How to Thank Hospital Nurses for Being Amazing

Updated on November 17, 2010
C.H. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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last year around this time, I went in for a hospital procedure and a few days later, a life-threatening operation. I have experienced other major hospitals and no hospital and staff treated me so well. It was at Methodist Hospital Dallas. I was there about 7 days altogether. If I knew all their names (about 12), I would give them a gift in person. Since I don't, I feel like it would be nice to give all of the Eigth floor nurses a gift that also kind of tells other people how much they are appreciated and special. I was thinking of that mug to be red and thinking that they would use it at home so their families know.

What do you think of a bistro coffee mug that says: Eigth Floor Nurses Rock! And then perhaps put my initials in small print at the bottom. I am doing a picture card at Kinkos for the two main doctors and staff that say how grateful I am that they saved my life (literally). I'll send that too as it shows all family members that are also grateful in a collage. Babies, great grammas, grown families, etc.

What do oyou think -- or does anything come to mind that would be a great one to consider. I have to remember that some nurses aren't women of course. I

Your input would be greatly appreciated and if there are any hospital nurses out there, please know how much your kindnesses and response to our pain means to us.

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So What Happened?

What great responses all. Thank you so much. So, FOOD it is! A Banner (to show off to the other patients and families as well) in front of their breakroom. (In addition, I'll leave a copy of the Thank you card I made for my Doctors and staff that has a picture of me with each doctor, a picture of me alone, on the inside a picture of me marrying my husband (a few months earlier), and a collage of pictures of our families. I'm assured that all the supervisors will know from all this how high I hold them in esteem. Also, as suggested, the charge nurse said she could actually get the names of the specific nurses working at that time so I can send them a personal note and copy their bosses. Thank you, thank you. (and thanks to all nurses that treat their patients with compassion, humor, and respond to their pain meds as prescribed on time.)

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Whatever you do ALSO: Write a gushing letter to their supervisor/ hospital admin. It can make a big difference come annual reviews, hiring/firing, moving up or laterally, etc.

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Speaking as a nurse. Treating us to lunch or dinner on the unit is a nice way to say thank you. You can bring in trays of bagels and muffins, or sandwiches and salads, or pastas and salads, depending on the time of day. A big box of fine chocolates or a tray of brownies is nice, too. Glad that you had a great experience. Nursing care can really make it or break it for you.

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answers from Houston on

i love that idea, run with it

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answers from Dallas on

I think this is a wonderful idea!! so thoughtful and useful.
When I worked at the hosptial the day nurses reaped a lot of the goods from pharma and device reps (food, snacks, etc) but night nurses got the left-overs. If you do choose food item, make sure a second delivery or your only delivery singles out the night nurses:)

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Wow.....speaking from a nurse who is employed by Methodist Hospital of Dallas, I say THANK YOU, for recognizing and acting on your feelings. It really is very rare for patients to act on those feelings. Not that it by any means is something that we expect, but I do have to say that it is nice to be given a simple thank you, not just nurses. FIRST and foremost, I would say to PLEASE write in and let Stephen Mansfield, President & CEO and let him know how wonderful you feel that your care was. And lastly, food is the way to anyones heart! I am voting for food all the way! Cupcakes, donuts, bagels....just anything food related! I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful hospital and it makes me even more proud to hear such wonderful stories such as yours.

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answers from Topeka on

I like the idea of a nice meal for all of would need to be something that could do at anytime of the day or night since you will really want it to be for ALL of the shifts that worked with you!!! Maybe make a banner saying thank you...include a picture yourself and your family on the banner so they know who it is that is so grateful. You could do things like the other nurse suggested...pasta salads, some great breads, lunch meats, cheese, fresh fruit, a cake or cookies. I think if you made these yourself that the time and effort that you put into putting out a great spread for them would say volumes about how grateful you are for THEIR efforts!!! Or you might just have it catered...although that could run into some big bucks!!!I Would be hesitant to try and do something individual because of the chances of inadvertantly leaving someone out...and it has been a some of them may have moved on to other positions...etc. Since it is the holidays...maybe you could incorportate that into your banner/food ideas!!! And I agree that you want to include a letter to the supervisors, management, and include as many names and such as you can remember. It never hurts to have the ones who are in charge of your salary and placement, being reminded of what a great employee you are!!!



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I'm with Tina F. From a nurses point of view, we enjoy getting food, wether it be bagels or donuts, chocolate, cookies (sweets of any kind really). Also, like Riley J said, send a note to the hospital administration or to the unit manager - it doesn't have to be "gushing", just a note about your experience there. Even something like that can go a long way. We nurses often don't get thanked, and just getting a "thank you" from someone can go a long way! Glad you had a good experience and that you recovered!



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I would do cake balls from Creme de la Cupcake. I would get per person and write Thank You (1 letter per cakeball) on some of them and leave the others just as they are. In your note be sure to say something cute about 2 per nurse because they are sooooo good!!!!



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Food is always good, but I 100% agree with Steph and that's what I was going to say. A copy of that note will probably be sent to the unit if not each of the nurses. She is also correct, that surprisingly nurses really don't get thanked much. It's not that, at least speaking for me, that I need to be recognized for everything I do. But you'd be surprised how many times, nurses will literally make life saving decisions, and the docs get all the glory. So just the fact that you recognize their efforts is huge!

Glad you are doing well and here to thank them!



answers from Phoenix on

I like your idea, but it is a lot of work...
My first thought was to send in Chinese take out for lunch/dinner and put a lovely thank you card for each with a chinese fortune cookie attached.



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My nurses were awesome when I had my DD! I was in the hospital for about a week, so we spent lots of time together. lol. I sent them 3 of those "edible" flower arrangements along with a note... (and a picture of my baby after she was that little bit older) it went over really well. :)



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I'm not a nurse, but I had my 2 year old daughter stay in the hospital for several months with a heart transplant, so I got to know our also outstanding nursing team rather well. I think everyone is on the mark with the idea of food. I would suggest putting together a really big basket filled with healthy snacks , then maybe some more fun things like candies. Think of other things they might use on their shift-- maybe a roll of quarters for the drink machine, maybe some gift cards to whatever fast food places are in the building, maybe cute new cords for them to hang their badges from - make sure the basket is decorated really cute , maybe with a theme. Definently do two baskets - one to be delivered at the day shift and one for the night shift. On. Your cards do a picture card - you can order picture cards that open like regular cards at -with your picture on it they will have no doubt who the Thanks and goodies are from!

Good for you for recognizing nurses!



answers from Tyler on

I love your idea. After I had my last baby, I sent baskets of chocolate covered fruit to the doctor's office and to the nurses at the hospital and I was amazed by how much they loved that.

Good luck with your idea!

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