Favorite Free Activities with Kids

Updated on July 20, 2011
J.S. asks from Poulsbo, WA
12 answers

What is your favorite free things to do with your kids?

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answers from Seattle on

As I remember, and you have to realize, I am now leaking marbles the size of cannon balls from the holes in my head (!), that the library was one of the best things the kids and I did. Next believe it or not, was the art museum, as long as they did not run or touch, and finally the swimming pool.

We also loved the bus rides to any where, ferry boats, parks, wild waves, anything with water in the summer, Saltwater Park, going to new places, things like that.

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answers from Seattle on

I am in Lynnwood, and we love the $1 movies on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings as well as the Target Wonderstage at Lynndale Park. Your area might have similar things. We also love farmer's markets, library, parks, hiking in the Olympics and Cascades, and working in our garden. (I have 4 girls ages 10 months to 9.)

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answers from Des Moines on

Nature hikes. Especially in the fall. My hubby and I make a list of things we want our daughter to find and we walk thru our town/woods so she can find them! She loves it! My hubby loves taking her fishing and camping(in the backyard).

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answers from Seattle on

Picnic at the park, the library, the play place at your local fast food joint, the library, use old newspapers/magazines and make collages.



answers from Los Angeles on

Beach baby! Surfing, swimming, sandcastles. We luuurve the beach.



answers from Boston on

Bowling (google kids bowl free), this summer MA has a list of free museums on Fridays, the town beach, hiked, the library



answers from Cleveland on


I like making play huts from cardboard boxes



answers from Dallas on

we like to make up stories one person says a sentence then the next & just add to it lol

also playing outside at the park or taking a walk

we also love to do crafts not exactly free but pretty cheap, my daughter made a pig out of milk carton, pink tissue paper, & egg carton painted pink for the legs & nose the other day, its really cute, she saw it on tv

we also love to bake/cook together also not exactly free but something we would be spending money on anyway lol



answers from Beaumont on

Board games, cooking, camping, swimming...great question. Maybe we'll all get ideas!


answers from Columbus on

We've got a horticulture farm here near the college and it's free to walk around and look at their beautiful ponds and gardens. They also have frog ponds and nature trails. We go in the spring to see the tadpoles and several times later in the summer to check out the frogs.

Visit rivers and ponds and waterfalls - boat or no boat - my kids just like throwing rocks in the water. Bike paths, nature walks, library, tent making, sidewalk chalk, biking, coloring, making puppets out of spare socks and buttons and any leftover craft stuff. Baking together, treasure hunts.

We also get on the local college's website and check out their calendar for free performances by their students. We've seen short plays, concerts, and they have a children's orchestra - not made up of kids - it's adults playing FOR children - and they give huge concerts about five times a year.


answers from Rochester on

Walks (day or night, around town, bike trails, nature center, mall, etc.)


answers from Topeka on

Library, fishing, swimming at the lake

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