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Updated on September 24, 2009
T.D. asks from Dallas, TX
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Hello again, sisters. I had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and put on insulin, I followed the the clinic's recommendations and thought I did well (I didn't gain a pound the whole pregnancy). My new daughter is 2 months old now and I went to see my PC, he says my blood glucose is still out of control. He sent me home hurt, but not so shocked as this runs in my whole family. I'm on the common regimen of Metformin 500x2 daily. The great news is that my doc says if I can lose the 50 or 60 lbs (I am 208)...(but I carry it well) ...haha....any way IF I can lose it I might be able to reverse the diabetes. SO, I looked online and the amount of websites out there is daunting, are there any diabetics that have beat it, or lost weight that would like to lend a scared little puppy a hand? Which website /weight loss plan/online support group is best? Thank you for you time, knowledge and support!

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So What Happened?

Well ladies, I hope you all checked back to recieve your big THANK YOU for all of your advice! The metformin is doing its job pretty well, I am taking the baby and the dog for super regular power walks and NOW I have a whole list of wonderful places to find meal ideas, support and to track my progress. THANK YA THANK YA THANK YA!

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My daughter has Type 1 diabetes. We really like They have over 8500 healthy, recipes. They also have forums, information, and tips that might help you.

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Your story sounds similar to mine--I just managed to avoid the insulin by a small shot. As soon as I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes I changed my eating habits completely. I only ate vegetables, limited the types of meat I ate and limited fruit. I tried to eat foods in their natural state when possible and avoided startches and breads. I increased my exercise by walking in the morning and the evenings. I believe exercise is the key with diabetes. I ended up losing weight in my pregnancy and was able to control the diabetes. I would recomend finding a diabetic dietician and walk when you can. Good luck



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Hi T.,
There are several things that you can do--losing weight, eating healthy and getting exercise are key components to getting your diabetes in line. And to be successful you need to do all three! If you have insurance please see a diabetes educator for a nutrition consult to help you put together a meal plan that will work in your life and to give you more information about diabetes. Something like weight watchers can help you stay consistent with a diet plan or joining a gym or a boot camp can help with the weight component. If you can't do that, then start walking--put the baby in the stroller and start moving!! (exercise is great at reducing insulin resistance) Any type of exercise is good (but get an ok from your doctor first) !
Type 2 diabetes is a two fold problem: there is insulin resistance --you body is not able to use the insulin you produce (because of insulin resistance) and/or you are not making enough insulin in your body. Insulin is a naturally produced hormone in the body that helps the glucose (sugar) get into your cells for energy. Here are a couple of websites with reliable information (the american diabetes association) (american dietetic association). I also found one which takes recipes you like and makes them healthier. Another resource you might consider is Texas Agri-life Extension service. They have a free program called "DO WELL, BE WELL WITH DIABETES" with a great emphasis on eating healthy. Call the office in your county and see what programs they offer.
Also, see if your local hospital has a diabetes support group- you can get information and encouragement along the way.
Another idea would be to get a diabetes "coach" an online diabetes educator that can educate, motivate and help you be successful in managing your diabetes. Check out
Good luck! and one more thing--think about why you want to control your diabetes (or get to the point where your blood sugar is normal) ...because you want to have a full, active life to raise your children, free from health problems.



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Hi T.,

You are doing what is best for you in the long run, trying to lose weight. I believe it will make a difference for you. Check out this website,

It explains the science, gives testimonials, and shows the products for the Cinch Inch Loss plan. Many of the testimonials were motivated by medical conditions to lose the weight and saw improvements. They just completed their Cinch Biggest Loser contest, so you'll get to see those amazing results too.

There is a free support website, It is a forum where you can connect with others in your same situation and meet people who have had success. I would do this as a part of your research.

I did not follow the recommended plan 100% and still got results. I lost 23 pounds after the birth of my son. I still use the product for breakfast b/c it is quick & easy, tastes good, and is much more filling than cereal or toast.
It even works for those of us who need a little grace!

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or want more information. I can help you get started with the products and get you a 15% discount.



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I have a program to recommend.
No drugs, no pills involved. Just simple basic good nutrition that you've always known about. Lots of veggies, grains, fruits; less of fats, meats, simple sugars. It just makes sense.
There are lots of articles supporting a starch-based diet and three examples of patients who got cured (at the bottom).
From the website: "Type-2 diabetes is due to overnutrition from the rich Western diet – medication is not required and is usually inadvisable. The McDougall Program cures this form of type-2 diabetes by correcting the malnutrition with a plant-food based diet and exercise – and associated weight loss."
He has several books out too. I hope you can find a nutritionist who will support you eating this way. Good luck!
I am not diabetic and I did not have GD or any health problems. I have eaten semi-vegetarian for 13 years for the sake of protecting my health.


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My husband was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago. The very best thing we did was take a class at presbyterian hospital how to eat. Your doctor should be able to recommend such a (2 visit) course and insurance will probably cover it 100%. They explained in simple terms how to eat. We don't even pay attention to "sugar." It's more about carbs. You will learn the proper portions of carbs, fats and proteins you should eat at each meal and how to space your meals. If you follow this it will be easy.

I'd suggest you go to the bookstore and buy the paperback book "The complete book of FOOD COUNTS" by Corinne Netzer. Sit that book in your kitchen and begin looking up everything you eat. In no time at all you will have an idea of how to estimate the carb, fat and protein count of what you are eating. Once you are there you can do a quick estimate of portion size in your head and be able to eat anywhere.

Next, I got very involved in health and wellness and became a Shaklee Independent Distributor. I got my husband on vitamins and the Shaklee Weight Loss program ( The program turned out to be a perfect diabetic diet. He was able to quickly cut his medications in half and feels better now than he has in years. If you eat right and exercise you will too!

Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can help.



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Hi T., I have information on a clinically tried supplement that is safe and effective that will help you regain your health.

Call me at ###-###-#### for details,




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I have diabetis in both sides of my family so when I started gaining weight after my divorce I started to see the signs and paniced. I went online to and it changed my life. They have online services which only run about 16 a month or if you want to go meetings for support and ideas too its like 40-50 a month. But honestly its all about changing how you eat and exercise. I went from 185 in July 2007 down to 140 now and have been that weight since Feb 2008. You will only see a few pounds shed off at first but once you start excersising with it the pounds start falling off and friends start noticing all kinds of change in you! Its great! GOOD LUCK! Don't give up! I did the flex plan and changed my eating habits from sugar to splenda in my house and still drink 2% milk and get a lot of stuff fat free or sugar free now. My helpings at meals aren't gargatuan like they used to be cus now I eat til I am satisfied not stuffed! It's all in how much you eat really trust me!


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Dear T.,
I was gestational diabetic during my pregnancy. When I go pregnant I weight 260 lbs and when I delivered I was 230 lbs. I lost 30 lbs during pregnancy but believe me it was NOT all baby! I lost the 30 lbs following the diet plan that the dietitian gave me but afterward I hit a plateau and stopped loosing. My husband and I have been on Weight Watchers for the past year and I am down to 185 lbs (that is a total loss of 45 lbs!) Of course my husband has lost 75 lbs, but then men always loose faster than women. Anyway, the program really works! I still have 45 lbs to go before I reach my goal weight, but I know I can do it as long as I follow plan and continue to go to the meetings for support.

Good Luck! You CAN do this!

SAHM of two:19 and soon to be 6. Home Baker and Candy Maker(LittleSnowflakes). Married to my best friend for 12 years.

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