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Updated on October 14, 2014
K.L. asks from Longmont, CO
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What types of natural ointments and lotions etc have you had success with for toddler eczema? I'm trying to avoid the hydrocortisone use because it can lead to asthma.

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone with your experiences with eczema. This helps. I have had her tested for food allergies and she ispractically allergic to everything. We try to stay away from everything that turned up but it is difficult and she still has what I would call severe eczema. Her homeopathic doctor said it is moderate compared to some kids she has. Homeopathy has helped some in the past but then she flares up and it is difficult to get under control again. I will check out the Renew. THanks again!

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answers from Redding on

Renew by Melaleuca, as stated by the ladies before me. It's the only thing that I've found to control mine and my kiddos eczema. Good Luck!

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answers from Phoenix on

The only thing that has helped me and my children is Melaleuca's Renew lotion. There is nothing better. =)

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Cedaphil mixed with baby oil works great for my son and husband. I get the gel baby oil so its not so messy and just mix it with the lotion before applying. I also like the cedaphil in the jar best. Good luck

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answers from Spokane on

Cetaphil cream and wash. I use it on both my boys and once when my Dad was visiting he had forgotten his medication for his eczema so I had him try the Cetaphil. It helped him more than his medication ever did and now he uses it exclusively.



answers from Boise on

I rarely answer questions online, but the answer for this one has been so difficult for me, personally and I have a solution that works. I was also allergic to everything. They did extensive skin tests on me, and I developed a large hive from everything they tested. I had severe eczema and asthma and was highly sensitive. It's frustrating to be that way as a child - and an adult! I tried aveeno, steroids, aquaphor, lubriderm, vaseline, olive oil, even bag balm and everything else you can imagine! But nothing helped. In fact, it made everything worse. At one point, I remember thinking that I was just going to stop grasping at every straw and live with it then and stop trying to avoid things except for the very worst offenders. This went a long way in helping me to get well.
When I had children, I didn't want them to experience the same thing with their skin, so I studied and learned everything I could to help them to avoid the path I was on. Although their health wasn't where it needed to be, their skin and their asthma problems were eventually avoided because of a simple thing that I did.
I took all the harmful chemicals out of our home, clorox, regular laundry detergents with phosphates and harmful chemicals, even dishwasher soap which caused harmful outgassing, and switched completely to natural, tested products from a trusted American based company. They have a lotion and a bath oil that were specifically formulated by doctors and researchers for people with eczema. Because they are such 'clean' products, I believe they would benefit everyone's health!
Once I did this, I put the children's nebulizers away for good and they haven't experienced asthma since then and have absolutely no eczema - and that was almost 10 years ago! It has truly been the best solution for us. You have to know someone and be recommended by them in order to shop at this online store. But you are purchasing products you purchase at the store anyway and it's less expensive and safe for your home, your children, and the environment. You are welcome to contact me [email protected] and use me for a reference if you would like to. If I give you a quick presentation, it will allow you to shop wholesale each month. I'm happy to do that. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't be without these products in my home!
I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be and how crazy it can be to try to keep under control. And most of the dermatologists and doctors my mom and I met with would eventually admit they were completely clueless too. But there really is finally a very simple solution that actually works!



answers from Louisville on

I recommend Renew Lotion with Melaleuca. Its all natural. Contact to see a presentation on this....



answers from Atlanta on

Hi K.,

I also agree that Renew is the best out there. It has been double blind tested in Winnipeg Canada in the middle of their harsh winter and received much higher marks than even the dermatologist recommended stuff. Remember that Eczema is systemic and can only be cured by diet. But it CAN be cured!

My two cents.




answers from Scranton on

my daughter has eczema and i tried all over the counter lotions. and nothing worked. i took her to the dr. and they proscribed her hydrocortisone. it causes asthma rarely and thats when parents cake the stuff on their kids. you use very little of it. and it takes it away almost immediately. also i did use gentle naturals on her light patches of eczema. you have to use both as soon as they get out of the bath. and you should keep track of what your child is eating, because it makes the breakouts worse. my daughter couldnt eat or drink anything that had to do with apples.



answers from Chattanooga on

I'm not sure where you heard that hydrocortisone cream leads to asthma. There is a correlation between those that have asthma having a tendency to also have eczema. My daughter had asthma way before she ever had an outbreak of eczema. And my asthma doctor prescribes hydrocortisone for here eczema (and it works wonders when she does have an outbreak).

As a preventative measure to help prevent outbreaks, we use Eucerin Cream (the thick one in the tub) after every bath, which her doctor said should be limited to 10 minutes once or twice a week. She rarely has outbreaks anymore.

I searched the internet for links to support your claim that hydrocortisone cream usage can lead to asthma...found nothing. Can you provide a link or explain where you got that idea? Here is an article that might clear up the misconception...



answers from Dallas on

My 3 year old son has had eczema too. Over the last couple of years we have tried a variety of things, but none really helped until we started giving him a supplement everyday. The improvement we've seen in just the last couple of weeks has been dramatic. Let me know if you'd like more info about it.
We use Cetaphil soap in the bath as well as Eucerin lotion too.


answers from Chicago on

We slather her in aquaphor and use aquaphor baby wash. We also had good luck with the Boudreaux's Butt Bath (partner to Butt Paste) when she was younger. Eczema can be a sign of food allergies --have you considered testing (if you are already using all hypoallergenic, fragrance free laundry detergents, etc). Our daughter ended up milk, peanut, egg, fish allergic at 14 mos -- her only sign (till her reaction to peanuts due to accidental exposure at daycare) was eczema.

Good luck!



answers from Tampa on

Ok my baby girl was recently diagnosed a few months ago-so of course I was like a detective trying to figure what would help her poor skin-
I tried the Arbonne Baby Care line (which is all natural) it did help make it better but honestly I have had great luck with just Dove Soap and applying either Curel itch defense or Creamy Vaseline. The Creamy Vaseline has really helped maintain moisture and cut down on the bright red scaliness. My doc suggested Eucerin Intensive Therapy-which helped but not as good as the Curel or Creamy Vaseline and the dove soap is really mild. Good Luck!



answers from Honolulu on

There is something called "Florasone" ointment, which is a natural alternative to hydrocortisone creams.
Amazon has it.
It is for Eczema and other skin rashes/itches.
Whole Foods also has it.
I have it.
Its good.

Just as an aside, for Eczema, different foods affects people with it differently. Each person being different.
For my Mom, for HER Eczema, Oats & Citrus, makes her Eczema flare up.
If she avoids those foods, she does not get Eczema.



answers from Kansas City on

When we struggled with exzema on our five month old, Melaluca's Renew Lotion (I DO NOT SELL IT- I found someone on this site who let me pay her and she used her account for me) worked the best for us. I even bought (again-I do not sell) the little ones that go in a purse, I liked it that much. It is the ONLY Melaluca product I have ever bought (or tried!).



answers from Salt Lake City on

The best advice I ever got was from my pediatrician. All three of my children have eczema. The best treatment for us has been prevention. We use no soaps in the bath. We shampoo just before taking them out of the bath. Then we taked them out of the bath & before putting them in a towel - while they are sopping wet, we coat them with a small amount of baby oil. That traps in the moisture. Then we pat them down and apply Eucerin cream (the one in the tub - not the lotion). When we do this consistently it keeps most flare-ups away. Also - just a note - eczema, seasonal allergies and asthma are all related and if you have one, you are prone to the others and can pass them all down to the next generation. So even if you avoid steroids for treatment of eczema, don't be shocked if asthma develops. If you are genetically predisposed, there may not be much you can do about it.



answers from Dallas on

Try doing wet wraps on your helps reduce the itching and redness especially when it seems like nothing else will work.

Slather your toddler in lotion (we use Cetaphil moisturizing cream)
Dress your toddler in pajamas that have been soaked in warm water with the excess water squeezed out, then put a layer of dry pajamas over to keep them warm. Let the stay in this for at least 20-30 mins. When the time is up, remoisturize your toddler with lotion :) Its amazing what it does, our dermatologist recommended we do this and it helps tremendously. You can also do it where you apply the hydrocortisone cream first instead of the lotion and after 20 mins you slather on the lotion. This is helpful if there really is a spot that just doesn't seem to get better. You can do this up to twice a day for about a week, you should see improvements.

Good luck and I hope this helps. Eczema is tough stuff!



answers from Milwaukee on

Aquaphor also makes a nice bath soap too.

Gentle Naturals - it's in the baby aisle at Target-seafoam green cap/Disney characters. They make an eczema cream that is great.

Try asking at Whole Foods-I bet they have a lot of options.


answers from Nashville on

We have struggled with Eczema for years until one day a wise Dr. told me to use

CeraVe ( the green bottle ).

We used it, it worked GREAT!

We still use it when needed.

We even use it when someone gets a rash.

This is how to use it.
Put warm water on the area that has the Eczema / Rash and apply the CeraVe.
Don't wash it off, just leave it on.
Give it some time.

You can get it at Wal-Mart.

I wish you the best.



answers from Colorado Springs on

As horrible as it sounds...I have used Crisco and still do for daughter and her Dad. The non-buttered one of course, just the plain white one. :-) It was actually recommended to us by our dermo as the OTC stuff was so stinking expensive. Good Luck.



answers from Denver on

Burt's Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic works for my daughter - She gets covered with it straight out of the bath. We tried everything!



answers from Los Angeles on

aquaphor! ever since we've used it, my son's eczema has gone away. it's in the baby aisle at any drugstore.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Well the first defense is to figure out what in the diet is causing it. My daughter has eczema but figured it was caused by strawberries. But when she did have a flare up we use aquaphor and works great. Also, used gold bond to help with the itching at night, but can only use that when they are 2 and up.



answers from Boise on

Eczema can be traced back to adrenal malfunction. Specifically, low cortisol hormone output. A saliva cortisol test can be performed to find out if this indeed is the case. I would highly advise you to go down this avenue. It can find the problem and stop the progression of more disease states.

Problem is a toddler probably wont be able to muster up a half vial of spit 3 x in a day. But if you think he can, you can order the test yourself from (through ZRT). I can help you decipher it when your results come in.

I have a daughter with low cortisol and she has skin issues, also allergies to foods and metals and smells- The reason is because cortisol suppresses the immune response- so low cortisol causes a higher immune response, hence allergies to everything. Cortisol also controls blood sugar- so dont be suprprised if you see blood sugar issues. Sometimes we won't recognize the symptoms unless we study them and teach ourselves what they look like- which you can do online (look up hypoglycemia).
Cortisol affects nerves, and also sleeping patterns too.

Children who have low adrenal hormones will get MUCH worse when puberty hits and there is a huge NEED in the body for more hormones.

It is no accident that hydrocortisone is used clinically to treat excema- hydrocortisone is a manmade version of cortisol. OVER treatment of cortisol(steroids) causes cushings symptoms. Asthma is also caused by cortisol deregulation. Asthma is also ecsaserbated by a magnesium deficiency because there is mineral deregulation when there is hormone deregulation.



answers from Denver on

We use Vanicream. It works great! You can get it at Walgreens......



answers from Pocatello on

Renew by Melaleuca is absolutely the best. I am a preferred customer and can order you some if you like. You should really look into all of their products.


answers from Dover on

Renew body wash, lotion, or oil would all help.



answers from Denver on

DO NOT USE MINERAL OIL BASED LOTIONS!!!!! They clog the pores. Rashes are caused because there is something the body doesn't like leaving the body through the skin. When you use mineral based lotions (vanacream, cetaphil, aquaphor, etc) they clog the pores of the skin. The rash goes away because whatever the body is trying to dump cannot get out of the skin. However, then those toxins stay in the body (not where you want them)
Eczema is typically a nutritional deficiency or an allergy of some kind. Givnig the child a natural anti-histamine (like high dose vitamin C or quercetin) will calm the rash down. The deficiency is typically an essential fatty acid---I give my kids Barlean's 3,6,9 omega swirl. You can also try putting evening primrose oil or borage oil (both high in omega 9's) directly on the rash.



answers from Harrisburg on

i mix A&D ointment with the Eucerin lotion after bath time and its worked great



answers from Denver on

Hi there!

I'm sorry to hear about your toddler's eczema problem! I know it can be so frustrating when you're trying to figure out how to best help your children with a health issue.

I wanted to give you a link to some amazing, natural products that my family and I have been taking since April 2010. The first one I recommend is called Body Balance - a whole food, liquid nutritional supplement. It has vital nutrients that our body needs, but is probably not getting. I've heard many testimonials about it helping people with an array of health concerns, both inside and outside of the body. I would also recommend looking at the Taheebo product (which has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal ingredients in it) and the FlexeoPlus product (has anti-inflammatory ingredients in it which help with flare-ups both inside and on the outside of the body. I've heard from people that, if used topically on the skin, has helped with rashes and even acne break-outs). The company does not claim any medical miracles when using these products, but they are endorsed by thousands of healthcare professionals!! Feel free to check it out at, click on the Product tab for detailed info, or the Company tab for Healthcare Endorsers, or the Opportunity tab for Customer/Member/Child Testimonial stories. If you have questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] luck!!!

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