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Updated on September 30, 2010
B.M. asks from Tipp City, OH
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Hello, Just wondering if anyone knows the price range of Montessori school. I would love to know the price of the Montessori in Troy Ohio, but a range of any would be great. Also I would love to hear any opinion, good or bad of Montessori. My daughter will be in Kindergarten this fall and have thought about this as an option? Thanks for any feedback!

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answers from Dayton on

If you contact the school in Troy directly they will send you information about pricing, etc... YOu can also find out a lot about the school on their website (if you google "Troy Montessori" you will find it quickly). I do know that with the Troy school they require you to make a 2 year commitment when registering your child - so this may be something to consider as well.

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answers from Dayton on

I went to Montessori school and it was a great foundation for me. I plan to send my child to Montessori, assuming there is an option nearby when the time comes. I can recommend the Montessori method as a graduate! :)

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answers from Dayton on

We paid about $500/month in Springfield, Oh. Our son now attends public school but comparing both, the Montessori has incredible skills to teach Math and Science. The kids get to choose their schedule (the order in which they want to take their individual classes) and they promote self motivation for learning versus the traditional idea that "you go to school to learn because that's what you have to do." The only con was that kids do a lot on their own so it made it hard for our son to work in group projects at public school. He also had problems making friends at the Montessori (and he is a very social kid) since it was a very small school and the kids knew each other since they were 18 months old and would stay until 3 pm. My son only attended until 12 pm and he would constantly mention that kids wouldn't play with him because they already "had friends." Although he was learning sooooo much, in our experience he seemed a little bit unhappy due to the social aspects. Once he started Kindergarden at a public school, that dissipated quickly and he started talking about his best friends and he seems to be very happy. This might not be the situation in every school but I think it would be important to look at any signs to make sure that your daughter is also happy, not just learning a lot.

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answers from Austin on

Montessori is a great way for children to learn through visual learning. I am a Montessori Teacher and wish they had this school for my child. I am not just saying that because I am a teacher. They way students learn is all visual learning they see, touch, smell. The best way for a child to learn. I recomend Montessori School highly. Prices very depending on your state and age give the school a call they can give a price on the phone. Hope this helped.

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