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Updated on September 27, 2011
J.A. asks from Carlsbad, CA
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I've been jogging with my son for a year and a half. I have a Jeep jogger (stationary, large wheels) and it is a pain to maneuver, but very stable. I jog at the beach 3-5 times/week 4-6 miles per time (combo of sidewalk, pavement and a little bit of packed dirt). I want a swivel wheel for the front but have read some bad reviews for strollers with an unlocked swivel wheel while jogging (which defeats the purpose of me getting a new one). I definitely don't want a BOB (sorry...I know everyone that has them loves them, but I will probably only be jogging with a child for another year and don't want to spend that much $$ on a stroller--even used, no matter how good it may be). Any recommendations or cautions for strollers from moms who actually jog with their joggers? All the reviews seem to be from walkers and that doesn't help me! Thanks!

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answers from Houston on

I rollerblade with my jogging stroller and i much prefer the stationary front wheel.....the swively front wheel types are unstable at high speeds.



answers from San Diego on

I like the bumbleride indie. The front wheel can either lock or unlock. I've had it for two years with no problems.



answers from Raleigh on

If you're jogging you need a fixed wheel. I have a swivel wheel that locks. If I try to jog even a few steps with it unlocked it starts to shimmy so bad I have to stop. If you still want a new stroller target has a brand for $100. That's what I have and it's pretty nice. However if you get the swivel wheel for your use I think you will be disappointed.



answers from Detroit on

Unfortunately, you need a fixed wheel if you are going to be jogging. The swivel wheel is nice for everything, except running/jogging... it is really dangerous, and as soon as you tried it, you would understand what I mean.

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