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Updated on February 08, 2008
A.G. asks from Fishers, IN
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I'm looking for a dog training center where I could take a puppy Miniature Schnauzer ( 5 months old) in the Geist area? Does anybody know such a place, since I couldn't find any on the internet. Thank you very much!

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So What Happened?

Thanks a lot for your replys., which have been very helpful. I found a dog trainer and will start working with him in April. So far, Ike has been the best dog I could have imagined.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I do in home training if you would be interested in it.
Otherwise I can reccomend the Feed Mart on St. Rd 67 or Pendelton Pk. it is very good, be careful with any that want to train your dog and then return him to you.
My name is S., I have a kennel, boarding, grooming, petsitting, adoptions and training facility in Greenfield, In. # ###-###-####



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We have always used First Friend K-9 Training in Fishers. It is located at SR 37 and 126th Street, next to the John Deere warehouse. Here is their website:

Depending on where you live in the Geist area, you can get their pretty quickly.



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I use to live in the Geist Area and I worked at Caring Hands Pet Hospital (was Geist Animal Clinic). If they do not offer classes, they would be able to recommend a place or at least tell you where NOT to go.
I now live in Belgium, Europe
Good Luck



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As far as I know, 'First Friends' on 37 near 126th is the closest dog training facility in the area. Bruce is their head trainer and is very good.

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