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Updated on March 20, 2012
S.M. asks from Memphis, TN
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We are about to move and have hired movers from a moving company. 2 trucks, four men! Do you tip movers and how much per man?

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answers from Columbia on

$10 per dude for normal Uhaul size large truck.

Lots of heavy/awkward or an 18 wheeler (or out of town) - $20 per dude.

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answers from Washington DC on

Are these moving men from a company? I grew up in the military and my parents never tipped them with cash that I saw, but they always fed them lunch and had coolers full of soda's, water, and gatorade for them.

If it's friends - normally pizza and beer does the trick :).

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answers from Chicago on

Yes we tipped them and we were generous because we lived in a 3 floor walk up with no elevator and it was awful to watch them have to go up and down those stairs for 3 hours straight carrying heavy stuff.

I think it depends on the situation how much but we did a $150 each guy because of the situation. Make sure you have water on hand for them.

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answers from Medford on

We moved in Dec. I had packed everything myself, and sold most of the furniture and taken legs off tables ourselves so it was 2 men 1 big truck that was 8 times bigger than they needed. It took 3 hours total including the 4 minutes to drive the less than 2 miles distance. There was only 1 step at one house, and no steps at the new house except into the living room. We gave them water, helped when we could, and gave them each $20. I still felt slightly guilty afterwards that we didnt give them more. The whole move cost us less than $500, so I guess we should have been willing to give up a bit more. They seemed very happy with the $20, so maybe it was ok.

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answers from Atlanta on

We always tip our moving men, and the amount varies depending on how much they do. If you have a bunch of massive, delicate furniture, or if you have them pack your stuff, etc., I would tip more. As to the amounts, I think it depends on what feels right to you, and how you feel they do.

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answers from Dallas on

We tipped and we were very generous with those tips because I am super picky about my furniture, some of which is custom made one of a kind.

We brought in lunch for them, tipped a bit heavy, and gave them a case of beer.

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