Mono Mono Twins

Updated on February 17, 2011
S.G. asks from Davenport, IA
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my sister in law is pregnant for the first time with mono mono twins. has anyone had mono mono twins if so any advice i should give her or anything she should know thanks

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So What Happened?

The doctors said that hers split early enough that they arent connected but shes 24 weeks and they want to admit her to the hospital until she has them to montior them then she has them but shes very stressd because she doesnt know how shes gonna afford to do that bcause he work wont pay her for the whole time shes gone........Thanks everyone for teh advice i greatly appreciate it and she does too but still more then happy to hear anything other advice thank u

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my twins are fraternal so no advice on mono pg's, but I *would* recommend that she check out her local Parents of Multiples club ( can help her find her nearest club) because it's a great resource for information and community, where you meet up with other nervous expectant parents, tired new parents, and been there/done that parents who reassure the nervous and tired parents that they *will* be able to make it through :-)

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answers from Johnstown on

Our girls were/are mono mono twins. They shaired the same placenta and everything. However, they split early enough that they are not conjoined. The best advice I can give her is to just accept this gift she has been given regardless of the outcome. Prayers for all involved :)

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I highly agree with Elaine C.!



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I don't want to be alarmist, and clearly - as Erica M. can attest - there are mono mono twins that do just fine, but when we first found out we had twins and they thought they might be mono mono (they were actually mono di), I learned a few things about mono mono twinship. It's a high risk situation, because the umbilical cords can get twisted. My recollection is that there is a 50% mortality rate. Your sister-in-law should look for some mono mono support groups to help her through a tough pregnancy (ANY multiple pregnancy is tough). If nothing else, there's sure to be someone in her local MOMs club who can lend support.

Now that I've brought up the scary stuff, I want to wish her (and you!) all the best. Her babies are indeed a blessing!

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