German Measles

Updated on April 10, 2010
M.M. asks from New York, NY
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can my 2 months old get German measles? and if yes what should i do?

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answers from San Diego on

Yes, but it is fairly rare. Most kids and adults have been vaccinated against it.

If you are breastfeeding and were vaccinated, the chance of your child getting it is low.

That's one of the vax my son didn't get...they didn't offer it as a single vax, so we chose not to do it.

That being said, if your 2 month old shows any sign of illness and isn't eating, pooping or peeing well, then off they go to the ped.

From what I understand, many cases of german measles go unnoticed in kids. It is most dangerous to fetuses and the very infirm.


answers from Norfolk on

I wouldn't think it's impossible. Go to the doctor. The rash alone would scare the heck out of me. My sister had it when she was 4 yrs old, got a very high fever (104) and my Mom had to get her into a tepid bath to try to lower it - nothing was bringing it down. Our pediatrician made a house call (this was the 1960's) but she wasn't quite bad enough to need the hospital. For most kids who get it, it's fairly mild, but exposure to it while pregnant can be very bad and can cause birth defects.



answers from New York on

What should you do? You should take him or her to a doctor. If a tiny 2 month old baby has a MINOR illness, they should see a doctor - you are talking about a major, communicable illness. First, a doctor needs to diagnose so that you know for sure, and the doctor is who will tell you what to do. The internet is a marvelous place for support and information, but diagnosis and treatment of still belongs in a doctor's office. Please don't take any chances with the health of your newborn.



answers from New York on

Oh yes she can get it, but German Measles are not harmful in children, only to an unborn fetus if the mother gets it. At any rate take her to her dr and she should have had her mmr shot by now.



answers from Charlotte on




answers from New York on

Do you think the baby has them? Why would you think that? I do not think
they can get them but I would call you doc if you have reason to think he
has them.



answers from Seattle on

Children can get Rubella at any age if they are not vaccinated (MMR vaccine is not given until later though). If you breastfeed and are immune yourself, the chances of your baby catching it are actually quite small.
The main problem with Rubella is that is causes serious birth defects if you get it during pregnancy. For most children and even adults, the disease itself is usually mild.

If your baby has a rash you should get it checked out.

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