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Updated on November 25, 2007
M.R. asks from Indianapolis, IN
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I would like to start my 5 and 3 yr old girls in some type of dance class. However, I'm new to the Indy area and every place I've called looking for classes only caters to adults. I had no idea there was that much of a market for adult dance classes, but oh well. Anyway, I'd like to find something in the Castleton, Fishers or Broad Ripple areas for proximity to the house. Also, I need some place that has evening classes. Any help is most appreciated.

Also, any ideas on when to start music lessons? My oldest daughter is showing an interest in our piano and I would love to get her lessons, but not sure what age you typically start.

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I am a dance teacher in Carmel and a former studio owner, so I know exactly what you are looking for. The studio I teach for is really great with young children and follow a curriculum that ensures your child is learning what they need to for their age. The director of the Lower School has a masters degree from Butler and put together a great program. It is a very well-rounded center that also offers voice, cello, and a few other types of lessons. The hard part about starting right now is timing. Most of the classes have been formed since August and your child may feel behind if the studio would even allow your child to start at this late date. I would suggest, if you really want to start right away, you go through the Fishers YMCA or Indy Parks. They have shorter sessions that give your child a chance to see how well they like the activity....without spending tons of money. :) If your children enjoy the activities, sign them up for summer classes...they are shorter as well. By then, you will have a much better understanding as a parent what it is all about and you can make an informed decision regarding next fall's sign-up.
Feel free to send me a private message if you have any more questions. I have been a teacher in the Indpls area for 20years now and have no problem with giving you honest advice that may best suit your children's needs.



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This is probably too far north for you, but my daughter takes dance classes at the Pink Slipper Dance Studio in Noblesville. They have 2 locations, a new one off of SR 37 and another up towards Cicero. Everything's princess at the studio and the girls have a ball. They have classes from 2-years-old up to adult. Classes are offered at various times, some during the day, some evening and some weekend, so you can choose what best fits your schedule. Here's their website if you're interested: http://www.pinkslipperdancestudio.com/ Good luck!



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hi M.,

Wishing you luck in finding classes for your girls. I have a client who taught at the Fishers Y. She is currently on maternity leave, but I hear the program is great. Another option is the Jordan Academy (connected with Butler). Be sure to check out the yellow pages as well: there are many listings...

Child development theorists recommend starting a child with a musical instrument as early as possible: they do better, and it improves mathematics abilities. There are also a number of "programs" for children, and researching those would be a good idea so you might determine which learnign style is best for your child.

Hope your search meets with success,
L. in Indianapolis

(just read the responses, and I have also heard that the Indy Parks classes Sarah mentioned are wonderful)



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Hi M.,

I haven't checked out these schools but I found them on the internet and m kids are too young to start so I saved them for future reference.


Music in Carmel - voice, music appreciation AND instruments

Gymnastics in Carmel, I think they also have dance.


I also found in INDOOR facility that does soccer, rock climbing etc and starts them at 18 months. They are right down the street from Meridian Music.


Hope this helps some. We're doing the soccer in dec and the music class in feb. Let me know if you try them and what you like!
Welcome to Indy, we've been here 1`1/2 yrs




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Look into Indy Parks,
My daughter took intro classes last year (she was 4), and she loved them!
As far as piano, it's never too early! Just find a teacher that is able to teach children.

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