Looking for a Good Real Estate Agent - Mesquite,TX

Updated on February 09, 2007
F. asks from Mesquite, TX
4 answers

I was recently approved for a mortgage and now looking for a good real estate agent. I would like to begin looking in the north dallas area first.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi F.! My sister is a real estate agent in North Dallas, with Ebby Haliday in the Willow Bend office. She can be reached at ###-###-####

She's very down to earth, easy to work with, a working mom that understands our needs and is always looking for buyers. If you call her, just tell her that J. sent 'ya! Good luck!




answers from Dallas on

Hi F.,

Call my mom, Crystal Pienaar at ###-###-#### she's at the Ebby Office in North Dallas and knows the area well. Experienced and happy to go the extra mile.

Happy hunting, E.



answers from Dallas on

I highly recommend Jennifer. She is honest and will help you find exactly what you are looking for.



answers from Dallas on

Our real estate agent is the BEST! Her name is Peggy Glover and her website is www.dallastxhomes.com. If you do use her tell her that K. Todd referred you! Good luck!

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