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Updated on November 28, 2010
R.D. asks from Port Jefferson, NY
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I brought my newborn home yesterday and realized that she poops after every bottle I give her. Yes, she is formula fed. I know this is normal for a breasted baby but has anyone experienced this with formula? Also the stools are part formed and part loose. Is this normal or diarrhea? I know she went to the bathroom many times while in the hospital, but more to gauge as she was in and out of the nursery.

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answers from Bloomington on

My sister-in-law formula fed and this is exactly what her baby did--eat/poop/eat/poop. After about 6 weeks it will slow down. Congrats!

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answers from Orlando on

I agree with Sharie. It's all normal. My 4th child just turned 2 weeks and his poop is still a little loose, but he's not pooping after every feeding anymore. So, you're good. Their stools are supposed to be "pasty" like wet clay almost. If it's a little looser than that, I wouldn't worry. If it starts becoming VERY watery, with no form at all, that is when I would worry, at least at this stage.

Congratulations and Hang in there!


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answers from Fort Wayne on

It's totally normal! Her stools will be runny until she starts solids. Liquids in=Liquids out!

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answers from Atlanta on

Yes! Normal! This is good.Everybody should poop after everymeal. Your little one is ahead of the curve.

God bless and Congratulations!


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answers from Omaha on


not sure what formula you are using but our pediatrician said formulas these days have more whey and casein (sp) proteins that make them more like breastmilk. Our daughter is 2 1/2 wks old and was switched from breast to bottle a week ago Her stools have also been pretty loose.

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answers from Washington DC on

Congratulations! Baby sounds pefectly normal! Don't be alarmed if you see changes in the color of the poop, it will turn black and other colors. But this is normal as well. Enjoy! even poopie diapers are fun when your babies are babies.

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answers from Modesto on

Sounds perfectly fine to me. They are poop machines ;)

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answers from Johnstown on

Yep, it's normal. Congratulations!

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answers from Jacksonville on

It is all normal until her digestive system gets used to the feedings and it will all calm down. And all her poo will probably be somewhat loose anyways so nothing to worry about.

Good luck and Congrats!!

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answers from Philadelphia on


it sounds like all systems are working properly :-). hope you are getting rest and taking care of yourself, too.

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answers from New York on

If the bowel movements look normal, they are not diarrhea and it's fine to have frequent poops. If they are runny/watery/loose, then that's diarrhea. If you have concerns, don't ever hesitate to contact your pediatrician, esp if are you think your baby may have a health issue.
Congrats on your brand new baby!


answers from Los Angeles on

It's OK.
I call it the bowling ball effect.
Something arrives at one end of the line
and something gets knocked away from the other end of the line.



answers from Raleigh on

Yep our baby had the same thing, now at almost 6 weeks it's slowing down, but still very loose.



answers from New York on

Dear Robin, Congratulations on your new baby girl! although I did breastfeed my 5 children I do think it is normal to poop after every feeding. No it is not diarrhea, she has no solid food yet. All is well, nothin wron with asking though.... Grandma Mary


answers from New York on

Hi Robin:

Newborn's bowel movement can appear diarrhea-like. Pay attention to any possible stomach upset/body pain crying post drinking the formula. Research all of the ingredients in the formula. There may be information of possible digestive irritation. If so, look into other healthier formulas.

Take care,
Founder/Organic Mommy and Baby Healthcare Solutions

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