I Freaking HATE Eczema..

Updated on July 01, 2013
I.K. asks from Pullman, WA
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Hi ladies..
I hate eczema I just wish the doctors would actually get a cure for it ..my 22month daughter has it,she has had it since she was a little baby she used to suffer so much that we would put mittens on her hands so that she couldn't stracth herself to death.the dr gave us hydrocortisone to put on her skin n that really works but you can't used a lot coz it will thin out the skin so when she alittle bit better n not red on her foldings will use aquaphor...she has severe eczema n I just hurt when I see her scratching all the time..when her cousins or friends come over to play I wouldnt let her play that much in the heat coz that night she won't sleep she's gonna be miserable ....I wish there was something better to use on her skin that will leave her moisturized for a longer time,n she can be able to at least enjoy herself with other kids.give me ideas for what you ladies use if your kid has the same problems...


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answers from Chicago on

When my DD stoped dairy products it went away. As others have said, try eliminating items from the diet.

While my DD is not allergic to dairy, she is sensative to it.

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answers from Washington DC on

My son had it when he was younger and I used mustella stellatopia cream on him. They also make a baby wash of it too. This stuff cleared him up with in 2 days. It is expensive ($19 a bottle), but it really does work. It's amazing stuff.
Also have you ruled out allergies? A lot of times excema is an allergic reaction to something. Maybe take her for allergy testing.

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answers from Washington DC on


Eczema is allergy based. Find out what she is allergic to and cut it out of her diet.

Usually starts with diary products....then move from there. Journal EVERY food intake your daughter has - not fun - but really - it will help you see what is causing it.

Cut out dairy - cheese, milk, yogurt, etc. and talk with a dietician or nutritionist what you can replace it with so she can stay healthy.

Use the Aveno Eczema body wash - that helps a lot too.

My oldest son had it for about 2 years...got to the bottom of it by doing the allergy test - taking out dairy. Then when he was 5 - his body - just changed and he was fine...now he only has seasonal allergies.

Hope that helps!

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answers from New York on

It may have been a coincidence but we started giving my youngest flax seed oil mixed in with something in her bottle for constipation and right around then is when her eczema cleared up... I'm not sure if it was a coincidence but may be worth trying.

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answers from Chicago on

Go to the allergist and see if you can figure out what she is allergic to.

My son had it was well, the creams and lotions only help so much. My MIL neighbor his going a a super specialist on Friday.. Her son has has it so bad. It breaks my heart. She has done ellimination diet after diet and nothing figured out. They say it is your bodys immunity reaction. You need to get to the root of it, not just cover it up with cream.

Possible causes.
Apple Juice
Out door allergies
Soap used in the bath tub..

It truly can be anything.. So with that in mind, did she have it before or get it after starting solid foods? If before, did you nurse or formula feed? If you nursed, it will be a lot harder because it could be anything that you have eaten. If you Formula fed, it has to be a root in the formula. Or even outside allergens.

Good Luck, I feel for you.

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answers from Portland on

I agree with the allergic reaction theory. If my child had it, I'd likely go see a naturopathic doctor or allergist. Friends have had very good results with NDs who treat children in regard to skin issues and addressing it with diet.

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answers from Honolulu on

This is the link for the National Eczema Association.
Lots of info on this site.

The "triggers" of it can vary per person.
For my Mom, it is oats/oat products & foods/oatmeal/Cheerios etc., and oranges/citrus, that triggers her Eczema. So she just avoids that and she is fine.

Find out, what triggers it for your daughter.
It varies per individual.
You have to observe well, what she eats etc.

ALSO try: "Florasone Cream." It is natural and homeopathic.
I got ours from Whole Foods.

ALSO if you have an Aloe Vera plant, you can use that on her skin.
Simply slit the "leaf" and using the inner pulp of the Aloe Vera leaf, apply that to her skin. It is a bit gooey and gelatinous. But that is how it is.But it dries past once you apply it. Aloe Vera heals many things, including sunburn etc. It is commonly used in Hawaii.
Or if you don't have the plant, go buy a bottle of Aloe Vera gel, from a natural food store. But get one that is 100% Aloe Vera.

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answers from Los Angeles on

While researching bathsoap and shampoo for my daughter, I came across http://www.earthmamaangelbaby.com/. I can't speak from personal experience because my daughter doesn't have eczema, but I've read that their lotion works well for kids with eczema. Some claimed it's the only lotion that worked for them. They're a bit pricey, but I think you can find them on Amazon. I use their non-scents shampoo to wash my daughter's hair.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Have you tried Eucerin? I would just use it in a small spot first to see if it helps or is irritating.

I agree with some of the other posters--NO fabric softener, use a gentle detergent (maybe one for allergies) and use extra rinses for the laundry. I would try to find out her triggers. Often diet is a factor. People with eczema often end up having allergies (both my mom and my oldest son are examples of this). Both my mom and oldest son eventually outgrew their eczema (for the most part anyhow), but went on to have other allergies and in the case of my son, mild asthma. What's strange is I never had eczema until I was about 40 and now I get periodic patches of it, but it arrives out of the blue and then may not show up again for years. Anyhow, I would consult a pediatric allergist.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Have you tried eliminating dairy from her diet or looking for other food allergies? My son's excema was triggered by dairy when he was younger. When I took dairy out of his diet, the excema got much better.

Now that he's in school, it's triggered by the soap in the school hand dispensers. So during the school year, we put Cervae cream on his hands every night before bed, and Cervae lotion on his hands every morning - the cream works better, but takes a while to absorb and makes his hands slippery, so he doesn't like it during the day. So we use the lotion during the day, it's not as thick and absorbs faster. This does a great job of protecting his skin and preventing breakouts.

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answers from Dallas on

I can offer a word of hope... My daughter had it very bad on her legs when she was a baby. We used all kinds of creams, etc.

For some reason, it always got better when we went to the beach. I don't understand why but it did.

As she got older, it began disappearing slowly. By the time she started school, it was pretty much gone with exception of a couple spots on her feet. Right now at 18.5 she has 1 small spot on her toe that will sometimes flare up.

Hang in there..

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answers from Phoenix on

My 4 r old has it.He gets it in the sockets of his arms and legs.I think he is doing a lot better,no rashes since September:D.He gets them out of no were though.We use what the doctor has given us.I forgot what its called but its oil.It oils the skin to make it soft and nice.I give it to him before preschool.I put on were it is itchy.It LASTS a long long time.Then after about 3-4 weeks he started to itch again and its great.Other creams make him itch even more so i love it!The doctor keeps giving em more every 3 months because he knows i love it and it helps my son very much.Ask your doctor for some oil for her skin:)

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answers from Dallas on

I don't know if this will help, but I no longer use fabric softener. I use vinegar in the wash as the fabric softener. It's a natural cleaning agent AND fabric softener. It's working well. Perhaps it might help since it eliminates chemicals/perfumes from the clothing on her body?

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answers from Raleigh on

My 6 yo is suffering bad with his eczema this year. He's had it since he was a small baby. My son has environmental allergies, and grass is bad this time of year. Have you had her allergy tested? I've found that limiting exposure to what we know are his allergens really, really helps.
Whatever you do, don't put on a bunch of heavy creams or any lotions with fragrance. In fact, eliminated all fragrance and dyes from soaps, detergents, dryer sheets, etc. Always check the label. Those chemicals are really irritating to eczema and just make it worse.



answers from Philadelphia on

My 5yo son has it. He gets it in various small spots. It is always present somewhere on his hands (and he itches them like mad) and he gets very frequent flare ups on his knees and behind. Every night I have to do a body check to see where I need to apply his medicine. For him, it seems like no matter what I do, he itches. Most times, I don't use moisturizer because he seems to itch more. I took him to an allergist (because he also has seasonal allergies) and they also treat his eczema as well. They gave me a prescription for Derma Smooth. It's a topical body oil. They prescribed it since he has so many large areas of rash and it was difficult to spread the cream medicines all over. It does help but he still gets itchy here and there. Summer is rough because the heat flares it up, so I keep him inside when I can (and luckily he doesn't like being outside when it's hot so he doesn't mind being inside one bit... unfortunately my 2yo daughter could stay outside and play all day and not be bothered, but we all stay occupied inside). When my son's eczema on his hands are really bad, I slather aquaphore on his hands and put cotton gloves on them before he goes to bed. Helps moisturize them and makes him not itch his hands so hard (he will do it until they are raw and bleed). It's rough but just keep trying and find something you can do to control it since it doesn't go away. Hopefully your little one will grow out of it, mine hasn't.



answers from Atlanta on

The best thing I have ever found for eczema flare ups is Aruba aloe. My parents travel to the island once or twice a year and get it for me. I have struggled with it since I was a child and my children get flares ups periodically as well. No prescription, nothing has ever worked as well as the Aruba aloe lotions.

It is available from different sites on line. I have never seen it in a store in the US.



answers from Houston on

Read the book The Eczema Cure. Eczema is caused from inside the body, the gut. Usually from food intolerances. Try an NET chiropractor to do muscle testing and find the cause. Get her on a good diet such as the GAPS diet, and a good probiotic like Prescript-Assist. HTH!



answers from Houston on

I use castile soap on my son.

Before I apply a sealant--like Aquaphor--I make sure that it's good and clean...bath, peroxide.

He's always warm, so I encourage him to sleep with his legs straightened.

I might try the flax seed oil. What kind of flavor does it have?


answers from Spokane on

I have tried Eucerin...I have done the allergy check,iv just done everything but nothing seems to work or make it better but some products I haven't used that some of the ladies mentioned n I will give it a try...thanks a lot ladies you have help me a lot...

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