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Updated on May 20, 2008
K.O. asks from Minneapolis, MN
4 answers

I checked recommendations and would like something more up to date. Anyone able to recommend a lawn mowing service? My lawn mower putzed out on me and I need my lawn mowed. Thanks for any help! Also, anyone that knows anyone that can fix a lawnmower, that info would be helpful as well.

EDIT: I'm in NE Mpls...

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Where are you? There's a guy in Inver Grove Heights who operates under the business name "The Mobile Engine Doctor." He will come to your house to fix your mower and his prices are reasonable. I have also taken our mower to hardware stores for repair, including Hardware Hank. When our mower has conked out in the past I have usually paid a neighborhood teenager about $15 to mow the lawn. Maybe you have a neighbor kid who could do it until your mower is fixed.


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If you want a professional service, I would recommend Chemlawn and they are more affordable than you think, plus you can get it regularly scheduled so it's one more thing off your list :=)



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We've just started using Tuxedo Turf. So far no complaints. Customer Service has been great



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Call Rodney at ###-###-####. He's a super nice guy, don't know for sure what he charges.

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