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Updated on March 31, 2011
E.T. asks from Torrance, CA
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I'm considering buying the Graco Nautilus for my almost 4 year because I am not ready to move him to a booster. We currently have the old model of the Britax Roundabout which only goes up to 40 pounds. Most reviews I've read have been positive. However, some people complain that the crotch strap is too short for older children. Is anyone using this seat, WITH the harness, for their child who is over 4 years old? Do you recommend the seat? Thanks!!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the responses and advice. I'm now wondering if anyone has the Sunshine Kid Radian. It looks similar to the Britax Frontier, but it's a little cheaper!

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answers from Dayton on

I recommend the Britax Frontier.
I have it and the Nautilus. It is a much nicer seat. The Nautilus is decent but it has some flaws, IMHO. The crotch strap is one of them.
The Frontier has a crotch strap that can be moved (made bigger).

My DD is 5.5yo. and 49ish inches, 45ish lbs.. She is still harnessed in both seats. But she looks like she is just able to sit in the Nautilus.

I would recommend it over any other cheaper seat. But I recommend shopping around to find a good price on the Frontier and getting it.
Also recommend going to BRU to compare the seats!


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answers from Washington DC on

I so wanted to get that seat for my daughter, but I took her to the store to try it out and she was soooo uncomfortable in it! She's on the petite side too, so I don't know why it bothered her when so many kids don't have a problem. I'd definitely recommend trying it out if you can to see if it works for you. In my case, we ultimately ended up buying the Britax Frontier 85 and couldn't be happier. As someone else mentioned, has good prices.

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answers from Sacramento on

My tall (46") 5 year-old son has been in the Nautilus since he was 3. We DID have to move the crotch strap to the forward position a while back, but it fits fine and should for a good long time (little pelvises really don't grow THAT much). He's still got room in the shoulder straps too. It's a very cool LOOKING seat as well.

I'd recommend it.


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answers from Phoenix on

I had my 7 year old in it, and he is a husky kid at that and never had a problem. And man, if something was touching weird down there with that kid, we would know, lol.

The nautulis is so worth the money!

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answers from Boston on

My son is almost 4 and he as plenty of room left. Go try him in the floor model at babies r us if you are worried about the fit before you buy. My son loves his big boy seat :)

Oh and just an fyi winter coats should not be worn they can compress in a car accident causing harm to your child.



answers from Seattle on

Have you also looked at the britax frontier? It fits our giant 6 year old just fine! We got a good deal at and I've seen them new in box on eBay for a good price too.



answers from Los Angeles on

We have a Frontier in one car (used daily) and a Nautilus in the other (used occasionally). Overall, we do like the Frontier more, but the Nautilus is a good seat and works well for my almost four year old son (42" and 42 lbs).

We don't have a Sunshine Radian, but I have heard really great things about it. People like it a lot because it is slightly narrower, so it fits better in cars, but it is still wide enough and comfortable for the kids.

I strongly recommend trying out seats before you buy them. Sid n Me near LMU will let you see how well they fit in your car and how well your kids fit in them.

K. - fun, educational toys and games for kids of all ages!



answers from San Diego on

My son is 3 1/2 and is 42lbs and 41" tall and has no problems with this car seat. I took him with me to BRU to purchase it so that he could seat in it. I also read the same reviews about it being to short but I have had no problems. He still has plenty of room to grow.



answers from New York on

I love this seat--we have 3 now. My son is 5 and big for his age (over 55 lbs, looks 6 and is the second tallest in his class) and he still has a bit of room in the harness. We will probably not be able to have him fit with the harness and a winter coat next winter--it depends how fast he grows. We just put my 25 lb. 2 year old in it and she is happy too. She was too tall for the 40lb/40 inch tall car seat. You can move the crotch strap out to the second position and it's good for a bigger child. The straps do require taking the seat out of the car and rethreading them but it's isn't that bad. Also, the top set of shoulder strap holes is hidden when the headrest is all the way down (there are 4 total).



answers from Boston on

I bought one a few months ago for my daughter who is 3.5 as a second set for my husband's truck and she really likes it, it fits her well. I must say it was harder than our Britax Boulevard (which is in my car) to actually secure int eh car. but once in it's quite nice. She loves the cupholder. We just bought a second one for my nanny's car since she had one that only went to 40 inches and my DD is 40.5. Got in on Amazon for $138, free shipping. I am hoping i won't need any more car seats since this can stay in 5 point harness position until 65 lbs and then converts to a high back and then a regular backless booster. plus my boulevard goes to 65 lbs.

good luck



answers from Milwaukee on

I use it for my daughter. I used it w/ the harness until she was about 4 1/2. She is in the 98th% for height and weight, so she is a big kiddo. I was leary about the crotch strap too and had read the reviews about it. But it still worked for us. I had her get in it in the store and strapped her in and made sure she was comfortable. She was.

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