Epidural Curiousity

Updated on January 17, 2011
R.O. asks from Houston, TX
11 answers

can i get the epidural more than once? if i want 5 kids in total will it be safe to get the epidural all 5 times?

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answers from Tampa on

The epidural breaks the sterility of the spinal cord nerve space. If that gets infected you are in big trouble. Sometime air bubbles can enter the 100% closed system, many times women have lasting life long migraine issue from epidurals - I know I am one of them. Complications are more common than most would think - they just aren't as prevalent because Drs make it seem like it was something else as the cause or a pre-existing issue you'd not noticed before.

Labor pain isn't that bad when you are able to move around, keep up your strength with food and drink, take a dip in warm water or take a hot shower. Maybe you need a new birthing experience if you feel you will need an epi every time you labor. Try a Midwife, you will most likely be happier and in less pain with one of them, than with a surgeon (OB).

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answers from Austin on

There are risks and side effects every time you stick a huge needle into the space of your spine. Not to mention the drugs do reach the baby. Go natural. It is better and safer for you and the baby.


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answers from Denver on

Yes! I thought I would go natural with #1 then nurses put me in bed due to complications with baby & I couldn't move around (walk, bounce on ball, etc) to get comfortable so I said screw it give me the epidural. Biggest blessing ever, it relaxed my body and turned a slow progressing labor to delivery + baby in 2 hours. It is different for everyone but I would do it all over again to be that comfortable.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Yes it's safe and yes you can. Talk to your anesthesiologist if you have questions (our hospital had a 'meet the anesthesiologist' talk regularly for pregnant women with questions - worth attending). You should not feel pressured into either 'natural' childbirth or an epidural.

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answers from Charlotte on

Yes, it will be safe to have an epidural for every pregnancy. Do you have any kids yet? Good luck with 5! I have 3 and pull my hair out every day.

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answers from Miami on

....this might be a good question for that Dugger woman. She might know a thing or 19 and counting about pain relief.

All joking aside, I'm sure it's fine! If it were not, there would be a lot of women with only one child. I've had an epidural and 2 spinals and I am fine, fine, fine.

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answers from Spokane on

I had two of them because of my sections. My first went like a dream and I hardly even felt it. The second time though was really messed up. The nurse kept hitting the nerves (I kneed a male nurse holding me), she finally gets it in and then contaminates it so she had to start all over. I really wanted to rip her hair out. So yes, it's safe. Just keep in mind that your nurse can mess one of yours up and it will really hurt for a couple of days.



answers from Chicago on

I got it for both my kids, no problems, complications post-use is rare.



answers from Chicago on

I've had an epidural for both births and it was heavenly!

I've also had to have a spinal twice for a cerclage procedure early in pregnancy.

That would make 4 taps into the back within 3 1/2 years and I have had ZERO problems.

Just be sure to ask any and all pertinent questions of your OB so you're fully educated.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I've had 4 (due with #5 any minute-lol) and had an epi placed with every one- one did have to be removed because they hit a vein- the intent was to replace it, but I delivered too quickly to get it. (BTW the morphine drip I ended up with for that one was far worse than the epidurals ever were.)
Yes, there are possible complications from getting one- but those risks are the same with #1 as #5- My aunt is one of those that has/had some nerve damage from where the needle was placed, and it happened on her second.
Personally, an epidural allows me to relax and be mentally 'present' to participate in my deliveries. And the medication wears off quickly- I am usually up and ready to walk to my new room by the time I am done with nursing.



answers from Chicago on

If you thinking of having 5 kids - epidural should be last thing on your mind. You should be more concearned about stretched and useless pelvic muscles, stretch marks, soggy breasts, fading looks because of sleepless nights, tiredness and all the stress kids give you, bone loss (because they use your bones to build theirs), lost teeth, weak and deformed spinal bones and muscles (from carrying all these children inside and outside your body)...etc., etc....
Epidural is only a prick that will heal faster than you will be discharged... The pregnancy, breastfeeding and general responsibilities of taking care of children take an enormous tall on your body... that cannot be prevented or erased.
Good luck.

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