Hives, Causes and Cures???

Updated on February 25, 2012
M.F. asks from Larkspur, CO
15 answers

Can you tell me what causes hives?

Do you have a good home remedy?

I have them in the strangest place...on my breast!???!!

Thanks for your help

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answers from Chicago on

The only got hives once in my whole life and it was because I was under tremendous stress. The worse the stress, the more they spread. Cortizone shot got rid of it.

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answers from Phoenix on

my understanding it is associated with heat rash and also allergy to something. Detergent, food, softener for the clothes, stuff like that.
I don't think there is any cure. My daughter would take an antihistamine
and it would go away in a few days to a week. I think there is acctually
one over the counter for hives.

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answers from Redding on

I don't know what causes hives other than irritation of some kind. My daughter went through phase of getting them. The first time, I took her to the doctor and they said it was the worst case of chicken pox they had ever seen. I took her home, gave her some benedryl, made a past of baking soda and slathered it on her and wrapped her in a sheet. I was ready for the long haul.
The next morning, she didn't have a single bump on her.
Four days later, she broke out again, I applied the same treatment, not a bump the next morning.

Is it possible you are breaking out on your breasts because they are sweating in your bra? Let them air out as much as possible. Try the baking soda paste. Consider what detergents you are using.
My daughter was covered head to toe and then they disappeared.
Perhaps try a different bra. Without realizing it, the ones you wear could be causing irritation of some kind.

Just a thought.
Best wishes.

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answers from Phoenix on

Hives are a way of your body saying 'I don't like this'. Then the tricky part is trying to figure out what it doesn't like. Detergents, soaps, medicines, yeast, tight clothing, etc.
One non-medicinal way of treating them is to greatly increase your vitamin c. This will help reduce the histamine levels that your body produced. Another way is to wash the area with Apple Cider Vinegar.
Otherwise, Benadryl works wonders too! :-)

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answers from Chicago on

Like others said...hives are a reaction to something your body doesnt like.
Try to figure out if you changed something. Different soap, detergent, lotion? I get hives from a certain body wash and from a certain shampoo. When I use the shampoo I usually get them on my back. Body wash I get them on my chest, shoulders and arms. I also get a heat rash. Just try not to put anything on them, if you use a lotion or oil it can lock in the heat and irritation. Try to air them out as much as possible, keep them clean and like others have said, take benadryl.
Good luck!!

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answers from Seattle on

Like others says your body is saying hey wait a minute I'm not sure about this. I get hives for two reasons, adrenaline is running i.e. nervous or at work we have a code. Second is I have ibuprofen. I have always taken it and about 2 years ago I took a couple tabs at work and broke out head to boobs. I took some benadryl and they went away. I didn't know at the time it was the Ibuprofen until I had to take it again because of a headache that I connected the two.
Cold compress to soothe the skin and benadryl to stop the reaction going on in your body. WHATEVER you do DONT SCRATCH!.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hormones? I broke out in hives after I suffered a miscarriage. I firmly believe it was the sudden drop in hormones.

Ice packs help.



answers from Los Angeles on

I've been breaking out in hives lately and I think it's b/c of my seasonal allergies b/c they go away when I take Claritin D.

Or you could be allergic to something physical ... Do you have a new bra?

Finally, could be stress hives.


answers from Columbia on

Hives are usually caused by allergy, stress or illness.

Start by ruling out the causes.

Take some Benadryl. If you see a distinct reduction in the hives it's likely that you've an allergy.


answers from Jacksonville on

I used to break out in hives on my forearms as a teenager. I never knew what was going to set it off. They would be intense and itch like crazy, then would vanish about an hour later.

There was one time I woke up itching and the hives were everywhere. Up and down my arms, across my torso, down my legs...and that was the last time I got them. Like my body just had a major reaction to something, and then after that it was fine.

It was really weird.



answers from Chicago on

Allergic reaction to new medication?



answers from Salt Lake City on

There can be many causes including viruses, allergies and stress. I have been fighting recurrent hives for over a year. I went to the doctor after the latest bout failed to respond to my usual treatment I had had a cold for 1 week also. The doctor prescribed predizone along with my normal treatment and Zyrtec and Zanex. He also did several blood tests including CBC with differential, calcium, vitamin D and thyroid tests. The hives went away within a few more days and all the blood work was good.

I was back at the doctor 6 days after the initial appointment, was tested for strep throat and told to come the next day for a chest x-ray. we discovered I had strep throat and pneumonia a urinalsys was also done and those tests came back fine. The doctor believes this occurrence of hives, the strep throat and pneumonia were likely all caused from the same source.

Zantac and Zerex are the best OTC treatments for hives and normally cures mine in one to three days.


answers from San Antonio on

My friend said that her daughter gets hives when she gets strep.


answers from Detroit on

Hi M. ~

Hives are a result of your body's response to the release of histamine. When your body's immune system senses something foreign or an allergen histamine is released to "attack" whatever it is as a natural defense. Have you recently changed soaps, detergent or used a fabric softener? Benadryl or a cortisteriod cream should help.

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