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Updated on June 25, 2008
Z.S. asks from Perris, CA
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Hi moms,

My friend's daughter will be turning 9 y.o. and I'm stumped as to what to get for her. I was thinking clothes to be practical, but since it's a b-day, I'd like to get her something that's fun and that she'll like. Also, I'm on a budget (I think everyone is these days!) so any and all suggestions and ideas would be great =) Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your suggestions and ideas. I have a good idea now of what get her.

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answers from Los Angeles on

How about some type of craft? There are kits you can buy at Walmart or Joanns that will teach her the basic of a craft like knitting, crochet, needlepointe, latch hook, etc. Or is there a craft that you enjoy doing? You could get her the supplies for a small simple learning type project and then take an afternoon to teach her how to do the craft and help her complete the project.

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answers from Reno on

Ok, when you say budget, I'm assuming you really mean budget, and as great as a lot of ideas are for gifts, I have four girls, we go to A LOT of parties and I do not want to drop $15-$30 a pop on kids presents. What I have found is a great hit, it's so obvious. It's the things we adults take for granted. Nail care products/hair care products/skin care products. I buy a .99 cent or-less than $2, make-up bag that is polka dot or has a beatiful and fun pattern, then I buy Wal*Mart nail polish that is like .94 cents a bottle in all the hot colors, raging purple, orange fire etc.(usually about three or four colors), and include a cute little mini size nail file with graphics on it, a mini keychain style nail clipper set, a clear polish to coat with and for under $10 (including my re-used gift bags or Dollar Tree gift bags) they have something they will use and re-use and sharing the polish with their friends at the party or following sleepover is guaranteed to happen. With appx. 2 to 6 parties a month that we attend, little themed 'gift bags' like this are always a great option. If the little girl is really into hair, theme the 'gift bag' with a small bright carry along brush, a bundle of bright ribbony hair ties, those bobby pins with beautiful broach style acdents, a small hand held mirror to see the back, and a beauty case or make up bag to store it all in so that it's her special stuff and she can keep it in her room if she has siblings she shares a bathroom with. The options for inexpensive but fun themed gifts are endless. And the great thing is you will find all of the items in one general area of the store and with it being all sized for a little girl, you can purchase travel sizes of everything and it's perfect. Wal*Mart body sprays are great to, for an additional throw in the bag idea or to start of the skin care themed bag. They are under $2 each and come in lots of child friendly scents like cupcake icing. Yum. Have fun at the party. ")

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answers from Los Angeles on

I just got a post card in the mail from Insect Lore, a company that sells a kit on raising butterflies. My sister in law has done this for several years with her 10 & 8 year old kids. You can watch the process of how a butterfly becomes, then once they turn into butterflies they stay aroudn for a few days before they fly off.

Coupon code: butterflytime at check out for 10% off. i HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE COST IS!! ...just found's 24.99 I just ordered it for my daughter!

I think this is a great UNIQUE gift that she would LOVE!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi Z.,
I got my 9 yo niece a really bright kite for her birthday and she loved it. It had streamers and bright colors (it was a butterfly) and it was only $8.00! I wrapped it in a pretty bandana so no wasteful packaging (I can't stand paying for pretty paper whose sole purpose is to be torn up and thrown away).

Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

My niece just turned 9. Most girls that age LOVE to shop with their OWN money or gift card. I got her a $30.00 gift card to the limited too and then wrapped it with some lip gloss, eye shadow, and body lotion. She LOVED!!! it!!! I think i ended up spending maybe 45? Thats not too bad. You can always just do a $25 gift card with lip gloss and body lotion.

Have fun with it!!

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answers from San Diego on

There is a gift album for young kids called Klutz and another one called Sweet that you can get on this website.

I use all these gift albums that I can because it is so easy and they get a mini catalog to choose from and the gifts are always better than the price you pay for the album.

The postage is an upfront cost that is added on so all they have to do is go to the site and order what they want. It was a big hit at Christmas for my family!! I also send them when I need a present for someone far away.

Congratulations on your new baby!!

The Klutz (74-7910-B8) is $25.00 and the Sweet (74-8710-B8)is $30.00.



answers from Reno on

Hi try the Hannah Montana CD or ask her Mom what music she is into. CD's are not expensive at that age they love music.

I hope this helps. BTW there is going to be a huge fair at the Rock church this saturday from 8-2 I am going to be there and I sell jewerly, young girls love bracelets and I am selling some for $20. w/ gift bag.

Miss G.'s Home Daycare



answers from Los Angeles on

If you're on a super budget, the Body Shop currently has a sale and you can get a bunch of cute and nice smelling lotions for about $15.



answers from Honolulu on

I know some 9 year olds still play with dolls...some do not. But the "American Girl" series of books/dolls are quite popular with this age set. You can find these on
Here's a link:

ALSO, a personal favorite, is the Anne Geddes dolls. Here's a link:
I really love these....even adults collect them. My girl loves them, but she is younger.

The prices of these products can be high...or you can also find them on E-Bay for cheaper.

Good luck... yes, budget is the thing! For me too!
all the best,



answers from Las Vegas on

Hi Z.-

i think for your niece a gift card to a store in the mall or her favoriteb store would be sufficient i have a daughter and i just take her to target and let her pick out her gifts.




answers from Las Vegas on

I have a daughter that age. The big thing in her school this year was the Webkinz. They range anywhere from $10-$15. The girls were also really happy to get gift cards from their favorite stores believe it or not. My rule is usually around $20 for a birthday. Hope that helps!

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