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Updated on October 30, 2006
J.R. asks from Powell, TN
8 answers

I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about the Enfamil Next Step formula? It says it is for babies 9-24 months old. Has anyone used this? My baby (10 1/2 months old) will be switching to whole milk in a little over a month. Just wondering? Thanks.

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answers from Jackson on

My son in 15 months old an his doctor advised us to use the next step formula. He doesn't like milk at all and the infant formula doesn't match his needs anymore. Hope that helps.

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answers from Atlanta on

We use this for our daughter who is 16 months old. We started using it at 12 months because she would not drink whole milk. She drinks it as well as her original formula. She still takes a bottle at bedtime and this is what she gets then. Since she does not eat well some days I feel that at least she is getting some extra nutrition over regular milk (which she will now drink without problems).



answers from Augusta on

my son turned 2 yrs old today and I still use forumula some times when he wont eat so he at least gets his vitamans. And thats what we use the nextstep lipel I think it is



answers from Savannah on

My son was on Similac and when he was that age I ask his ped about the next stage formula. His response to me was that it was just a gimmick that formula companies use to get your kids to stay on formula longer; therefore, making them more money. He said there is no difference between the baby and toddler formula. So, I continued with baby formula until my son was a year old and then switched him to cow's milk. He is a happy, healthy, 28lbs, 20 month old.

I would suggest checking with your daughter's ped to see what his feelings are.



answers from Hattiesburg on

I used the next step enfamil for about a month or two before I switched my son to whole milk and I didn't see a whole lot of difference he drank it the same as he did his formula and no change when he switched to whole milk.



answers from Jackson on

J. -
I tried the Enfamil Next Step for my son (because they sent me a $10 off check). They didn't have one that was lactose free, so I tried the Soy. Mark had never been on Soy and hated it - so we just went ahead and switched over to Whole Milk that was Lactose Free at around 11 months.




answers from Nashville on

"One benefit of formulas over whole milk is that many of them contain DHA, an important omega-3 fatty acid (that you would find in breastmilk). One way or another, getting DHA in the diet seems especially important in the first two years. If you think your child needs formula after the first year, switching to a toddler formula at that time is one way to accomplish this while providing her with the extra calcium and phosphorus she needs.

Toddlers don't necessarily need formula, even if they don't nurse. Children who are eating a balanced variety of healthy solids after the first birthday should be able to get the extra vitamins and minerals found in formula from their diets, perhaps with the added safety net of a multivitamin. If there is concern that your child is not eating an adequate amount of solids, formula will provide most of her nutritional needs while she is experimenting with solid food." - Dr.Greene



answers from Madison on

We used it staring at about 10 1/2 months. I went half and half with formula for about a week and then switched him completely over. I never really noticed a difference other than it smelled a little better than formula. I think I only went through one canister b/c his doctor okayed us to switch him to milk right after he was 11mon. I think the whole thing is a ploy by the formula people to make people keep buying their products.

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