Irritated Uterus

Updated on August 27, 2011
A.S. asks from Guston, KY
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Have any of you mamas had any experience with an "irritated uterus"? I am 36 weeks and High Risk, (but everything is going well so far)and at my OB apt the dr said that I have an irritated uterus. My belly has been feeling hard/tight alot lately but i was not sure if this was contractions or not (with my daughter I never really felt my contractions because they gave me my epidural at the same time they induced me and I had alot of back labor) Durring my non-stress test yesterday I felt quite a bit of them, more than I had been at least. the dr basicly said that they were very frequent baby contractions that were not dialating me at all at this point. But she didnt tell me anything that I need to avoid or any ways to relieve the pain/discomfort from all the contractions. Also with all the contractions will I be able to tell when I go into labor? I appreciate any tips/ suggestions/ advice that you may have.

Sorry if this is a little hard to understand, Im exausted, think its nap time! lol!

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answers from San Francisco on

Braxton hicks contractions are the ones that do not cause dialation, but they shouldn't be painful. I've never heard of an irritated uterus. Sometimes dehydration can cause contractions. Maybe try drinking more water to see if that helps.

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answers from Dallas on

I had a VERY irritable uterus. I was on bed rest toward the end. (actually, for half of my pregnancy.) I do agree that you need to talk to your Dr, for further explanation. Until you do that, I will tell you what helped me. WATER. Lots of water. I was instructed to drink a gallon a day. Bot, did that help! Rest. Rest as much as possible, and don't do anything that is absolutely necessary. Have you husband help as much as possible, and stay in bed as much as you can. Warm baths. You can't take hot baths, because that's dangerous. I had a water thermometer and made sure the bath water was close to body temperature. They relaxed my muscles, and really helped with the contractions. I seriously took 3-4 baths a day. I think, you will be probably be able to tell the difference between braxton hicks and regular contractions...once they are very real. (That doesn't mean labor is impending, though. I'm not sure you can really tell that.) I can't fully explain it, but they are like a way and really tight?? Anyway, I think most woman can tell the difference. The real ones you say "Whoa!!" Also, everything starting feeling like it's moving south. I was able to carry until 3 days before my due date, but it took a lot of REST. I didn't leave my house, unless it was an appointment, and I only got out of bed when it was required. Good luck, and call your Dr. She needs to explain things more thoroughly.

They can give you a drug to stop contractions, but they may not with you being this far a long. You can ask about it. The side effects for me, were very intense and unpleasant. However, not everyone reacts the same way.



answers from Tampa on

Yep. With my first it started later in the pregnancy (late 2nd trimester or early 3rd, don't remember). With my second it started early in the 2nd trimester. Neither time did it ever cause any problems. I was having actual contractions (along with several braxton hicks) with my second early in the 30wk timeframe (I can't remember when, maybe 33-34wks) but once I hit 36wks, the doctor wasn't concerned with them and they never made me dilate or really do much of anything else. My first was born at 41wks, second at 38wks. And with my second, the contractions were stronger all day, butVERY infrequent, no consistency to them. But they did get more frequent by the evening and stronger, so yes, you will be able to tell - my water actually broke at home after about 3hrs of consistent & strong contractions and he was born like 1 1/2 hrs after that, luckily I got my hubby home from work and had sent my son to my in-laws "just in case" - cause at that time I still wasn't sure anything would happen, but he came quick, my first labor was was about 18hrs! Good luck! By the way, nothing I did made any difference with my irritable uterus, it was the same no matter how much I drank (water) or what activitie I did.



answers from Minneapolis on

There is no way to tell if you are in labor. With my last, I had this from 6 months til delivery. My contractions were round the clock, and the further along I got, the more intense and painful. I was sure I was going to deliver too soon.

There are drugs they can give you to calm things down, but my doctor was against this (I was high risk too and she said the medications would be complication for me because of a condition I have). Instead I was advised to remain on bedrest, up my fluids, and lie on my left side. My doctor's plan was that if things didn't improve, I'd be hospitalized for the remainder of the pregnancy. While this was pretty upsetting to me, the baby decided to come early so it wasn't an issue. I went into premature labor at 34 weeks. The labor pains felt exactly like the "irritable uterus" sensations. The only way I knew I was in actual labor was that my water broke. If it hadn't I would have probably been one of those people who delivers on the side of the freeway in their car or in a bathroom at a local restaurant.

I'd recommend asking your doctor about the possibility of using medications to calm contractions. And if you're not on bedrest, if this would be a solution for you. Bedrest didn't stop the contractions for me, but I will never know for sure if I would have delivered earlier without it. The day my water broke, I had to go in for a wellness check. I think the walking around made things happen. My water broke after walking up a flight of steps.

As for the drug they administer to quell contractions.. I do not remember the specific name. But I'm sure he/she will know what you are talking about.



answers from San Francisco on

Yes, I had this with my last pregnancy. I went into pre-term labor frequently and had issues with contractions 1 to 2 min apart for hours. It was very irritating because I thought I was going into labor and I wasn't but--it sure felt like it. Hang in there~ Mine got better immediately after delivery. Had it from about 32 weeks til 39 when I delivered. GL



answers from Chicago on

Yep, I had that constantly with my 3rd pregnancy starting at 32 weeks. I was in the hospital five times before I was actually in labor because my OB kept sending me over when the contractions would show up on the non-stress test. Finally after 36 weeks they said they wouldn't try to stop the labor anymore if it started. I was so sure I'd have the baby right then, but then of course things quieted down for awhile. At my 38 week appointment I asked to have my membranes stripped and I went into real labor that night. Hang in there!



answers from Honolulu on

Ask your Doctor.... to EXPLAIN to you... further.

And, should you be on bed-rest???

Call Doctor back and ask all those questions.
She can't just send you home and not explain.

Get your hospital bag packed.



answers from Charlotte on

Yes, I have - with my first pregnancy. I had had pre-term labor and at 37 weeks, felt those contractions you are talking about. The irritated uterus you are talking about is still labor, but it doesn't "take you anywhere", so to speak. My doctor gave me morphine to stop the contractions, and then my labor started back in the right way so that I could dilate.

If I could show you with my hands what your uterus is doing, it would be easier, but it's like squeezing different parts of your uterus at different times. An unproductive labor.

If I were you, I would take Tylenol, rest a lot, keep off your feet, lay on your LEFT side, and keep well hydrated. If you get diarrhea or stop feeling the baby move after drinking a glass of Orange juice, go back to the hospital. Always time these contractions too.

Good luck!