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Updated on October 11, 2009
M.F. asks from Queen Creek, AZ
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Hi ladies,
We have a family dog who is almost 5 years old - neutered male terrior mix. He started out to be a wonderful pet - in fact, he was our "baby" before we had our kids. Obviously, though, he has taken the back burner since the kids came along. He has become more and more difficult recently. He barks a lot, steals food off of the table, gets into the trash, doesn't obey unless asked to sit, stay, etc. three or four times, and he jumps on people. I'm guessing it has something to do with the lack of attention he gets.
I've had it. I am ready to send him packing since I am around him 24-7 as a stay-at-home mom. My husband and daughter absolutely LOVE him though. When I bring up getting rid of him, I get a guilt trip from my husband that it will break our daughter's heart.
So, I guess I am looking for someone who will come into our home and help us train the dog a little better. This would be his last chance! If we're not able to make progress, then he's got to go. I just can't handle 2 kids and a naughty dog.
I live in the Queen Creek area and would love it if we could find someone affordable to come work with us.
Thank you!

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Hi M.,

My parents have worked with Sit Means Sit training. They are based in the Phoenix area but will come to you. It is not cheap since they are private lessons with you and your dog in your home, but they work wonders. I think they also offer group training classes outside, but as far as I know they are all on the west side of the valley. That could have changed though, it would be worth checking into. Hope this helps! Good luck with your dog, it would be a shame to have to lose him. The training results will not be immediate, but with time and patience it will get better.

Also, I almost forgot to mention the Dog Whisperer shows with Cesar Millan. These have also helped make great improvements. He has great tips and advice for training. Cesar also has some books out, but I have never read any of them.



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I hear ya woman. It's a world of change after kids come into the picture. Sad, but true. We have four dogs ourselves.

Why not have your hubby who is devoted to keeping the pup watch a bunch of Cesar The Dog Whisperer's shows. It truly is all about the owner, so let your husband take the responsibility of getting your pup back on track and you just follow suit.



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Most trainers will tell you, they train the person, not the dog. If we as their owners don't keep up with our dogs and give them 'jobs', meaning walks, exercise, and toys to play with, they will do whatever they need to get our attention. So, if your family can't give the dog time it needs, see if you can find a dog walker, or teenager in your neighborhood that would play ball with the dog.

I just wanted to share that with you before you spend money on a trainer and then things go back to how they are again.
Good Luck!



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Hi M.

Call Walks 2 Wags Elana Saltarelli, he husband is a dog trainer (I think she is too) ###-###-####

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