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Updated on May 09, 2011
A.O. asks from Ardmore, OK
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Does anyone else feel like you keep buying the same sized clothing for your children? I swear even childrens clothing is getting vanity sized now. I realize that I have small kiddos (3 and 23 lbs and 5 and 29 lbs) but come on, my 3 year should not be wearing 18 month shorts and leggings and my 5 year old 3T.

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answers from Honolulu on

I never encountered that.
Sizes, are the sizes to me, per the clothes my kids have.


My kids are tall/big/lanky for their ages.
They have always worn clothes, that was 1 up in size, than their ages.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have the opposite problem, I have big kiddos and it seems I can't keep them in their clothes long enough before they outgrow them. My 4 yr old son wears size 6 and my 20 month old is in size 3t.

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answers from Spokane on

My kids are like yours and I LOVE it! My girls have been wearing the same shorts, leggings and dresses for 3 years! I feel kinda bad for those parents whose kids last 3 months in one size before they have to go and buy more stuff.

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answers from Pocatello on

hehehe... all kids clothing is sized "generously" in my opinion. My 2.5 year old fits in her 12 month old shorts... although now she wears underpants rather than diapers, so I think that effects the fit alot too.

She is WAY to tal to wear 12 month old pants or shirts though, because of the length. Our pet peeve is that 2T clothes fit her perfectly height-wise... but she is practically swimming in them because they are so big around.

hehe- are nephew is about 20 months old and he weighs a pound more than our daughter, and is the opposite "build"- he is short and stocky. hehehe... he has to where 24 months clothes for the fit... but they have to roll up the hems because they are all too long for him.

I wish they made clothes for babies and toddlers in "widths"- like 2T "slim", and 2T "bulky" or "comfort fit" hahaha

Of course someone would surely be offended! Oh well!


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answers from St. Louis on

Haha, I thought you meant young children. Wow, they are small! I have the opposite problem. My kids grow like a weed and I have to buy them new clothes every 6 months.


answers from Los Angeles on

You do have small children, but then again I think I just have a monster child!
I would get a little bigger so they can grow into it. Plus, sizes are SOOOO off nowadays it is silly! My 7 month old can fit into a 6 month outfit, some 12 month outfits, and even fits into some 18 month outfits. He is 30'' and 21 lbs, so I have quite the opposite problem! Either way though, every brand is different and all of them fit differently. I would just buy what fits, no matter what the size. =)



answers from Washington DC on

Clothing is all over the place. DD has 2T pants that are starting to be high waters on her all of a sudden, but I held them up to other 2T pants my sister got her and they're a good THREE inches different! My 2.5 yr old can still get away with some 18 mo. stuff if it's Carter's or similar. She was in an 18 mo. sleeper just last night. A little snug, but it'll get her through this can't make up it's mind spring.



answers from San Francisco on

yah, we do not have that problem at all. my 2 1/2 year old looks like a 4 year old and she is in a 5/6.



answers from Honolulu on

I have been noticing that. My kids out grow their clothing but when I go to buy more I have to buy the same "size" when it obviously is bigger.



answers from Waco on

Honestly, I think that sounds about right. My 5 year old weighs almost 20 lbs more than yours and wears a 5T.



answers from Portland on

My daughter is almost 5 and we still have many of her 2t clothes. She is short and petite. But I understand what you mean, because she will also fit into 4t/5t. She prefers the 4t/5t pants because the pockets are "real", unlike the 2t ones:)


answers from Houston on

i have the opposite problem, my 2 year old is in 3t or 4t. My oldest was the same way.



answers from New York on

I always buy my boys clothes slightly bigger so he can have if for a while. He's 15 months and 25lbs, so I buy him 18-24 months, depending on the brand name. Shorts 18 months. He's tall as well, so hopefully he can wear his pants until he turns 2 years old.



answers from Victoria on

my 15 month old is around 30 lbs and my 3 1/2 yr old is over 40 lbs. they have always been in the 90% even newborn. the 1 yr old is in 2Tand 3T clothing and the 3 yr is in 4T but if I were to buy anymore clothes I would buy 5T for him. my neice is 2 and wears a smaller size than my daughter. they are about the same height. different bodys types different sizes.



answers from Killeen on

my youngest is 5 and only 32lbs, but she is wearing 5T and x-small girls (4/5)...maybe because she's tall? I think girls sizes fit her better b/c toddler sizes are meant for toddlers, who are usually a little chubby still =) also, different brands of clothes fit differently.
but honestly, an average 18 month old does weigh about 23 lbs...actually, my oldest weighed 26lbs at 11 months LOL (she's also very tall). unfortunately, clothing sizes have to be based on something, so they base them off the average size of a healthy for anyone who has a kid that's taller, shorter, skinnier, fatter, etc. you're just going to have to make do!



answers from Chicago on

We have the opposite problem. My boys are very tall and grow quickly. With each new season we have to buy a new size. My boys are 2.5, and winter was 2T, so I thought spring/summer would be 3T. But, nope, one of them really sprouted and is starting to need 4T for summer. With them being twins, it would be really nice, too, if they stayed the same size since they could share clothes, but it looks like that won't happen this summer.

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