How Many Clothes Do Your Kids Have?

Updated on September 06, 2011
C.O. asks from Reston, VA
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I have spent the day "spring cleaning" my boys rooms - going through their clothes and getting rid of the ones that are too small.....

I was amazed to find that my sons have 14 pairs of jeans - I had them select 8....and more of the Champion style sweat pants....even then I thought that might be too many....

I can't even begin to count the shirts - I have THREE garbage bags of shirts (at least 100), shorts (at least 40 pairs) and pants (at least 40)....I am donating them tomorrow....

How many pairs of pants do your kids have?
How many pairs of shoes do your kids have?

My boys are 9 and 11. And they think they have "enough" - BEGRUDGINGLY - however, they did agree that if mom's on here said 8 is too many - they would TRY and whittle it down some more!!! URGH!!!


Edit: Sorry DVMMOM - they HAD at least 14 pairs of jeans EACH...that did NOT include khakis, dockers, etc. Unfortunately - it's been a while (ya think!! :) ) since I've gone through myself and gotten rid of clothes...I let them keep three (3) shirts of each color so they could have a variety still....

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So What Happened?

YAY!!! so my kids have agreed they have too many clothes!! Whew!!!

Now that they are gone today - I will go through the stuff in the drawers before I put the laundry away (they normally put their own away) and weed out more!!


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answers from New York on

Well, I think my kids have too much clothing but I think you have more. My kids are little still (2 & 5) so they are growing fast. I have to clean out everything at least twice a year. It can be a lot of stuff that is outgrown before I go thorugh it. I try to aim for 2 weeks worth of outfits with some extra socks and underwear. I usually end up with more though.

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answers from Lafayette on

My rule has always been about 10 of each, to get through t he week with a bit to spare...and then a nice dress/dress shirt or 2 besides.No room to keep more, plus it makes me crazy to be cluttered!

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answers from Washington DC on

WAY TOO MUCH! And the problem is 1) they don't fit where they belong and 2) the laundry pile is enormous. We did some spring cleaning here, too.

If it makes them feel better, a lot of families are looking for clothes this time of year and can't afford them. What they donate (or freecycle) can help someone else feel better about the start of school.

My DD is the oldest of a group of babies on my side and the youngest of a group of friends with little girls. She gets a lot of handmedowns so I pass a lot to the cousins. I also freecycle.

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answers from Portland on

She has ridiculous amounts of clothes. It's my own fault b/c I see cute clothes AND they are on sale so I get them, but I would never throw it out or give them away unless it didn't fit her b/c I'd be throwing my money away at that point. I donate her clothes or give them to the next door neighbor when she is grown out of them which doesn't take very long right now lol.

Shoes- 3 shoes, 3 sandals
pants- 4, shorts- around 8, skirts- around 6
Shirts- I don't have the patience to count
Dresses- Same answer as the shirts lol

I'm with Kristina about the shopaholic tendencies and the internet just adds to it, especially zulily and cookieskids.
I agree with S. H. she wears all her clothes too and when I do laundry I look through the clothes she has and make sure they are getting worn at some point, like "oh that hasn't been worn in a while" and put it aside for the next weeks wear lol

OMG Suzie Q you are SO right too! It seems like there are never enough socks.

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answers from Wichita on

My daughter is an only child and the only grandchild for my mother (only niece for my brother and sister) so she of course is spoiled like crazy. I too have been trying to start getting things switched around for when the seasons changed and notice how much cloths my daughter has. I couldn't tell you specific amounts cause I don't count them but I know she has so many that some have only been worn once, so have never been worn and still have the price tags on them lol!! My basement has over 40 tubs of just infant cloths in it (my daughter is almost 2 lol). I don't give away any of it cause it is to cute and new that I figure someday I may need them again or my brother or sister.

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answers from San Francisco on

My kids have enough to get through about ten days without doing laundry (but of course I am doing laundry all the time, lol!) And they have only ONE kind of pairs of shoes at a time: one sneaker, one dress, one sandal, one boot and ok, maybe two filp flops.
If they had any more than that it would make me nuts, I am OCD about clutter and chaos, I can't stand it, much to my childrens' dismay, they certainly think they don't have enough!!!

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answers from Boston on

yeah I am a hoarder of clothes that fit for the kids... that being said once something is too small out of the house it goes.. but in the mean time holy moly we have a lot of clothes!! I am guesstimating the kids (my daughter is 4 and son is 5) each have about 12 pairs of jeans, 2 khakis, atleast 20 pairs of shorts, 2 drawers full of short sleeve shirts and a closet full of long sleeved shirts, thermals, sweaters, sweat shirts, vests, coats light and heavy... probably each child has 6 pairs of sneakers, 4 pairs of sandals and flip flops, 2 rain boots... and socks and undies gallore! We could go easily a month without having to do laundry and still have stuff to wear! I wont even go into the dynamics of my and my hubbys closet :) BUT I also am tedious about stains, call it my one ocd factor, once there is a stain oxyclean wont take care of out the door it goes.. I donate all items that are too small and shop clearance for the next season, so it is not all full price splurging... i like clothes, it is very unnecessary.. but thats my house :)

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answers from Kansas City on

Okay, I thought my kids had a lot of clothes but this post makes me feel WAY better!!! ;) My kids grow so stinkin' fast that they rarely can keep but more than 2 things from season to season, but they're still little, so maybe they slow down a little when they get that big?? Right now, and we're still talking summer clothes, my son has about 8 pair of shorts, a dozen tops, and three pair of shoes he can wear. My daughter has about the same, but probably a few more in each category. I'm dreading fall clothes shopping and am wondering what I'm going to send them to the first day of school (pre-school and MDO) in b/c all their stuff looks raggedy at the end of the summer!

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answers from Spokane on

My oldest has been skating by on last years' dresses, short and tanks this summer. We went school shopping and got her:

10 pairs of pants (including leggings, jeans)
4 skirts
4 dresses
18 tops

I figure this is at least one outfit per day for a 2-week period - plenty for a child. Especially considering that's more wardrobe changes that *I* have!!

My younger girls have more clothes because they've got all the hand-me-downs from the older ones.

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answers from St. Louis on

I am not really sure, they wear them over to the dad's and come home with clothes too small. :(

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answers from Boca Raton on

Cheryl, I would be embarrassed to quantify how many different genres of clothes my sons have. I've never counted.

All I know is that we have way too much . . . good for you getting in there to tame the beast. That project needs to be on my list too.

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answers from Rochester on

I don't even want to go in and count. We are so poor, if WE were buying the clothes, they'd have enough for one week, and one or two special outfits for church. Two pairs of shoes. Plenty of socks and underwear.

HOWEVER, both grandmothers love to shop and have the means to do so, and go totally overboard. As a matter of fact, I have pleaded several times (and insisted I wasn't "ungrateful") with my mom to not buy so many clothes. My six year old has four pairs of the SAME JEANS. What a waste. We donate a lot of clothes away, because we have a small home and don't even have room.

Now that we have two children and they share a closet, it's madness...and after visiting, my mom finally got the picture when I had her "help" me clean out the closet.

So this year she bought them each four outfits for winter. Thank God.

(And to tell the truth...right now, the six year old has about 20 dresses, 20 pairs of pants, 20 shorts, 60 shirts, 30 pairs of socks, 30 pairs of underwear, 15 pairs of shoes, 15 sweatshirts, and 10 sweaters.) And you know what? She wears the same things over and over...the few that SHE likes, and usually it's stuff I buy her because I know her style much better. It's really sad...

...this is actually an issue for me!!! Like, something I spend time worrying about. I don't want to seem ungrateful...and yet...enough is enough! SO hopefully she sticks with the clothes she's already sent...but Christmas is coming...

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answers from Cincinnati on

Too many for me to count- which is far too much! I have a slight shopping addiction, but I do only buy clearance and usually a season or year ahead of time, so that is one reason why they have so much.

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answers from Seattle on

all I know is my daughter has more clothes then I think could ever be worn...between grandmas, aunties, hand-me is awful. So, I can't tell you what might be normal....LOL

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answers from Youngstown on

OMG my daughter has soooooo many clothes! We have a large dresser in her room and each drawer is stuffed to the gills. I get so many hand me downs, then for her birthday and Christmas she gets tons more clothes. Then on top of that if I see something cute I buy it. My daughter is only 3 and she has more clothes than my husband and I combined. When I cleaned out her winter clothes I had 3 garbage bags full of clothes to pass on to other friends! It really is too much, but we are blessed to have what we do!

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answers from Kansas City on

maybe it depends on how fast they grow. my son is almost 5 and still has to have a new wardrobe each winter and summer because he's outgrown the last year's clothes. so no, he doesn't have that many that he can wear. i am getting his school clothes together, and he can't wear any of his clothes from last year. he has 4 pairs of (brand new) jeans and lots of t-shirts to wear. we carry those over from the summer. but that's it so far. for summer clothes, he had 2 pairs of sport shorts (like basketball shorts), three or four pairs of khaki shorts, and a pair of denim shorts. since he broke his arm 2 weeks ago he has only been wearing the elastic waisted ones, so that has cut down on his wardrobe in a big way! we are not huge on lots of clothes though...not hugely worried about being "cool" or the "in" crowd (although my son has tons of friends and never has trouble fitting in). we usually have enough to get through the week without repeating, maybe a little more. i try to catch sales or consignment events when i can.

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answers from San Antonio on

My 3 yr old has so many hand-me-downs. He has probably 10-15 pairs of shorts, 4 or 5 of which are jean shorts. I like having a selection, as some days are more for jeans (going somewhere nice) and other days are for elastic-waist (at home, playing in the sand/dirt, potty training).

I've cut down his selection of shirts, as he had toooo many and most he was starting to outgrow. I like the winter, as I just put a long-sleeved shirt under his t-shirts on cold days.

Jeans/Long Pants? It's too early to tell how many he'll have that actually fit him. Last year he had two pairs of jeans. I was doing laundry every other day. His size 12 months were too much of high-waters on him, but fit his waist great. The 2T were too long, but I was glad they had the elastic-adjustable waist. 18 month pants were perfect length, but fell off his butt. (He's a skinny kid). So this winter, we have a lot more hand-me-downs. I can't wait to go thru them and see what fits. Right now he has about 15 pairs of long pants ..... I hope at least 5 fit him well.

Cheryl -- I am so glad you went thru your son's things. 14 jeans is a LOT! PLUS the other pants? You guys must have huge closets and drawers. I go thru my son's things often b/c I don't have drawer space for more!

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answers from Seattle on

Not a lot. About a dozen shirts (short and long sleeved). 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of "silky" pants, 3 pairs of trousers, 1 pair of sweats (aka 8 total), and 2 pairs of shorts. (Plus sports uniforms).

1 pair of sandals. 1 pair of sneakers. 1 pair of hiking boots. 2 coats. 1 hoodie.

I spend about $250 per year on new clothes and shoes for kiddo. For the past few years, his clothes tend to see him through 2 seasons (2 winters, 2 summers, etc.)

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answers from Sarasota on

My kids have tons of clothes! I hate that Im a shopaholic but I love them looking nice!! they have like 4 pairs of sneakers and then flip flops, dressy shoes, boat shoes.. my daughter has many flats/sandals. But they dont' go to waste-- we have a 3year old nephew who gets most of my son's hand me downs and another friend who gets the rest...
I have a single mom friend who I give my daughters clothes-- I keep their clothes in tip top condition.. and also they get tons of birthday gifts and christmas gifts and they have two families-- mine and my ex husbands so I guess they are pretty fortunate!!

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answers from Santa Fe on

My son has about 7 or 8 pairs of pants (all kinds) total and about 7 pairs of shorts total. He has about 10 short sleeved shirts and maybe 7 long sleeved shirts. He has 5 sweatshirts/pullovers and 2 fleece tops. We do laundry about 2x a week so we never run out of anything. My daughter I'm not sure about - she is almost 2 and gets hand me downs. I am not as on top of her clothes right now!

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answers from Minneapolis on

YIKES. Your kids have a ton of stuff. I'm glad you are donating :)

My boys (4 and 6) just cleaned their drawers today too. I let them each have 6 or 7 of each thing (shorts, short sleeves, long sleeves, long pants). That's it. For shoes they each get 1 pair of nice tennis shoes and a pair of sandals for summer, and boots for winter. I buy expensive shoes for my kids, so I figure one pair is enough. They wear them out, or outgrow them, then get another.

My daughter is 2, she has more than she needs... but I try to limit to a realistic amount of what she will actually wear.

Plus - I buy all most all their clothing second hand.


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answers from Detroit on

My son probably has 8 or 10 pairs of pants.. and probably 15 shirts.. which is too many.. I do laundry everyday.. so he could get by with hlf that many clothes. (this is his fall wardrobe)

my daughter probably only has 6 pairs of pants.. she is SLIm and it is hard to find pants that fit her.. I bought 1 of every style that JCPenny had..

they grow so fast.. it is silly to buy them a huge wardrobe that they wont even wear more than 1 time each shirt.

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answers from Cincinnati on

my son is two and has way to many clothes...not as many as your kids lol, but I can't fit them all in his dresser. He gets a lot of clothes as gifts.

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answers from Washington DC on

My 9yr old son has 4 pair of jeans, 1 khakis, 1 pair of church pants, and probably about 5 pair of basketball pants (he does play in a basketball league too BTW), probably about 25 t shirts (I don't buy them he just gets them for every sports team he is on, every tournament he plays in, camp etc) and 4 polos maybe 3-4 long sleeve casual/skater type shirts, 5 pair athletic shorts (he goes thru usually 2 pair a day when playing outside), and 2 pair going out not athletic shorts. Oh, and 1 pair of regular athletic shoes, and 1 pair of basketball shoes and hiking boots if I can find a super good deal on them (as they are nice to have but not a necessity). He grows out of stuff so fast. He usually gets 2 years wear out of most of his clothes (jeans and pants excluded cause he grows too tall).

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answers from Detroit on

Is it 8 pairs of just jeans, or jeans and other types of pants? And is it 8 per kid? I don't think 8 per kid would be too bad, if it included jeans, cargo pants, khakis, sweat pants, etc. I guess it depends on how hard they are on their clothes and if a pair of jeans can be worn 2 or 3 times before having to get washed. But what you have in the garbage bags sounds like way more than anyone needs.

I probably have more clothes for my daughter (just turned 4) than she really actually needs, but I have to account for changes in weather as well as her being a girl, and having dresses, skirts, leggings, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, more dressy tops, sweaters, etc. I am always finding cute stuff and tend to indulge a bit. Right now though she only has 2 pairs of shoes - her sneakers, and some Teva-like sandals. I will need to get her a new winter coat and snow pants and boots and a few more things for fall/winter this year. She's still growing like a weed so I end up having to get almost all new stuff twice a year. My SIL has a little girl 2 years younger so she gets all of DD's outgrown stuff, so I am pretty good about purging when it's time to get new things. I don't have a ton of room for gobs of clothes anyway.

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answers from Las Vegas on

my son is 9 and has about 6 pairs of every day pants and two pairs for his school uniform.. Additionally, he has about 12 shirts and 5 pairs of shorts.. When he was younger, I used to buy more clothes but since he grows out of them so quickly, I stopped buying too many things at once and just keep things limited... Additionally, I go through his drawers pretty regularly so as not to have things hanging around that no longer fit.. I guess I am the opposite of a hoarder in that I waste no time in donating items as he grows out of them..Something about making room, makes me feel good..hahahah

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answers from San Diego on

Wow! That's more clothes than *I* have. I don't know that I'd get rid of many if they still all fit, though. Boys can be rough with their clothes. My four-year-old son currently only has two pairs of jeans that don't have holes in them. He's been living in shorts this summer. I don't want to buy him any new pants until it's cool enough for them, because he's at an age where he's growing so fast. He has two pairs of tennis shoes and one pair of flip flops.

My daughter, OTOH, is only 1, and she has a TON of clothes. We got so many hand-me-downs from friends when she was born, I think I've only ever bought her socks. She has shoes and outfits that she has barely even worn, and we have boxes and boxes of clothes waiting for her to grow into. We are very blessed.

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answers from Chicago on

We buy all of ours used from rummage sales so we have a ton; my kids are younger though so it's easier to find nice used stuff. I don't want to do laundry all the time so 20 shirts and 10 or so pairs of shorts or pants are what I like to have for each kid. I like some variety in their wardrobe too.

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answers from Raleigh on

My boys have 7 pairs of pants and 7 shirts......pair tennis shoes and sandals each , our baby daughter has 12 rompers. I only buy brand names(Gap ,Gymboree, Mini Boden, Tea Collection) and everything has to match ,so no $ for any extra. I do make them last though....(some things they wear for the 3rd season this year:))

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answers from Houston on

Not alot. I bought him a new shirt for school. That's about it. its not that we can't afford it b/c we can. Its just that he doesn't care about his clothes. He has his favorites and likes to wear them all the time so I let him until he outgrows his clothes. Don't worry, he doesn't dress like a slob!

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answers from Seattle on

Ahh...Too damn much!

And I buy none of it.

Grandmas go nuts for my kids...and even trying to reason with them and just put money away for them...later when they may need something...They spend spend spend then get annoyed when I need to ask for something...( in laws right now are helping us out alot when it comes to extras...So I am totally thankful for what we do get from them...never shoot a gift horse)

My kids will share everything though. Even if it is on the snug side...doesnt phase them. My oldest came out in a pair of jeans the other day...and they were a 3t...he wears a was hilarious! they wouldnt snap...not surprised!

So I have started doing this..Every three months I go through EVERYTHING...anything I have not seen on any of them inbetween those months is subject to removal.

Then I go to the consignment shop and either cash out or trade.

It is becoming an amazing system.

My kids each have these that are always their size...
Hiking boots
2-3 pairs of jeans
3-5 pairs of sweat pants
under roos
5-6 pairs of shorts

Things they share and I have too many too count..
Shirts ranging from 24 months- size 8
White tank tops
Hand me down shoes that made it...before mom only bought toms

Urgh now I want to go clean...It is getting close to that time again for me:)

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answers from Los Angeles on

wow. that's alot of clothes. my son has 2 pairs of jeans, 2 other pants, and 2 pairs of shorts.... probably 8 t shirts.... I am surprised by how many clothes all the other moms have for their kids. Everyone is always complaining about how little money they have--- how does everyone buy so many clothes?
We live comfortably. What I buy is well made, not cheap... hopefully it will last through 2 kids. So far it has! How does everyone buy so much??? crazy.

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answers from Utica on

I have a girlfriend who had her little girl almost exactly 2 years before I had my daughter so she gave me all her little girls stuff. Its all the right size for the season because their birthdays are so close. My friend will drop off bags and bags and BAGS of stuff for her and its crazy how much clothes she has. Honestly I have no where to put it all. I am beyond greatful for the clothes and will of course continue to accept the clothes with open arms but its insane just how many clothes my 20 month old has. I have 2 drawers dedicated to just jeans. I cant tell you how many pairs are there but 2 drawers full of a toddlers clothes is a lot

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answers from Honolulu on

I regularly purge whatever my kids grow out of or do not wear.
It not yes, it seems like they have millions of clothes.
Which in actuality, the clothing that actually fits them and which they wear... is not a monstrous amount.

Roughly speaking:

My daughter has about 8 pairs of jeans.
About 3 athletic type pants. (ie: yoga pants or sweats).
About a dozen t-shirts.
About 5 leggings.
About 3 pairs of flip-flops and about 5 pairs of covered shoes type things.
1 dress just in case (she does not wear dresses anymore hardly).

1 pair of sand shoes for each kid.

My son has about 10 t-shirts
about 3 pairs of flip-flops
About 4 pairs of covered shoes
about 8 pairs of shorts
1 pair of long athletic pants
(he does not like jeans and it is too hot for him, here).
Oh and a nice polo shirt, just in case. But here it is so casual.

Then they both have 2 bathing suits each.
And 1 sun top each. ie: rash guards.

And about 12 pairs of underwear, each.

Lots of the clothing they have, are bought by their generous Aunty and myself.

My kids... DO wear, each and every one of those items/clothing/shoes they have. So it is not a waste.

But yes, kids' clothing accumulates. And they grow SO fast.
My kids, within 2 months, outgrew some shoes I had bought them this summer.
They grew into another size, already. Within, 2 months.
And, my daughter, since school started about 1 month ago... grew out of her t-shirt tops, already and into the next size up.
So, I tossed her newly outgrown tops, and had to buy and replace them.

I only buy, what I KNOW my kids like. And will thus wear. So I don't have much 'wasted' clothing of theirs.

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answers from Sacramento on

Usually around 7-8 pairs of pants for fall (mix of jeans and khakis), with a few skirts also for our daughter.

Our son has one pair of shoes in the fall (we've learned he never wears the dress/alternate shoes, so gave up on those), some Nikes, and our daughter will have two or three pairs -- some sneakers, dress shoes and maybe boots this year.

ETA: We don't get hand-me-downs or clothing gifts (except at holidays), so these are things we buy. Might be different if we weren't buying it all.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I did this a while ago and realized my kids had WAY too many. My magic number is 10. That means a variation of making 10 outfits. I do laundry once a week and that gives them 3 extra for "just in case mom is sick and didn't do laundry". I have found that even though they have 10 outfits they can switch them around with all the shorts, pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, etc... and didn't seem like they wear the same thing over and over.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My word! Where did you keep all those clothes???

My three boys share most of their clothes, and there are only one pair of jeans, a couple of pairs of long pants - cargos etc, about ten pairs of board shorts, and about ten t-shirts, long and short that are wearable. Also have about seven sweaters/jackets.

They each have one pair of gumboots, one pair of sneakers, one pair of sandals, and one pair of what we call workboots (elastic-sided leather boots).

There are NEVER enough socks!

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answers from Minneapolis on

My 3 year old has WAY too many!! But that's because I go to garage sales all summer long, stocking up for next year. I don't keep a constant count on what I've bought, so I keep buying and then I end up with way more than he needs. I'm embarrassed to say how many he has, but probably enough for 3 kids!
However, it's great to have a lot to choose from because he is so picky, I don't really know what he is going to like.
I do know I've only spent about $90 for all of the tons of clothes he has for this fall/winter/spring/next summer! I usually only buy things that are 25 cents, or if it's really nice I might spent $1 per piece. And maximum of $5 for coats, snow pants, etc. I can't even estimate what his wardrobe would have cost if I had bought them in the store- and if the store was my only option, I would definitely keep it down to maybe 7 pants, 7 shirts, and a couple sweaters.
Going to garage sales takes a lot of time and gas though, so that factors in there somewhere.

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answers from Kansas City on

Too many to try count...and I each time I fold laundry at least 2-3 shirts, some pants and jammies go into the donate bag....

My daughter well she's my daugther and both our closests are too full!

I would be scared to go below eight if it was me...working 40+ hrs outside the home, Girl Scouts and soccer...I don't get to laundry until the weekend.

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answers from La Crosse on

Because of things that kept coming up and then getting over welmed with the pile of clothes in front of the washing machine I wasn't getting laundry done.

Everyone still has clothes in thier dressers and hanging up and I finally said enough and bagged all the clothes up and got them out of sight and was going to bring them in 2 bags at a time to do them so it wasn't so over whelming looking at it all. Well when I bagged them all up ( all 7 of us clothes) I took out 15 large leaf bags.... yup we have too many!! Now as I washed them I kept out the new ones or special clothes, socks and underware and the rest I threw right back in a clean bag and 12 bags of clothes got donated.

Im going to go through them all again and get rid of more. Im going to allow them 10 shirts, 5 sweatshirts, 10 shorts and 10 pants. Plus thier church/ dress clothes. They don't need more than that imo.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Too stinkin many! My m-i-l hits every clearance rack within 100miles & brings over 3-5 outfits for each of my twins everytime she comes over...and shes over 3 or more times per week! I take at least 1 drum sized trash bag to either the consignment store or a shelter every 2 weeks. My twins are 1 and they have 2.5 closets & 3 dressers stuffed. I have asked her not to purchase anything but it falls on deaf ears. So I just get rid of it allmost as soon as it comes in

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answers from Boston on

Thanks for reminding me. I need to do the same. I just had to go out and buy new pants/shorts for my son! ( he is outgrowing everything) . He probably has about 6 pairs of pants,5 shorts, and tons of t-shirts. For shoes, he has two pairs-one for outside, and one for school. He has about 5 pairs of flip-flops..
I know it happens though, you don't even realize it. The stuff just accumulates! About once every two years we go through our closets, and donate what we don't need.

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answers from Topeka on

My childrens closets & dressers are full of clothes I don't ever go through them because if I see that they put on something that nolonger fits I have them take it off & it goes into a basket for garage sale or donate pile.I'm very picky about how I store things in their closets/dressers there is a place for everything that way it is easy to idnetify when I say go get this or put this in your under wear drawer they know where it is that defeats the digging or pulling out clothes. I don't care how many they have the more the better for me.I have 1 son & 2 girls the youngest has the hand me downs that are in new or like new condition that I kept from sissy since she was a baby but I will still buy here her own my other 2 I have to buy new.
Your getting rid of alot of clothes if your only letting them keep 3 shirts each yikes noway,have they outgrown all these clothes your donating?I toss out things that are stained or have a hole faded the others I will donate,or use for my garage sale.Why would 8 be to many to me you can't ever have enough clothes or shoes.

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answers from Dallas on

How nice! That is a lot!

Child #1
- She has 2-3 jeans and maybe 2-3 shorts. She also has a few dresses. She has several leggings and matching shirts. Beyond that, she probably has under 10 more shirts (short and long sleeve) to mix/match between the jeans and shorts.

Child #2
- He has 3 jeans (or so). Maybe 3-5 shorts. Probably 10-12 shirts, also short and long sleeve.

Child #3
- Also about 3 jeans. Maybe 2-3 shorts. Several little dresses (she loves sun dresses). And then under 10 shirts...maybe closer to 5 shirts.

Child #4:
- 1 pair of jeans. Maybe 3 baby pants (not jeans). Maybe 5 dresses. Lots of onesies. And maybe 3 shirts.

Some of my kids need more clothes than they have!

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My daughters have more clothes that any baby or toddler should have! I think my baby has at least 1 outfit per day for each clothing size until she is about 18 months.


They are all second hand clothes, already worn by her sister, and her sister got them from thrifts stores, or friends' kids. If we had shelled out money to buy all of those clothes new... we would be beyond broke. Recently we had a garage sale and I halved my 0-3 month stash of girl clothes and gave it to a mom for a few bucks! Even after that my youngest daughter has about 30 day outfits, 15 pajamas, a billion socks, and accessories galore.

You know what bums me out though? My older daughter is going to need 3T's in a few months and all her clothes will yet again go into the hand me down box... so until we are 100% sure that we are done with kids... the clothing will continue to grow!


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