Have Any of You Moms Had Any Experience with Enfamil Gentlease??

Updated on March 25, 2011
F.S. asks from Chesterfield, MO
7 answers

I just switched my daughter from Enfamil Premium to Enfamil Gentlease because she was having alot of gas and explosive bowl movements every other day. I noticed she does still have some gas which has to be natural but the biggest thing I notice is she wants to eat every 2 to 2.5 hrs it's like this formula doesn't keep her full long? I wonder is it as nutritional as the Enfamil Premium? Have any of you moms noticed a big change?

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answers from Atlanta on

We used Enfamil Gentlease with my first and he loved it. He didn't feed that close together though -but she may be going through a growth spurt. Infants will feed more when they are going through a spurt.



answers from St. Louis on

I used Enfamil Gentlease with my daughter also when she was younger. She couldn't handle the iron in the regular formula. I noticed with it she ate about every 2.5 to 3 hours. It worked very well for her, and she is now four. I compared all the ingredients before switching her, and it is just as nutritous, the only thing is it doesn't have the high iron, and the milk is already partially broken down to make it easier to digest. If you have concerns, ask your doctor. Your daughter might just be going through a growth spurt, and be hungrier than normal.



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answers from Honolulu on

Well whether breastfed or Formula fed, All babies go through growth-spurts and "cluster feeding"... which means their intake increases AND the frequency in which they need to feed.

Formula, will not make a baby fuller... for longer.

You did not say how old your baby is.
But, eating every 2-2.5 hours is normal.
During 'cluster feeding' periods, (which is also normal) a baby will even often eat every single hour.



answers from Chicago on

Yes! When we first switched she began eating less and therefore waking more frequently to eat. We had been stretching nighttime feedings to as long as 4.5 hours and she went back to 3 hours. She had been eating 4 ounces and sometimes would only take 2 ounces. This changed when we began giving her half Gentlease/half AR. Now she's back to eating more and sleeping a bit longer. I believe it's because it's partially broken down already so it digests quicker.



answers from New York on

My son was on Gentlease since he was born. It helped a lot with the gas. It is just effective as Enfamil Premium.I did notice that when I made jis milk, it seemed a little thinner than the Premium. Not sure how old your child is, but if she's still hungry, a little cereal might help to keep her full a little longer.


answers from Chicago on

I used it when I supplemented for my son, he had acid reflux that was the need for the change, my son took in a little more than "typical" from my memory. I would talk to your pedi to confirm if you have questions ours is who suggested the change to us.

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