Need a Job - Laid off - NEED HELP

Updated on March 04, 2011
S.R. asks from Boston, MA
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I was laid off in Nov. I am an admin assistant/coordinator...I want to do something else but don't know what to do.
I don't have a college degree - I'm 57 years old and too young to retire.

Honestly the job market is bad...I am taking an ADMIN PRO course at Mass Bay Community College on-line just to "enhance" my skills.

Never have I been so frustrated in my life.

Any suggestions? Any one in Metrowest hiring for a job???


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So What Happened?

I'd like to thank everyone for the suggestions. I decorative painting and thought of making up a website or selling on Ebay.
I need medical insurance so I'd like a job that has medical but on the other hand I'd like to work out on my own.

Here's something no one suggested getting my nail technician certificate...I know they dont' make a lot of money - but there are lots of part-time options.

If you think of anything else let me know!!! I'm paying through the nose for COBRA - hubby is on medicare so he can't help with insurance.


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answers from Kansas City on

Have you signed up with staffing services? I signed up with 3 after I was laid off last year and had a new job in a month.

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answers from Cumberland on

Did you file for unemployment? Contact the Board of Education and see what it would take for you to substitute teach. Without a degree you would get paid a little less-but there is usually a demand for subs.

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answers from New York on

The bottom line is there are tons of people applying for the few positions that are available.

I would recommned registering with a temporary service.

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answers from Phoenix on

Merchandiser. revlon, am greetings, hallmark, lays chips, pepsi, trends . There is many jobs all over the us for these types of jobs. Some pay better then others. make your own hours, go on your own time and stock merchnadise in the stores like target, walmart, macys ect.... Good luck.


answers from Houston on

Our church offers a career workshop that helps get your resume, dossier, cover letters... and interview skills and such up to par, which is great since you will need an experiences based resume as opposed to an education based one. They have tons of great job seeking tips as well as career fairs and can help you narrow your focus. It's free and no need to be a member of the church or worry about being preached to:

Join linkedin and network to all you know! That's how most people get their jobs in by referrals.


answers from Philadelphia on

Keep all your options never know what is going to pop up. There are so many opportunities out there to do on your own as well. Good luck and best wishes.



answers from Boston on

Just trying to think of suggestions for you but how about trying to see if your college has a job placement office? Many colleges have these offices to help their students find jobs. Also, try, Craigslist, etc or to get your foot in the door, a temp agency? Hope this helps and good luck!


answers from Dallas on

I have my own Shaklee business from home. You might consider something like that. I'd be glad to tell you about it. There are several other companies that offer home businesses, depending on your interest. If you have ever taught and are comfortable talking to people it would help.


answers from Boston on

Are you interested in working from home/owning your own business? There are some programs coming up in this area to acquaint people with something they can do full or part-time. Free, no commitment. There's one on Tuesday 3/8 in Norwood and Friday 3/11 in Burlington.



answers from Boston on

Years ago, whenever I was in between jobs, I would work for temp agencies. Some names include Manpower, Kelly Services...Google "temporary employment agencies"...even include "Framingham" if you want the search to be local. Try both and see what you come up with.

Temp agencies are great for several reasons.
1) They give you a taste of jobs you might never have thought of before and of ones you learn you NEVER want to do again.
2) They provide variety to help ease you into learning new things again.
3) If one assignment doesn't work, it's not forever, but you're still earning money.
4) If an assignment DOES work, they may keep you for a while, or call you back when the need arises for them again.
5) If an assignment REALLY WORKS, they might hire you permanently. You can't count on that being the case, but you never know.
6) Some temp agencies even provide benefits.

But meanwhile, you still have money coming in. Good luck!

P.S. Roughly 20 years ago, I took a temp job what wasn't through an agency but through a company itself. It was in or near Framingham. I can't for the life of me remember its name, but somehow PDG sticks on my mind. It may no longer exist, but it was a computer education business that wrote manuals for various computer programs. They taught seminars on Word, Excel, basic desktop publishing programs, etc. They would have people come in and get paid to work through their manuals to see if the steps were explained well enough for a person not familiar with the program to learn it. That job helped me learn a lot of different programs while still getting paid. It's just a thought in case that place is still there. Like I said, though, I'm not sure of the name and it may no longer be there.

Good luck!



answers from Boston on

Are you willing to work part time? What are your salary needs? I'm a mom looking for some admin help that would be all over the internet. I need help but can't pay much to start. My business is growing, and I can see that I will be needing help very soon but the money hasn't started coming in yet. Please message me. I'm in Southern NH, just outside Nashua.

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