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Updated on July 04, 2011
A.P. asks from Addison, IL
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I looked for past posts, but all I find is from a few years ago. So presently, about how much do you all spend on groceries/bathroom essentials/cleaning supplies? Basically everything except liqour. I try to go only once a month for the bulk of stuff, and only run out if we need more milk or bread. I am just curious if I am on par with the majority of moms or higher/lower.

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answers from Chicago on

I would say $60 to $150 a week. Some weeks its less...some its more.
If you are looking to cut costs there are some things you can do. If you want the easy way, there is a website that you can use...there is a monthly fee but I feel that it is worth it. It lets you match up grocery coupons to prices and get the best deals. I've actually been paid to buy stuff. Meaning, bought shampoo at $5.19 where it was buy 1 get 1 1/2 off. Had 2 $5 off coupons and used on both so I was able to use the overage to buy something else. Using the website, I've been able to stock up on food. Free pasta, $0.49 pasta sauce, $1.28 cereal, free toothpaste, $3.00 hair dye...the list goes on. If you are interested in knowing more, private message me and I will give you the info.

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answers from Killeen on

Well we have four kids 8-12 and we average about $1000 per month. Sometimes I do better and sometimes not as well. I try to coupon for as much as possible but its hard since we eat alot of fresh produce and meat.

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answers from Dallas on

We average $200 a month for our family of three, for all that. (Me, my husband, and our two year old.) I use coupons on the paper products, cleaning supplies, and toiletries. We do spend an extra $75 a month on dog food. Crazy, I know...we have big dogs!!


answers from Jacksonville on

We average around $900-1100/month. But it's hard to say exactly, b/c I do buy beer and wine sometimes, and things like dog food and prescriptions also come out of the same "pot" of money (I buy our prescriptions at the grocery or Target pharmacy). I have a child who is on regular prescriptions and OTC meds (asthma and allergies), so that can run $150-200 every few months when it's time to refill. I also have a spouse who is "picky" about the quality of certain items he consumes....Kashi cereal is pricey compared to the others, and so is Smart Balance milk and greek yogurt, just as examples. We eat a lot of fresh veggies (salads with practically every meal) and fruit, and meat. What we DON'T eat much of is starch: pasta, rice, breads.... the less expensive stuff that is easy to buy in bulk. :(

In the warmer months we have frequent get-to-gethers around the pool where we supply most or all of the food and beverages (including beer/wine).
I have recently started really clamping down on the grocery budget, however, and the last month or two we managed to stay below $900..... but of course, I was fully stocked on laundry soap, dishwasher soap, toilet tissue and paper towels, dog food, and medications already... so I didn't have to buy any of that stuff.

I do find that the fewer trips I make, the less I spend overall. But I also watch the sales flyers and stock up on "stock-up-able" items when they are discounted and I have coupons. (Especially toilet tissue, paper towels, ziploc bags, feminine products, laundry soap, etc).

We are a family of 4 (two tweens's, a girl and a boy- who stays hungry all the time, lol) and a large breed dog.



answers from Chicago on

$400-$600/ month for a family of 4 and we eat healthy.


answers from Washington DC on

we are a family of 4 and we spend about $120-$150 a week. We plan out our meals and make a menu and shopping list and are able to keep our cost down by sticking to our list. We also cook all our meals and don't really eat out.



answers from Chicago on

Between $600-$700 per month for a family of 4. We don't coupon much and spend most of our money in the produce section and on fish. We still need diapers for our 2 yr old.



answers from Denver on

We have a family of 4 (two young children out of diapers) and I have my own in home daycare (1 infant and 2 toddlers and 3 school age children). We spend about $200/week. This includes just about anything that we could buy at Target/Walmart. So, it doesn't just include food and cleaning supplies. It includes birthday presents, clothes, and other household goods. We do try and buy as much organic as possible. We mostly spend our money on meat and fresh fruits and veggies at Whole Foods. We average that at about $100/week. We use the other $100 in a budget for whatever we need. I do shop the adds (sale items) at Target, Jewel, and Dominics. And I LOVE using coupons. I use Jill Catado's website for helpful hints and get several papers each weekend to maximize my shopping value with coupons.



answers from Chicago on

For our family of 4- $2k/month in winter, less in summer because we grow our own food, but we put the extra money into soil/seeds/garden supplies (even though we get more food in return)-- it's more than anything else we spend on.

We are 100% organic though, and as local/sustainable as possible. Also, gluten-free (the alternative flours are expensive) and refined sugar free (so it's local raw organic honey and maple syrup for us, which also runs more expensive.) Coupons for the way we eat are few and far between, though we are finding that as time goes on, we are able to buy our meat in bulk and save, as well as learn to preserve things in season (no buying oranges in the summer for us!) And trading our services and/or crops with local farmers is downright fun and educational for our kids, as well as helps us save money w/bartering. I love the community of it and wouldn't trade that for the world, so part of the money (you could say) goes toward entertainment and quality of life, not just food. Food though, is important in our family, and we absolutely equate it with health.
I think it's important to look at the whole picture and think about future health and if you would rather spend those extra $$ for food now and health, or to the health care/insurance industry later because you're eating poorer quality/cheaper foods. (Not saying you do- I have no idea... just saying how I feel about it personally.)




answers from Chicago on

We spend between $200-250 a week for our family of 4 (2 adults, a 5 year old and a 2 year old). We're on the high side, but we shop only at Whole Foods and Trader Joes for food and Target for diapers/cleaning supplies/paper products, etc. This way we know that everything we are buying is all natural and doesn't have anything artificial in it. Most of the produce we buy is organic. Its important enough for us that it is worth the extra money.


answers from Washington DC on

family of 4 - $200 for two weeks.

we purchase our meat in bulk for 6 months ($1100) and then make our own bread..



answers from Savannah on

It REALLY REALLY depends one where you live and the costs there. My grocery bill is a good 25-30% more now (for the same stuff) than what I was spending 8 months ago in another state. :( :( :( I know costs have changed and gone up, but I can't believe THAT much and think some of it must be where I've moved to. Right now, I'm spending $150-180/week for 2 adults, a 4 year old, and a 18 month old.



answers from Chicago on

We are a family of five, and I have averaged about $250/week. This includes diapers for two babies, toddler formula, paper products, and health and beauty items.

I am horrible about impulse items and Costco goodies. Lately though, I've been clipping more coupons, and I'm spending closer to $200/week. We also eat out for lunch two to four times a week. I know I could do a lot to save more, but this is where we're comfortable right now.


answers from Kansas City on

We average between 35 and 40 per day for 6 family members and 4 daycare children that are here 24/7. That does include everything.



answers from Chicago on

$600 for a family of 5 (2 adults & 3 young kids), but the 6th one is away at college, so add on another $200 for her



answers from Chicago on

Well I used to spend 500.00 a month for a family of 4 on groceries, bathroom essentials and cleaning supplies. Now I spend about 200.00-250.00 on groceries and diapers(once I stop buying diapers I will save another 50.00). For my bathroom essentials and cleaning supplies I only spend 70.00-80.00 total a month now. I found a website online that I can buy concentrated 100% Natural Cleaning Products. (I even make my own baby wipes with the products I buy online and my son doesn't break out in rashes anymore.) Between coupons and this online store I shop from that has better prices I save about $170.00 a month. That is a lot of money that I can use to spend on the family for clothes or pay bills. If you are interested I would love to show you the store I shop at online for everything I need (except for food). Just email me [email protected]

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