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Updated on March 07, 2008
E.K. asks from Memphis, TN
18 answers

I am trying to get pregnant with my second child. I am really interested in the cloth diapers (new ones that are adjustable) Any tips or insight?

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answers from Raleigh on

I'm a CDer and you've gotten a ton of great info, so I won't bother repeating. I think it is awesome that you want to CD!! A good website that really helped me out in teh beginning was You can read a ton of reviews there and b/s/t diapers. You can also do the same at, but it's a little more cut throat there.

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answers from Raleigh on

We use mother ease too. We are now using the same set on child number 2. They are great because they are completely adjustable, so the same set lasts you forever. Good Luck. Some times you can find them used on Craigs List and/or Ebay. Good Luck.

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answers from Memphis on

Hello. I am currently a SAHM. I do alot of sewing (when I can). I make cloth diapers with velcro & also with snaps. There are TONS of choices out there.

If you happen to be a member of there are many mommas on there that can give you tons of help.

My daughter just turned 2 years old a few days ago. We are trying to work on potty-training, but it is a slow process for us!!! Anyhow...she has been cloth diapered since we came home from the hospital. If you have more questions...or specific questions...feel free to ask. If I do no know the answer, I can most likely direct you towards the people or places that do!!!

be well. -elmo.

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answers from Wheeling on

I would check on the internet. Maybe you will find ways to make them or possibly order them from somewhere.



answers from Raleigh on

go to a material store buy some fabric and have some made
I'm sure very easily by a seamstress or taylor or try it urself!



answers from Raleigh on

I have done some research on this subject and it is actually not better for the environment to use cloth diapers. They must be picked up and dropped off, using extra gasoline. And they require quite a bit of water to clean. So believe it or not regular diapers are best. There are several brands on the market that are cholorine free which is much healthier for baby. -J.



answers from Nashville on

(On the off chance that by "adjustable" you mean "one size fits all"...)

The bumgenius ( is probably the most popular brand. And the one that I use, so I can personally attest to how well they work. But there are I few others that I know of. has OSFA with snaps and with velcro. I've seen these in action and they seem perfectly capable. also has a OSFA. I just ran into on their site the other day, so I know nothing about it except that it exists.

Someone else mentioned for reviews of different brands and I totally second that recommendation.

The OSFA are a little pricier, but I think it's worth it not to have to buy a whole new set two or three times because the baby grows. Plus, I have both a toddler and infant in diapers at the moment, and it is super convienient to have one set that fits both. (Especially for the diaper bag. No need to repack for the other baby! Just grab and go!)

That's my two cents. HTH!

Edited to add: For "previously owned" cloth diapers - I don't know? Ebay? I know the diapering community at has a big diaper swap on Thursdays. You could check that out.



answers from Memphis on

I'm not sure where Jen H is coming from. A one time use of gasoline to purchase cloth diapers that must be shipped? Disposables have to be shipped to the store from somewhere too. Then you have all the packaging along with the disposables that you are throwing away. Maybe she is thinking about a diaper service, which AFAIK we still don't have one here in Memphis.

Cloth diapers may end up being the same for the environment in terms of power use, since most of us cloth diaper users use a dryer instead of hanging to dry. But for raising children they are MUCH MUCH CHEAPER. The initial investment is hard to make, but it will save you a lot of money.

I have not found special detergents or washing in hot to be necessary. We use an unscented detergent and no fabric softeners, and wash in cold. I do all my laundry with an extra rinse. I don't wash diapers separately either, they get washed with the whites or light colored things. With a totally breastfed baby, you can put the diapers straight into the wash and they will get clean. Once they start solids, you do have to rinse. If you let poopy diapers sit the ammonia in the urine will react with the poo and eat holes in your diapers over time, so even after you rinse it's a good idea to wash them asap.

If you want fitted dipes you will have to buy online. Mothersville on Cooper sells organic and unbleached prefolds, fuzzi bunz and bummi diaper wraps, some wool soakers. We have used predominatly bummis, fuzzi bunz and prefolds, with some homemade butt sweaters, along with elimination communication for our 5 kids. I also use disposables for trips, when we are sick, and for my 5 yo who is disabled.

HTH, good luck with the transition! You may also like this group on yahoo:



answers from Charlotte on

when you actually need them, please contact me and I may be done with mine...I have excellent European ones with velcro and elastic, etc. I have a 15 week old righ now.



answers from Raleigh on

I have 3 boys my almost 5 month old is in cloth diapers didn't realize they were so good with my first 2 boys but anyway you live and learn. What I use is prefolds, with snappis (I think I spelled that right), and Wonder Wraps which are ajustable and can be used the whole time but they don't have the cut out for newborns cord stumps. For wipes I got some recieving blankets from a second hand store and cut them into wipes and put them in a wipe warmer and mix baby oil, baby wash and water and they can be washed with the diapers. This has saved us a lot of money. I hope this helps and will answer any questions I can.



answers from Clarksville on

E., I read some of the other responses and at the risk of sounding pushy and/or bossy, here it is:
Buy FUZZI-BUNZ!!! They are just the best things in the world. With an older child and just a life in general, I didn't have the time to be dealing with all these confusing diapers. These are SO SIMPLE!!!! You can get them at their site:
or get them on e-bay as I did.
Good luck and I hope this helps you!



answers from Wilmington on

Fuzzi Bunz! I have used these with my son and we love them! We started out using Happy Heiny diapers, which were also great. Actually, I liked those better because their velcro closures were simpler than the snaps that Fuzzi Bunz have, but my son has a very slim build, and we found the shape of Fuzzi Bunz to work better with his slim frame (better leak protection). Both brands are wonderful though. You can find these and other brands in a million places online. I got mine at, and was very happy with their service.

By the way, a very helpful tool to use with cloth diapers is a diaper sprayer. It hooks onto the side of your toilet and is kind of like the sprayer on your kitchen sink. You can keep your diaper pail (with lid!) right beside your toilet, and simply spray off soiled diapers into the toilet and toss them in the pail until you're ready to wash a load. No soaking! :) I can't remember the actual brand name of the sprayer we got, but you could probably google "diaper sprayer" and find them easily.

Good luck to you, and congratulations on a great decision for your child and the environment!



answers from Fayetteville on

hi E.. i have written out a few things for a friend of mine. i will copy and paste it for you. if you have more questions, please message me.
eta- i am not affiliated with any of the sites listed!

i LOVE using prefolds (internet abbreviation- IPF or CPFs) on newborn. they work great. the Try It Kit ( for $30 is a great deal and you would not be wasting money if cloth did not float your boat. here is a site on how to fold them:
if you end up not liking the CPFs, you could always try "fitteds." these are diapers that do not require a snappi ( they have apex (like velcro) or snaps. i like these also. they were bought for me for my baby shower for hobbes from bella bottoms ( fabulous. love it.
amy at wiggle worm bottoms ( makes great and cute covers. her customs opens up every so often and she is extremely reasonable.

i predominately use AIO (all in ones) with hobbes right now because having him be still for a diaper change is near impossible. they are more expensive, but the simplicity is nice. bumgenius are the current popular brand ( i use bumkins (, but i started pre-bumgenius time. bumgenius also have a ONE SIZE diaper that you can use from birth to potty training which works for some.

pockets are another option. i like them because they are almost as easy as AIOs and are trim. you can stuff them with CPFs, inserts, or even microfiber towels from the auto section at walmart (my choice!). here is info on fuzzibunz which are extremely popular and my choice:

check out reviews on cloth diaper companies and products at



answers from Nashville on

I have a 9 week old little boy & have been using the BumGenious 3.0 One Size diapers. I really like them! They seem easier (& WAY less leaks!) than the prefoldswith a Prowrap. Of course, I could be putting the prefolds on wrong which would cause them to leak.
I like that they will grow with him as he gets bigger so I am not buying multiple sizes. Even my husband & parents use the BumGenious without complaining!
Good luck!!



answers from Johnson City on

I just bought some from a website called Sweet Cheeks.

They are wonderful. They come with the velcro and elastic legs, plus liners.



answers from Fayetteville on

I have used fuzzi bunz diapers for my last three children and really love them.



answers from Asheville on

Hi E.,

I have a 13-month old son and we have been using Funzi Bunz since the beginning. I did a lot of research on-line and asking around before he was born and decided to use this brand and have no regrets. (BTW, reusable diapers certainly are better for the environment & our landfills and there is no need to have them picked up and delivered if you own a washer and drier)

These have adjustable buttons on the front to give your baby just the right fit, a water proof outer layer, a fleece inner liner and a removable microfiber insert. These are super comfy for your baby's little bum and are quite easy to wash and dry yourself. Even my husband didn't put up a fuss. It has also been wonderful to use two inserts at night for double the absorbency. When your baby does start mostly sleeping through the night, the last thing you want to do is wake him up for a diaper change. The "Double-Bunz" method (as we call it) is not possible with disposable diapers. It's always a good idea, however, to have a back-up pack of disposables around for emergencies, baby sitters, Grandma etc.

You are making a wise decision. Congrats on your precious little one!



answers from Charlotte on

Hey E.,
I use the cloth diapers from They work really well. I have the one size fits all & they go from 5lbs to 30lbs. I am on baby #3 with them so they last as well. Happy diapering.

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