Elevated Liver Enzymes and Extreme Fatigue

Updated on September 17, 2010
J.A. asks from Moab, UT
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I am 31 tomorrow and have been feeling awful for at least a month. Headaches, especially when I bend over, extreme fatigue and exhuastion, body aches, and what I am going to call, fever like symptoms. I feel hot but when people put their hand on my forehead, they say I don't feel warm. I also have been having night sweats more regularly. My symptoms are exaggerated in the evening.

I do not have any abdominal pain, jaundice, or nausea.

I had blood tests done at a doctor's office (my usual doctor changed her hours so I had to find one on the fly without being able to vet him a little first so I don't know how much I trust him) and they came back to me with all my white blood cells and vitamin levels were fine, except my B12 was elevated. However, my liver enzymes were WAY elevated (174 and 135). They started asking about Hepatitis and I started freaking out!

I have also gained at least 8 lbs in the last two months. They did check my thyroid levels and say they are ok, as they do every time I have them checked, but my mom and my sister both have hypothyroidism and so I wonder if anyone would consider treating that without my levels being out of whack.
I just got back my results from my original tests and NO Hep or Mono! Which is good, except that means it is something else that they can't find in blood. So now for abdominal scans etc...

I used to run 3-4 days a week and do a weight class and pilates class once a week each, but I haven't had the energy to run.

My husband is a true man when it comes to illnesses and takes everything to the extreme and my little one is almost 16 mo and I just don't want to give it to them, but by now it could be too late... just completly freaking out.

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answers from Norfolk on

Night sweats makes me think of peri-menopause. Have your estrogen levels checked. Menopause usually starts later for most women (mid 40's), but for a few it can start much sooner. Being really really fit (very low body fat) can mess up your hormones, too. If you have it checked and your hormone levels are fine, at least you can rule it out.



answers from Kansas City on


My friend Victoria had liver enzymes at 653, which is ten times higher than normal. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on medical costs without finding a solution, she did her own research and brought her liver enzymes down to 69 in less than 3 months. If you'd like to talk with her, I can put you in touch. That way, you won't have to re-invent the wheel to solve your own health problem.



answers from Atlanta on

Sounds like an autoimmune problem. I deal with Lupus and have the same symptoms when I am having a flare . . . However, prolonged stress can also cause the same thing... exhausting the adrenals. When my liver enzymes are messed up, I stop taking pain relievers or anything that the liver has to metabolize. I also drink nightly liver-cleansing juices and lots of good filtered water and try to get extra sleep. It seems to bring work every time.

I pray you can get to the bottom of it and get back to "normal life". Please let us know how you progress.



answers from Cleveland on

I don't know your age but have someone check your thyroid levels. This could be a lot of things besides hep. Autoimmune diseases cause the body to go haywire. If you stressed out for a while your body might be telling you to slow down. Adrenal fatigue is becoming more common in today's society. If you are on any meds it could also affect your enzme levels. And your body is still recovering from having a baby. DO some walking, yoga or biking to relax.



answers from Benton Harbor on

Maybe you do have mono! My daughter had it last year, it was rough, but she was only 7--it's much harder on an adult. Also, sinus infections can cause a lot of the symptoms you describe. I had chronic infections and finally had sinus surgery to alleviate them--I would have headaches and face pain, especially when bending forward, I'd wake up at night sweating, feeling feverish, and worst of all I had NO energy. You're doing the right things, hang in there and best wishes!



answers from Detroit on

Do you take any supplements/vitamins? A co-worker of mine is a major health buff and takes alot of different supplements. He works out and eats great but started having liver issues. The doctor advised him to stop taking all his supplements and he saw improvements. Not sure if it was the whole link to the issue, but it might be worth checking if you do take some.



answers from St. Louis on

I had mono last year during the holiday season and it was completely unexpected. Who gets mono as an adult!? Anyway, sounds like you are going through exactly the same thing. If it is mono, it takes a long time to get over. I am just now feeling better again. It does sound as though mono is the lesser evil though, so good luck! I hope you have mono (strange to wish for that, but it's better than Hep A or hypothyroidism).



answers from Kansas City on

Mono is a good guess but I would think they would have checked for that already? I would suggest seeing an endocrinologist, personally, I think you need a specialist, especially if thyroid issues run in the family.

I also thought about Lyme's disease. I know it's random but it still is summer and you could have been bitten by a tick any time in the last few months and exhibiting these symptoms. Lyme's is caused by the teeny tiny ticks that you can't see with a naked eye so you may not even know.

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