How Can Starting Your Period Affect Breastfeeding?

Updated on April 23, 2007
A.M. asks from Lafayette, LA
7 answers

my son just turned 13 mos. and I just started my first period (ugh). how can this change things ,if at all?

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answers from Alexandria on

I did notice a difference when I breastfed. I noticed that my baby did not want to feed as often when I was on my period. Maybe it did not taste the same, who knows. It was usually during the first few days of the cycle and everything went back to normal after. I became very fertile when I started. Good luck!!



answers from Little Rock on

have you decreased the amount you've been breastfeeding? your period might go away if you breastfeed more, but your period shouldn't affect anything.



answers from Fayetteville on

It means that you're cycling again, but does not change anything.
Some women can experience lower supply during their period, but this typically goes away a couple days into your flow, or a day or two after it ends, and generally this dip in supply is an indicator that you are low on calcium and magnesium.
Read the information at the following links.

FWIW, I began cycling again at 6 months and 5 1/2 months PP with my two girls, and that was with exclusive BFing round the clock, feeding on demand to baby's cue, and no solids.
My first nursed until 14 ish months, when she self weaned due to my low supply during pregnancy with my 2nd child (I was about 4 months pregnant), and my 2nd just self weaned at 38 months.



answers from Baton Rouge on

Starting your period shouldn't affect your breastfeeding, but watch out for increased fertility if you're not on birth control! (I hit the send button twice, sorry)



answers from Lafayette on

First, Congradulations on breastfeeding past 12 mths!!! You are now doing what is considered 'extended breastfeeding'! :D Welcome to the club; its very small :D (smiles while joking about 'club').

Secondly, like the others have said, it shouldn't really affect breastfeeding.

I started my period at 18 mths, 15 mths, and currently still awaiting 'Aunt Flo' to return... my baby is 15 mths now :) I'm hoping to go another few months... Although, you can still get pregnant without any bleeding...

Oh, and if you need any support while practicing 'extended breastfeeding', you can email me :D I've been breastfeeding for over 8 yrs now... continuously... :D



answers from Texarkana on

Hello new mom,

Your breastfeeding will not be affected by your period. That is just a natural thing that they both are. WOW u just now started a period after 13 months, usually u have one right after the after birth comes out and then get back on your regular cycle. I breast fed and everything went great, even though I had a premiee by 3 months early, He only weight 2lbs and 1 oz. I had to pump and freeze it then take it up to children's hopsital every few days. Ya if u didn't now that u can pump now and freeze your breast milk and it will keep in the freezer up to 6 months, so it's something to keep in mind if u are producing enough milk now to safe for when the day comes that yr child hasn't went over to whole milk. I hope this helps u .



answers from New Orleans on

Starting your period should not effect breastfeeding. Most women start their period if they are not exclusively breastfeeding. Again, I say most women. I am one of the few women that actually started while breastfeeding exclusively but was still able to breastfeed my baby over a year.

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