HELP, QUICK!!! Urine Smell on Sofa!

Updated on November 15, 2010
K.E. asks from Pink Hill, NC
13 answers

My daughter had an accident a few days ago. I cleaned it up really good and then two days later noticed that I could smell it on the sofa cushion. I washed the cover and my husband removed some of the outer padding of the cushion and Febreezed it twice. There is still a urine smell...not as bad, but still....I'm losing my mind trying to figure out what to do....My inlaws, my parents and some friends will be here starting tonight for my daughter's birthday weekend and I CANNOT have my couch smelling like pee! PLEASE help me fix this by tonight!!!!! I have a dry floor steam cleaner.....but I'm not sure if that would work....I heard about vinegar, but I'm not sure if that would just smell worse.....HELP! FAST! :) Thanks Mamas!

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answers from Asheville on

Kids and Pets. found in the carpet cleaning section of walmart. gets out ANY smell, even cat urine! Has a huge list on it of all the stains and smells it removes. It's also non toxic and has a nice scent that is no chemically. Just don't forget to shake it before you use it. It distributes the enzymes.

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answers from Johnson City on

When our dog used to urinate on my carpet the only thing that removed that smell was Febreeze Odor Neutralizer in the citrus scent. If you had the time you could put the cushions outside in the sun. Mom always "sunned" mattresses and pillows when I was growing up. I still do this when I can and it works wonderfully, especially if you use a spray like the Febreeze first.



answers from Louisville on

baking soda and peroxide works everytime!



answers from Anchorage on

For pet urine odors I use a mixture of one part isopropyl alcohol to 6 parts water and a dash of soap. Spray on and than blot up and repeat until staind and smell are gone. It works great on my floors, but have never tried it on my couch. You could also go to a craft store or a store like Fred Myers and buy a new pad for the inside of the cushion.



answers from Florence on

we used baking soda when it happened to us a few years ago. darnit i can think of what it said to do, but we just googled it. it worked!



answers from Portland on

drench the area in extra strenght Febreeze. Don't spray, open the bottle and dump.



answers from Raleigh on

White vinegar. I use this to clean everything in my house. I have used it on my couch multiple times for pee accidents. Buy a big bottle and use it to fill up a spray bottle. It really is the best natural cleaner in the world. Best of all it is safe to be around breathe sit on etc. I can even spray it with my son running around b/c I know it won't hurt him. Also you can use it to sanitize counters, potties etc. Once it dries there is no odor I promise.


answers from San Diego on

I've always used the spray you buy at a pet store for pet urine accidents. It's called Nature's Miracle. You have to spray it down a good bit to really get into the padding sometimes.



answers from Wilmington on

Vinegar works every time on cleaning up pee, neutralizing the smell as it dries. It will smell like vinegar at first, but as it dries, the smell dissipates. Afterwards, your couch will be fresh and clean!


answers from Dover on

Unless you already have this it will not help tonight but I would use Sol-U-Mel. It takes care of odors and stains.



answers from Chattanooga on

most good urine odors take a few days to work! Natures Miracle works great (found at pet stores) The one thing about removing urine odor is you have to DRINCH the area, you can't just spritz it with something. It won't get all the way to the source of the smell. Vinegar works good too, but I would certainly leave the cushion outdoors to dry and get rid of the vinegar smell too! Good Luck to you.



answers from Cincinnati on

there is a urine be gone that is sold in a black bottle (it would be carried in a as seen on tv section of a store) it is expensive ($20) but it works



answers from Knoxville on

If you have Stanley Steemer in your area, go get a bottle of Odor Out. The stuff is amazing. Our dog peed on the couch one time and another time, my son threw up the couch. It has some kind of natural enzymes in that eat the biological stuff in it (not exactly the most scientific explanation but you get the idea). You spray it on and get the spot all wet and let it dry on its own. Good luck!

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