Flying Bugs in Kitchen

Updated on August 02, 2010
S.T. asks from Edison, NJ
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Hi All,
I have got these tiny flying bugs all over my kitchen. these bugs are the same that se see over the rotten bananas. how to get rid of these. i m totally frustrated with these. somebody told me camphor does help? what are the other remedies at home?

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answers from Toledo on

I just got rid of some this week! A small solo cup full of vinegar with a drop of dishsoap! Worked like a charm!

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answers from Cleveland on

Those little buggers not only come from fruit, but there are some that live in/ around soil. So if you have any plants in your kitchen try re-potting them.
Oh and those little buggers can come ON your fruit when you buy it so make sure you rinse it all...even the bananas

Put out a little cup of vinegar. It will attract them and they'll get stuck in it and die :)

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answers from Minneapolis on

Yikes! I have these too! I thought something must be around that is attracting them, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what. Must be the funky weather we are having this year.

I finally got rid of them this week (hopefully). I sanitized the countertops with bleach, washed out all the garbage cans with bleach, and sprayed the garbage can and the garbage pantry with Lysol. I also sprayed each new garbage bag I put in with Lysol. I haven't seen one for 3 days now . . .

Good luck!

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answers from Cincinnati on

you have fruit flies. they love moisture like everyone else mentioned, but I want to mention they hatch in drains. you may have to make sure your dishes are done right away after each meal for a couple weeks, in the mean time you need to pour vinegar down your drains, all of them not just the kitchen, because if the need to they will move to your bathroom.


answers from Dallas on

Those little boogers love moisture and food. Wipe in, around and under all appliances, pour bleach down your drains, clean out the pantry, and then put a fly strip above the sink. Try to keep the lights in the kitchen off except the one over the sink too. Check the pantry for things like a bag of potatoes that may have larvae in it, bananas, etc. I found a sack of potatoes with them in it the other day! So gross! Mine are gone now, but I know they'll be back because this is Texas. lol.



answers from New York on

Check around for something that is rotting. Maybe a cabinet has some old potatoes or something rolled onto the floor and got stuck. And check the plants, too. They are very likely coming from a source somewhere. Try to find it. I had a rotten banana in my car and didn't know it until the flies came. They drove me nuts while driving to and from work. I then got home and found the banana.



answers from Los Angeles on

Sounds like fruit flies. They are abundant this time of year. Ripe or rotting fruit will bring them out from wherever they are, they are also attracted to wine! Just make sure ripe fruit goes in the fridge and watch what food you keep on the counter.

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