Lyme Disease "Bullseye"

Updated on August 09, 2010
E.E. asks from East Setauket, NY
9 answers

Hi Moms!

About a week ago I noticed what looks like a bug bite on the back of my son's ankle (he's 2).

Today, I noticed that it seems to have developed into a bullseye (it's a little dot where the bite is/was, and then another ring of dots around it). It doesn't look like the lyme disease rashes I've googled, as all the red parts seem raised. It also looks much smaller than the rashes I've seen online.

No matter what, I'm calling the pedi first thing in the morning, but I'm wondering if anybody else has experienced the same/something similar.


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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice. We did see the pedi (they got us in right away). She examined it for a long time and then decided it wasn't a Lyme rash just a really irritated bug bite (which doesn't surprise me as I usually get allergic reactions from bug bites).

We're keeping an eye on it just to be safe, but last night it was actually bothering him which I guess, in a weird way, is a good thing.

Thanks Moms!

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answers from Boston on

my son got bit behind the ear and the bit area rised up and turned red and the bit mark was in the middle. He still has the red spot after 3 months and it wasnt lyme I made sure too. Good Luck. dont worry to much hope its nothing. let us know your sons outcome



answers from Charlottesville on

Probably is a tick bite of some sort, get it checked



answers from St. Louis on

Does it itch him? It could be a fire ant bite (if you have them in your area).



answers from Buffalo on

It could be ring worm also. I remember when I had it I was worried because it looked like a bullseye rash.(I worked in a vets office so it could have been a tick bite!) Does it itch him? Your Ped will be able to help.



answers from Kansas City on

It could be a spider bite. I had one that looked kind of like that in my groin area, and it turned out to be nothing, but a friend of mine's son got one on his leg that turned out to be from a brown recluse and he was in the hospital for a week. I would have it checked out if it seems to be getting worse.



answers from New York on

I hope by now you have gone to his doctor. I got a brown recluse spider bite one time and it turned really red and hurt. Dr said they are very dangerous.



answers from New York on

We had a very similar experience with our then 2 1/2 year old. When we took her to the pediatrician, they agreed it could be the bullseye rash. They treated her with 10 days of anti-biotics. This was just over a year ago and she has been absolutely fine since. She never experienced other symptoms. Good luck. I know its scary to read all the stuff on the web but I really think with just a rash, you caught it early.



answers from Los Angeles on

Dear E.:

Do not mess around guessing what this may be. Find the best Lyme specialist in your area and have him tested with every known test possible. This can be very serious and cured if caught in th early stages. There ate Western and Eastern treatments for this spirochete.

S. L. DI Hom



answers from Boston on

my son's bullseye was not raised. the orginal bite he had was and it got very large and inflamed because he had cellulitis. I wouldn't mess around it can't hurt to have it checked and I would take a photo now in case it fades. My son's bullseye was very faint so I took a photo of it because it was a long holiday weekend. My son also was got sick he had a fever, no appetite, joint pain, and slept.

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