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Updated on September 27, 2011
C.T. asks from Lansing, MI
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My daughter will be 1 on Oct.17th, I would like some ideas on what table foods would be safe & healthy for her?. Baby food is not satisfying her.

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone, I will def. be trying some of these options. :) She's not a picky eater lol she loves food, Just wanted new ideas on what to give her.

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answers from Chicago on

At 1 year, she should be eating what you are eating, just no large chunks. And do give spicy food!

You just need to watch choke hazards (hot dog, grapes, etc.)

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answers from Seattle on

Almost anything from your plate would be fine for her. Avoid extremely crunchy foods (raw carrots), popcorn, and round foods (hot dogs, grapes) until she's got molars and is pretty good at using them.

My kids were early teethers, so they were eating everything by age 1. We never did baby food at all.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

At 12 months, she can eat everything you can (assuming you eat a healthy varied diet), just cut into a safe texture. At 1, my son ate all fruit except mangoes (just didn't like them), pretty much any veggie we ate (avocado, artichoke (scraped), beans (green beans and black/red/navy etc), broccoli, carrots, winter squash, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, beets (which I don't eat), asparagus, olives (loves them), He ate most fish (we didn't offer tuna), lamb, beef, didn't like chicken (still doesn't), all dairy except cottage cheese (didn't like it), whole grain bread, whole grain pasta.

We did not feed him processed meats, french fries, pizza, chicken fingers, sausage, hot dogs and pre-made mac & cheese.



answers from New York on

Pasta cut it into pieces, meat balls in tomato sauce, (ground beef is the best meat to eat, because it doesn't require chewing too much). Fish, oatmeal.



answers from New York on

she can eat anything that's easy to digest, no large chunks, less preservatives, no spicy food and junk food .. my baby will be one on oct 2.. she eats what we eat.. i let her taste everything so she wont be a picky eater. she doesnt like eating baby food she just hates soft n slimy food...

be careful of food allergies though...



answers from Minneapolis on

We have been giving my son those Morningstar Farm chicken patties and hamburgers. They are quick and easy and he loves protein. He also likes yogurt, eggs, cheese and turkey sausage breakfast links with no casing. I also often buy turkey from the deli and have them cut it in a thicker slice so I can cube it. This is a great age to try stuff! The problem I have is some stuff that I want him to eat is too hard for him to pick up on his own so I have to feed it. Like diced peaches or pears. I'll be watching for more ideas too!



answers from Detroit on

She doesn't need baby food. Depending on food senstitivities, I'd introduce simple, bland foods and see how she does. Really, she should be able to eat almost anything she can tolerate at this age. Feed her with the family and make it a happy time. She should want to feed herself finger foods and begin to try out silverware a little bit.



answers from Fort Smith on

Gerber has great foods that are made for that age, especially their freeze dried packages. I would try to stick to the good fruits and veg. just cut up really small. When my son was about that age, I found a bag of frozen, very small pieces of carrots and pees. It was great because I could put just a little bit in a small sauce pan to heat up and 1 bag would last him a while. He loved them.


answers from Minneapolis on

I agree with the other poster that you can and should be offering your child everything you eat, with the exception of hard raw veggies that they can not chew. And if things are spicy...give them a little bite and see what they do with it. My husband likes much spicier food than I do and my now 17 year old daughter has always LOVED spicy foods. As a 3-4 year old, she put pepper on every single veggie and main dish she ate, by 7 it was a cajun seasoning salt mix my hubby favored!

I do home daycare and at 12 mos LATEST, all of my daycare kids are on the same menu. I use a pizza cutter to cut many things (like grill cheese snadwishes, waffles, pancakes, etc..its a great tool!)

Good luck!

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