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Updated on May 20, 2008
M.D. asks from Federal Way, WA
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ladies, my family is looking for a new pet. We found a great little guy via petfinder.com the boys and I fell in love w/him!!!! dh even agreed to him. He is a small boston mix. dh really wants a big dog, but that is not realistic for our small home (not to mention budget). Any way, we applied to adopt only to find out this morning that we were 2nd in line and the other family is coming today to adopt. Needless to say, we are heartbroken. any one have any ideas or knowledge of puppies available? we are looking for something small, yet sturdy, active yet cuddly and resembles a big dog but no bigger than knee height and about 30#. any help would be great!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the leads, stories, caviats etc. We found a great little girl to bring home. She is 9 weeks old, her mom is a boston terrier and dad a flat coat retriever. She has short hair, bright eyes and is very eager to please! she loves the entire family and is loved by all. She is black w/a little white blaze on her chest and all four sets of toes! Her name is Lucie, which means star, light, eyes etc (depending what language you look to) and it totally fits her bright inquisitive looks.

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I know a lady who has 10-12 week old beagle puppies...they are healthy and beautiful...I can pass along her info if you would like!



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I do not have any leads on pups but thought I would give you info from my own personal experience. . Man people feel small dogs are better for small house, ysrd, etc. However smaller dogs are much more high strung and require alot more attention and activity than a big dog. We have a yellow american lab (smaller than english) and she is about knee high but 75lbs. She is great with our 18 month old. Smaller dogs tend to nip small kids as well. My friend got jack russell's thinking they were good because they were small etc for same reasons. She got them as pups thinking that would be good because they would grow up knowing her kids. Needless to say I can't count how many times I have seen scratches and bites where blood was drawn from her dogs! And she thinks my dog is is to big! Hmmmmm Do your research on a dog before you pick one and find a breed that IS totally kid friendly, there are not many tolerant small dogs. But every dog has it's limits. I had gotten a llasahapso (sp?) when I was 4 and I LOVED her, they are a very independent breed don't req. as much attnt as most other smaller dogs and they are lap size. I am a animal lover through and through and I hate to see it when people get a pet and then decide it is to much animal for them or they find it requires to much time/attn. Good Luck in your search and I hope you find the right dog for your family and may I suggest the pound/humane society for all those cute pups other families decided weren't for them?



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We got a Boston about four years ago from a breeder down in Winlock, WA. Here is their website http://www.bossybully.com/. She has puppies and also sells the older dogs as well so that might be a good option if you don't want to bother with a lot of the training that a puppy requires. We've been really pleased with our little Dixie, she's very well mannered and was easy to train. They are great dogs to have around children too and good for small houses.

She was two when our son was born and they are best friends now. He chases her around and she just lets him run with her and plays fetch with him and will let him lay on her when she gets tired. I agree that some small dogs are too hyper and can cause problems with small children, but she has been great.

We got her when we lived in an apartment and she was fine in there, they don't need a lot of exercise which is nice. My husband didn't want a large dog so this was our compromise. At four years old, she's about 20 pounds so not too bad at all. Good luck!



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be careful.... our friends decided to get a dog and have been through 3 in 6 moniths and are ready to give up on numbr 3. first one was from the pound. He was maybe 1 year old, a lab, and too much energy, knocked kids down etc. So much so that they rehomed him within a month or two. then they got a golden retriever from the pound and continued to have enough issues that they rehomed that dog within less than a month. Then they went to a reputable breeder and bought an expensive, 3 month old golden retriever puppy. He is now about 6 months old and is a terror. He is a love and just wants to play with everyone, but is very rough, knocks the kids down, digs holes all over their ard and eats/chews everything.

I have 4 kids ages 6 3 2 and 1. We decided to get a dog last summer. We found an older American eskimo dog - she is 17 lbs and 11 years old. She is wonderful with the kids, housetrained, low key, alerts us when someone is coming. she is so gentle, my 3 year old can take her for a walk with no issues and my 9 month old can pull her hair and she doesnt flinch.

older rescue dogs are better, because they know you saved them.

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