Looking for an OB GYN in North Royalton or Nearby Area

Updated on February 21, 2009
S.M. asks from North Royalton, OH
4 answers

I am new to the area and trying to find an OB GYN. I am interested in a doctor that promotes natural labor and delivery. I had an epidural with my last baby and I might again but my doctor in Columbus was on board with only intervening if necessary from episiotomy to drugs. This information is tough to come by without paying for an office visit so if anyone knows of a great OB that delievers and a great I would love to have your input. It would be great to find a doctor that is p ro family as well (we intend to have alot of children, Lord willing) and does not make you wait for hours in the waiting areas. Please help

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I go to Dr.Hahn(male). He delivers at Parma Hospital and is located in front of the Hospital. I love him, he delivered my son. I also have a couple of friends who have gone to him and he has delivered all theirs kids. ###-###-####



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Hi Suzy and welcome to the area,

I go to Oak Tree Women's Health in Strongsville (corner of Pearl Rd and Drake Rd). Their # is: ###-###-####. I delivered all 3 of my children without any pain medicine (no epidural or anything - just naturally) at Southwest General Hospital. The practice also does not believe in Episiotomy unless absolutely necessary. If pregnant the wait usually isn't too long in the waiting room. In fact when I was pregnant w/my first I would go to my visit's during my lunch hour from work and never had a problem. They also have an office at Southwest General Hospital in Middleburg Heights (on Bagley Rd phone # there is: ###-###-####). I personally go to Dr. Kraus but I know several people who go to and are very happy with Dr. O'Neill and usually during pregnancy they schedule you with some of the other dr's in the practice because the one you see all the time may not be the one who deliver's your baby. Dr. Kraus only delivered one of my kids, but any of the dr's at the practice are good. Hope that helps!!



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I go to Janette Stephenson. She works in Brecksville, off of route 82. She is pretty laid back. I think the supports whatever you want to do, and I liked her b/c she was laid back.

I also take my child to kids in the sun in the same building... convenient.



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I go to Dr Sutherland at the Cleveland Clinic in Strongsville. She takes the time to answer all your questions. I had both of my boys without epidurals. Good luck, hope you find someone you like.

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