How to I Vet Allergy Relief Without Taking Zyrtec D Daily?

Updated on August 04, 2017
D.P. asks from Browns Mills, NJ
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Hi. I am 44 and have had pretty severe allergies for as long as I can remember. As a child I had a chronic cough die to pist nasal drip. I remember my mom saying i soinded just like her mom always coughing. I would suffer from constant sinus presure headaches and sinus infections. I always was stuffy and sick with some kind of cold at etc..
The only relief I seem to get is when I take zyrtec D twice a day. I feel like a slave to it. If I miss one side literally it's an automatic headache within hours and almost a guaranteed sinus infection. It's the very first thing I reach for when I get up in the morning. I hate it but I'm miserable without it. I get stuffed up and the constant cough from the drip comes back. My throat gets scratchy and swollen and the headache that could rival any migraine. It's awful.
I make many of my own health and beauty products using only natural ingredients for myself and family and have been able to eliminate or reduce many traditional medications. I use essential oils to reduce sinus pressure and for other ailments such as upset stomach etc. But I would really like to eliminate the need for the daily allergy meds and eventually other medications such as maxalt when I get migraines. I have been able to reduce the use of the migraine medication through the use of essential oils but I think the key is getting my chronic allergies under control. I also believe my stomach issues stem from allergies. I have thought about introducing local honey and organic ACV into my daily morning routine but my husband scoffs at the price of local honey..because he really doesn't believe the benefit but zyrtec D is just as costly and I think more so for my health. Any suggestions where to start eliminating zyrtec D and eventually my migraine meds?

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answers from New York on

My husband decided when he was in his 40s, he had enough. He was a chronic allergy pill taker for YEARS, with sometimes no relief. Nasal drip, sinus infections, stomach issues (due to nasal drip), snoring, apnea due to allergies, poor sleep for both of us, he was miserable for months out of the year. We decided that he would start doing the shots and he has been doing it for 4 years now - and is down to 1 shot a month and we are leaning towards a two year break. The shots have been heaven sent. He rarely has an allergy attack and when he does, they are easily managed by a small amount of allergy meds. I know that you are looking at more of a homeopathic solution, but for us (after trying everything under the sun, including honey), this was our answer. I will say that the shots only work if you are diligent about staying on schedule (which my husband did really good job with).

Good luck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I agree with both answers below. I don't understand the push back against safe and effective medicines in favor of unregulated natural products of unknown safety and efficacy. That aside...

I had terrible allergies since childhood. I started allergy shots 2 years ago and they have changed my life. I have been able to reduce how often I need to take an antihistamine dramatically, and now only take it on the very highest pollen count days. You should consider it. I did a procedure called rapid desensitization. You spend 1 entire day in the allergist's office, but can move to once a month shots within a month or so afterwards, instead of getting weekly shots for a year before decreasing to monthly shots. Not all allergists do it, but if you can find one that does, I highly recommend it.

ETA: My allergies also triggered migraines, and by reducing my allergic response with the shots, I've also decreased how often I get migraines. win-win!

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answers from Springfield on

Do the meds, themselves, bother you in any way? Do you experience side effects? Or is it just that the idea of taking meds every day bothers you? If it's just the idea of taking medicine every day, I encourage you to rethink this.

There seems to be a movement in this country (don't know about the world) to reject modern medicine in favor of "holistic" and "natural" remedies. Modern medicine is the result of years and years (and years) or scientific research. It is not willy, nilly. Many people are alive today because of modern medicine. People who have high blood pressure or diabetes or cancer or other chronic illnesses are able to enjoy live because of these medicines.

You have allergies, and they sound miserable. Taking this medicine every day gives you incredible relief. If you aren't experiencing any side effects, take the medicine!

I don't understand this idea that medicine is bad and only "natural" remedies should be used. Should we also reject electricity and safe drinking water? Maybe we should all be living outside and cooking over an open fire.

Modern science has brought us lots of conveniences, including allergy meds. Don't reject them just because they didn't exist 100 years ago.

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answers from Norfolk on

Do you always need the Zyrtec D?
Have you tried sometimes using Zyrtec without the D (decongestant)?
Local honey for reducing allergies has been proven as an urban legend.
All honey make a scratchy throat feel better temporarily but it does zilch in reducing your allergic response.
Natural is all good and well but nature is FULL of allergic reactions - and it's possible to develop an allergy to anything - including (but not limited to) essential oils.

Have you seen an allergist and had a patch test?
I think you need to learn specifically what things you are allergic to - the results can be surprising.

As for your chronic congestion -
As I grew up my nasal passages developed narrowly.
For 10 years (18 through 28) I had an Afrin habit - it was the only way I could breathe through my nose on a regular basis.
I finally saw an Ear Nose Throat (otolaryingologist) - who put me on a steroid series to get me off the Afrin.
When I finished she said "All done!" and I was like "Are you kidding me? I can barely get air through my nose. How am I going to get through being pregnant some day and be able to breathe at the same time?".
It turns out I had a deviated septum and just very narrow breathing passages that clogged up at the drop of a hat.
I ended up having nasal surgery that trimmed my turbinates (the nasal passages) and straighten out my deviated septum.
The packing was miserable for the 1st 24 hours after surgery.
But my breathing/sinuses were fixed and I have always been able to breathe after that.
I can still get a rare occasional sinus infection but my nose never blocks up.
With proper drainage - I almost never GET a sinus infection in the first place.
I've been told (it was another ear nose throat doctor since my first doctor had retired by then) that I have beautiful sinuses! (makes me proud in a weird sort of way)

Please see an allergist and an ear nose throat doctor.
It's really great to get to the root of a problem and get it solved.
Even if you get only a part of the problem solved, you'll still have a lot less to manage and you might be able to take fewer meds in the long run.

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answers from Springfield on

you visit an allergist and get their professional opinion. they can tell you if there is a way to relieve your allergies without a pill. and they have the resources to assist you.

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answers from Dallas on

What does your Dr recommend? Have you been tested for specific allergies? Have you seen a specialist?

I would take an allergy pill over being miserable any day.

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answers from Dallas on

Sounds like you like to do things naturally when possible. My mom swears by something call quercetin. I take it when I start getting a cold but she has had friends take it that were on daily allergy meds that have stopped taking it. Last time my son was starting to have sinus and breathing problems (he has asthma but not bad) I started him on those, probiotics and vitamin c's and it kicked them out. No other meds needed. We order them online for Puritans Pride. But looks like there are other places to get them as well. It's worth a try. If you do it you may start and along with the meds then slowly see if you can wean off the meds.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I would recommend allergy injections, but you may still need an antihistamine for a while.

Another recommendation would be the Neilmed sinus rinse bottle. If you did this morning and night it might help reduce your symptoms. Additionally you may benefit from a steroidal nasal spray like Fluticasone, after you've sinus rinsed.

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