Looking for the Perfect Lunch Box!!!

Updated on October 03, 2010
J.F. asks from McKinney, TX
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My daughter and son are both going to school this year (i could cry...)and I'm going to be a stay at home pregnant mama for a while so I want to be dedicated to make their lunches at home. Problem is, I can't find a good lunch box set. I need one that's insulated, can fit a little child sized thermos and a drink that has room to stay cold. I don't want to send them off with smushed sandwiches and if I could find a box that had a little clear plastic box inside for sandwiches or salads, that'd be AWESOME.
But I can't find ANYTHING that looks like it'll work.

Whats the best lunch box you've found?????

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The New Generation Lunch Box by BrightBin are awesome little lunch boxes! They can be used as a lunch box on their own (they come with a handle) or they can fit right into a child's lunch bag. They replace plastic bags and tupperware that hold the actual food. They fit into a child's favorite insulated bag so they can still keep Spiderman or Hello Kitty. My daughter refused to use any lunch box except for her TinkerBelle. So the lunch box inserts into the cloth lunch box. This is where you put all the food. It is one unit, no separate pieces or lids, has built-in divided compartments for food. And even better than anything else, the whole thing opens up and goes right into the dishwasher. Lunch went from taking 5-7 minutes to make down to less than one minute. These lunch boxes are so easy!!!



answers from Dallas on

With a quick little search I found some great ones at Pottery Barn Kids and at Lunchboxes.com! They both look to have exactly what you are looking for!! Good luck!!

Helping MOMS work from home!!



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Look on MSN homes page today! They have a feature story about this.



answers from Dallas on

Check out www.laptoplunches.com They have awesome bento box style sets that are environmentally friendly. My daughter isn't in school yet but I already have my eye on these!


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