066, and we have great schools. Our pricing is slightly less than Alpharetta/Roswell area, but just as safe and friendly. Mt View Elementary is #51, and Mabry Middle School's #5, Simpson's #15 in statewide rankings. Usually 3/2s are around $800-1200/mo.

Check out for school ratings in the area you finally decide on, and perhaps google Home Rentals to get an idea.

Good luck and good move!



answers from Atlanta on

when we first moved to Atlanta our friends chose to live in Roswell-Alppharetta but it was too pricey for us. We had gotten a negative view of Marietta by coming up from the south on one of the lower income areas of trailers, etc. But there are many many more really nice areas and good schools in Marietta, Acworth, etc. The one thing you will wish you had known (only now you do!) is to live as close as possible to work. Youdo not want dad or mom spending two hours a day in the car more than necessary. Look at Acworth, Marietta, Kennesaw. I can give you more specifics if you want them, welcome to Georgia! S.



answers from Atlanta on

I know you said in north Atlanta, but unless your job is up there, take a quick look at Peachtree City, in Fayette County. We have great schools, the area is beautiful and the traffic is considerably less. Just food for thought...



answers from Atlanta on

I have a home for rent in Roswell. Three bedroom, 2 bath, renovated kitchen, fenced yard, garden spot, roses & herbs. Amenities include: tennis, pools, walking trails, parks, elementary in walking distance, anything you need is located in the general area. It's in the Martin's Landing subdivision. Although some of the amenities are currently closed to the recent flooding, they are already working on reopening the effected areas. Our home did not flood. If your interested call Roxy Hernandez or Andrea Rawls @###-###-#### to take a look. If you have any questions you can email me [email protected]



answers from Atlanta on

Good Morning V.!
The Point @ Perimeter, Dunwoody, Ga, is a very nice complex that has access to the Perimeter Mall, Walmart Target, and an array of restaurants, all within walking distance. The rent is very reasonable for the area and I enjoy living in the community. I have been there 3 years. The link is The phone number is ###-###-####. If nothing else, just take a look. The staff is very pleasant. Ask for Phillip or Jennifer, they have always been helpful to me. This area also provides good schools for the children.

I have also relocated from New York, just 4 years ago, so I do understand what you are going through.

Good luck in your search....Blessings..



answers from Atlanta on

Another good place to check is south forsyth county, Cumming, GA it's just north of Alpharetta. It's a great place for a family. Lots to do with kids, easy commute to Atlanta for weekend events, etc. Some of the best schools in the state are here as well. The only nice apartments I know of are called, Century Windermere (go to and search that name). You should also look at renting a house rather than an apartment. In general you will get more space for your money and it will be much safer than apartment living. Plus right now many people are trying to rent their homes since they can't sell them so rent prices are pretty good. Just a thought. Alpharetta is great too and if you want an apartment they have lots to choose from.



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Hello. I live in flowery branch and its a great place. I lived in gwinnett county and it is way to much traffic. Esp. alpharetta. I would highly recomend tree park apartments and townhomes. Very nice community. Has playground, boat storage, pool, fitness center, tennis courts, and garages if you want to purchase that extra. Great developing area. Near the falcons training facility and very close to the mall of ga. very safe and great schools also! if you do like it please refer me as marcia and david taft.. that is my parents and they live in there!!

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