My Child Is Only 11 Years Old. and on Some Nights She Would Wet the Bed

Updated on July 02, 2019
J.K. asks from Conyers, GA
11 answers

My child is only 11 years old. And on some nights she would wet the bed on some nights,but it's not pee or at least it doesn't smell like pee.

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answers from Denver on

If you're asking for advice, then ask a question.

BUT FIRST: tell us what you've tried already. Have you taken her to a doctor? What are her eating/drinking habits during the day and especially before bedtime? Did her doctor have concerns or advice? How well does your child sleep? Do you encourage good sleep habits like not watching any electronics for an hour before bed? Is she tired all day? How is her general health, her school grades and attendance? Does she have any disabilities?

And most importantly, what do you do when she wets the bed? How do you react?

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answers from Dallas on

What is your question?

If it is not pee, what do you think it is? Sometimes pee does not smell like pee.

Have you talked to the Dr.

We are not Dr's and we cannot possibly read your mind to figure out what your question is NOR can we determine if your child has peed in the bed.

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answers from San Francisco on

It's probably pee. Talk to her doctor.

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answers from Norfolk on

What is your question?
Some kids wet the bed into their teens.
What does your pediatrician say?
Really diluted pee doesn't have any smell.
At least she's well hydrated.

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answers from Boston on

We have a surprising number of first time posters to Mamapedia who talk about pee, but who do not provide any additional info. Most are kids and trolls, but a few others are legit moms who nevertheless give so little detail that it's hard to know where to start. That's why you'll see a whole bunch of questions coming back to you, with the obvious or implied request that you edit your question and put "ETA" (Edited to Add) with additional details. (If you don't, people may assume you're a kid or a troll.)

It would be incredibly helpful to you if you read through some prior questions to see what else has been discussed on this topic, and also how the best questions are worded on this site.

So, a lot of kids have nocturnal enuresis, which is nighttime bedwetting. It's more common than you think, it's not dangerous and it's treatable with a very simple and well known medication until the child (sometimes as old as 18, per our pediatric urologist) outgrows it. It's a developmental thing, not behavioral. So it's out of her control. Do not scold or criticize, do not punish her, but DO get her to the doctor so she can start to enjoy life by having or attending slumber parties, going camping, and more. We got our son to the doctor well before the age of 11, and I'm so glad we did.

And if it's not urine, I think it would be an incredibly great idea to talk to the pediatrician about it. Don't you agree? I'm sure it's something quite simple but the doctor will ask the right questions without shaming your child.

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answers from Miami on

Talk to the doctor. Don’t berate her. Teach her how to wash her sheets - have her put them in the washer along with her pajamas in the morning. If she is too small to make the bed, you do it, without comment.

One day your daughter will be an adult, and she will remember that you treated her badly in regards to bed wetting if you do. Don’t be that kind of parent.

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answers from Washington DC on

i have sat on this since you posted. I am trying to figure out what exactly your question is...

Your daughter is 11 years old. You say she wets the bed but it doesn't smell like urine? Okay. Does SHE know if she's wet the bed? Is she a heavy sleeper?

Have you talked with her pediatrician to find out what it might be?

How often does this happen?
Does she have any other issues?
What are you concerned about - the smell of the urine or that she's wetting the bed? Some people don't get night trained until they are teenagers. Have you given her "pull ups" to wear to help so she doesn't mess up the sheets?

I realize you're new to mamapedia, welcome. More information helps - especially if you've sent a message to her pediatrician and you're waiting to hear back.

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answers from San Francisco on

What is your question?

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answers from Washington DC on

what is your question?

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answers from Portland on

You haven't added to your post, and I would think you would if you wanted more helpful answers (I know I would).

Do you want help? My suggestion would be to talk to her pediatrician about it if you're concerned - but understand that some kids wet the bed and do eventually stop. There's a lot of good advice already given on this site under the search feature.



answers from Miami on

"Only 11"? Well, lots of kids stop wetting their beds way before that age, so she's not too young to be wetting her bed, as your statement makes it out to be. Perhaps she is drinking too much too close to bedtime or not emptying her bladder before going to sleep? Could it be sweat, rather than pee? Maybe she has a bladder infection or something else causing incontinence? Is she in some sort of pain? She could just have a small bladder and be too tired to get up in the middle of the night to get up to use the bathroom. Try limiting liquids to 1-2 hours before bedtime and force her to empty her bladder before going to bed. Maybe that will make a difference.

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