Need Ideas to Get My 1 Yr Old with Food Texture Issues to Eat Food

Updated on January 17, 2010
S.B. asks from Peoria, AZ
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While I have two other children, my third has thrown me for a loop. I have a 1 yr old daughter who just got her two front teeth literally for Christmas. She has had her two bottom teeth for about a month and whenever I introduced food to her like mashed potates or mashed steamed veggies, she gags and chokes on it - she even choked /gagged on stage 3 baby food. My ped said to wait until she had teeth to really process the food and so I did. Since getting her teeth, she has decided that baby food is not what she wants but still gags/chokes on lumpier foods. A nurse told me it was a food texture aversion, which I completely agree with, however she still isn't eating. Basically she eats crackers, toast, and yogurt. I have tried every veggi out there and some meats. I have blended everything we eat in a processor or cut it very small to no avail. Funny thing is, she was a great eater up until this point. Any suggestions?

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answers from Phoenix on

Hi S.,if you truly think their is a texture issue you can get help through the AZ Early Intervention Program. My pediatrician recommemded it for speach therapy but they help with all sorts of things. Google AZ Early Intervention Program. It's through AZ DES. Click on Refer a Child. The program is free of charge and is for kids under age 3. They are very helpful! Best Wishes!


answers from Albuquerque on

Hi S.,
In addition to what the other mamas have suggested, a little sensory-reeducation won't hurt either. It's something we use with kids who have sensory processing disorders to help them deal with food textures.

At Walgreen's (and probably other drug stores) they sell bristly finger-tooth brushes that fit over your finger like a condom, and have very soft, rubbery, brush-like bristles on them: for tiny babies' teeth.

A couple times a day, gently brush all over the inside of baby's mouth and tongue: everywhere. Try your best, though, not to make her gag. Over time, continue to introduce the lumpier textures, but just one or two tiny bites per meal until she learns to handle it.

If you stop introducing these textures to her, she will never, "get the hang of them."

Good luck!!


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Try fruit. Apparently I had the same thing (according to my mother) as a baby and it pretty much has continued now as an adult... I don't do weird textures and I definitely don't do weird textures that don't taste well or bland. (I mean, have you tried the mashed veggies? They can be pretty bland.) The sweetness in the fruit may make your child keep it in her mouth long enough to swallow.

And don't worry... there's hope! Because as an adult, I LOVE to eat my veggies!



answers from Tucson on

My sons had almost the same problem.

For breakfast, try scrambled eggs. Make sure you use plenty of butter, whip the eggs real well and cook the eggs slowly so they cook up fluffy. Also try cooking up some bacon, but don't make it too crispy so cook this slow as well.

For lunch, try making a cheese toast, like a grilled cheese sandwich, less one slice of bread. I place a lid on top of the bread and cheese and the cheese melts real nice. I then cut about five long strips of the toast. My 14 month old son enjoys eating it. You might want to try over cooking the pasta so it's real soft. Also buy the premium pasta (whole wheat) instead of the less expensive kind. For lunch you can make a pasta and add boiled eggs nicely diced into the mixture.

For dinner, bow tie pasta with crumbled with ground beef and grated cheese. To make it even tastier, use a pasta sauce like Bertolli garlic and basil. Add some whipping cream to the sauce to make it nice and creamy. Then mix in some pasta and cooked ground beef. My son enjoys this as well.

Don't worry about what she doesn't eat. My son will sit and stuff a lot in his mouth, then spit it out. I noticed his poop is lighter in color, not dark. I worry he's not getting enough nutrients, but he's put on some weight so I know his meals are not a complete loss. This will continue until he breaks in his molors. Then he will be able to chew better.

Good luck.

C. Roper



answers from Phoenix on

Hello S.. Funny you should be going thru this because I am having the same issue with my 15 month old. Just when I was thinking of posting on the site, you asked the exact same question. We've been battling this texture issue for months. I think I've exhausted all options at this point. My son will eat cookies, crackers, certain breads, yogurt (as long as there are no fruit chunks in it), and stage 2 baby foods. He won't dare try stage 3! I started to feel bad because when I ask for help from my mom (who is very old fashioned) the only thing she tells me is that my son has been spoiled. I've tried the "when he's hungry, he'll eat" method... didn't work! I also just have no idea what to do... Meal times just become more and stressful as my son gets older because I don't my parenting to be judged as a result of this. People who have never experienced this truly do not understand. And if anyone has ANY ideas that will work, I surely would appreciate it!



answers from Albuquerque on

My daughter did the same thing. I swore that she must have had a sensitive gag reflex or something. Anyway....she eventually just grew out of the gagging/choking stage with lumpy food. I just kept offering her different foods every few days and she eventually was able to eat it.

Both of my kids never liked Stage 3 food. If she can't eat the regular veggies, just keep giving her Stage 2 veggies. I also wouldn't worry about meats yet. She's still pretty young. If she'll eat the Stage 1 or 2 meats, just give her that.

I guess what I'm trying to say is not to worry. My daughter grew out of it and yours will too. As long as she keeps gaining weight and growing normally and doesn't start losing weight, she'll be fine. Good luck.