My Daughter Has White Eye Lashes - Help

Updated on April 11, 2008
L.T. asks from Shelton, CT
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My daughter will be 4 soon and I noticed that her brown eyelashes are falling out and being replaced with white ones. Has anyone ever had this happen and do you know if they might turn brown again? thank you

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answers from Syracuse on

Usually if a childs hair is going to change color that happens within the first year. You should speak to her doctor, and perhaps make an appt. Hair color changing naturally can be a signal of health problems.

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answers from New York on



Waardenburg syndrome


Phenylketonuria (PKU)

All of these could turn your daughters lashes WHITE.

I would suggest taking her to the doctor, Do not wait,
then take her to specialists, and get a second opinion,

I didn't have time to read up on these but, make an appointment, then do a yahoo or google search, and study up so you have an idea of if you think it could be any of these things, OR NOT. Either way, your educated on the subject.In case the doctor makes a suggestion.

REMEMBER, each of these can start out Small and GROW into a bigger concern.



answers from Albany on

Hi! My daughter's lashes did the SAME thing. She had very dark lashes and very slowly they were replaced with white ones, however it is ONLY on one side. Hers started around the age of 2 1/2. She is now almost 6 and they are still white on the one eye and she also has a patch in her hair that has turned white. I've taken her to see a couple of specialists and dr's have evaluated her, it's Vitilygo (Not sure if I spelled that right). It's not dangerous at all and doesn't effect anything else, but I have to say it was a hard adjustment for me as her mom. The patch in her hair doesn't bother me at all, but the eyelashes stand out VERY much and I worry about her getting teased etc. She's in Kindergarten now and so far it hasn't been an issue, but I have to admit to wanting it to turn back SO badly. The specialists all told me the same thing... it's purley cosmetic and it could get worse or better, there's noway of knowing. The patch in the back has gotten better and then worse but the eyelashes have stayed the same for the past 3 years. The good news is that it's not a sign of anything else, the bad is that it's PROBABLY not going to go away. If you want to email me feel free to, I know I had a REALLY hard time with it when she first had it start happening. [email protected]




answers from New York on

It just may mean that she will be blond or a redhead. White lashes usually signify these 2 color schemes in a child. Did her brows turn as well or does she have any brows? She could have been born with white lashes or within months, have the change take place. Speak with your pediatrician just to be on the safe side. Perhaps he will recommend you to a pediatric opthamologist.

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