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Updated on June 29, 2010
J.B. asks from Huntington, IN
5 answers

Hi....we are trying to relocate to huber heights ohio. We are finding it difficult to find a house we can afford. We found a townhouse we can afford, but its only a 2 bed room and I have 2 active boys.

So my question is how do you go about finding a house to rent when we don't know anyone from there or have any connections? We really want a house to rent for 500-650 a month. Everything is 750 or higher. I am a stay at home mom so money can get tight. I would love any advice you all can give me!!!

Thanks so much!

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answers from Anchorage on

Here in AK a 3 bed runs $1500. I hope you find what you need. You can check with different rental agencies and on sites like Graigs list.



answers from Fort Wayne on

Get a local paper and look in the classifieds. You can find most papers online right now. You can also contact a real estate agent. They might have a lead on something. The only other option is to drive around and hopefully you'll find something with a For Rent sign out front.



answers from New York on

2 websites that I found really helpful were craigslist (but be careful of scams) and
Or Most of the homes are for sale, but some are willing to rent also. That is where we found our current rental. Good luck.



answers from Seattle on

It may well be the area that you're looking at. Here in Seattle... unless you're low income AND go to an "income restricted" apartment or housing complex a 2 bedroom apt or townhouse runs about $1500-2000... and you just can't find 3 bedrooms. Houses that are 3+ are easily 2200-2600. And these are good areas but not Nice areas. "Nice" runs a lot more. (2 bedroom student family housing -600-800 sqft- is a flippen 1600 a month + parking fees of $100 per durn car).

However, if you jump north or south by 20-30 minutes of the city, you can find apts and homes for 2/3s what you would pay... and 45-60 you find things for 1/2.

So if you've checked ForRent, ApartmentFinder, Craigslist, & the local papers... and you're not finding your price range... you may well want to expand the area in which you're looking.



answers from Redding on

In California, the same thing is $1000.00.
I hope you are able to find something.

Best wishes!

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