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Updated on May 10, 2011
C.J. asks from Kansas City, MO
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I have an in home daycare and just received word that one little boy has "Hand, Foot and Mouth". He hasn't been here since Friday and seemed fine then. Anyway my question is when should he be allowed to return? I read that he should be feeling better, eating well and the sores should be dry and crusted over. Does anyone know how long that usually takes? I have never delt with this before.

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So What Happened?

So everyone got it. Actually all except one. His parents decided to keep him out for at least two weeks because their ped. said that it would be best.

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answers from Springfield on

My son was out of preschool for a little over a week because he was in so much pain from the sores in his mouth and it took a bit for them to heal. I think it's different for every child, but my doctor told me that when his sores were healed and the rash on his hands were crusted over that he was good to go back to school. You could always consult a doctor for advice. :)

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answers from Minneapolis on

Just an FYI, be sure to tell any pregnant moms whose kids attend your daycare, especially if they are close to delivery, because I think their doctor would want to know they were exposed (I think it can be passed on to the newborn and be an issue).

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answers from Lincoln on

I've worked in daycare centers for years. The policy seems to have changed in about the last 5-6 years and they are able to return fever free even with sores. Years ago if they had any sores they had to wait until they heal. I would check with your state licensing department and health department to see if they have any policies.

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answers from Los Angeles on

All my kids have had it. The sores were never weepy and they were off school for almost a week. Their poo can be infectious for weeks after though, so it's good to take extra care disinfecting change tables etc after diaper changes (I'm sure you probably do this anyway :)).

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answers from Austin on

My son caught it from a friend on a playdate and it took FOREVER! As far as we know he didn't pass it to anyone, but he had the rash for over 2 weeks. You might want to check with a doctor on the incubation and contagious period just to know for certain.

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi CJ,

Hand, Foot and Mouth disease is a pretty nasty thing. The symptoms many only last a few days but it's contagious for WEEKs after. It's a virus and medically there is no way to treat. The natural community uses digestive enzymes because they break through the outer layer of the viral cell and devour the sickness. You can also prevent it with the enzymes....but I think it would probably be hard to get the parents of your kids to jump on that band wagon. I as the owner of the daycare would start on them immediately. I keep Virostop in my cupboard for this type of occasion. It's manufactured by Enzymedica and can be found at health food stores that carry pharmaceutical grade supplements. My husband took it last summer and only got a mild case (6 sores and a little fatigue) of chicken pox.

Your best prevention is to keep that kid out of the daycare for the next month. there may be a medical test to see if it's still contagious or not but I haven't heard of anything like that.

Sorry for the bad news!


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answers from Fort Wayne on

I think it's about 5-7 days. My youngest had it and that's about how long it took for hers to go away. She never had the really bad sores though. She had a rash and the red throat.



answers from Minneapolis on

my son had that when he was a baby and his lasted about 4 days. i would say as long as he is not running a fever and the soars seem to be gone it should be ok. i dont really remember how long they are contagious though, but no one else in my sons daycare at the time ended up getting it so that was good. luckily he got it right before the weekend so he only missed a couple days of daycare. not a fun thing to deal with though!


answers from Albany on

I would def ask my kids' pediatrician. That way you can say,' as per our doctor's advice these are the rules', as opposed to 'a complete stranger on the internet with zero medical training suggested I do it this way'.


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