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Updated on November 30, 2014
E.M. asks from Tucker, GA
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How long does a dog usually have to go to the bathroom after the dog eats? Thank you

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answers from Lakeland on

If you have a puppy then I would take it out within 10-20 minutes after eating. Older dogs you need to watch for their cues since they are all different.

Mine will go sit next to the door when she needs to go without making any noise, she will jump and cry when she has to go really bad.

I don't think mine can hold it too long since we are home with her all the time. I do have a smaller dog (15lbs) and I think she goes more often then bigger dogs.

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answers from Reading on


Eta - I'm sorry, but looking back over your posts of the past month, I'm calling troll. One questionable post to start a debate with no follow up by you, several solicitations for services (which is a TOS violation), and a whole bunch of nonsense questions that could easily be googled. And this "question" doesn't even make sense.

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answers from Iowa City on

Do you mean how quickly does a dog poop after eating? If so, it really depends on the dog. Puppies usually poo 10 to 20 minutes after eating. Mature dogs usually take 30 minutes to one hour. Some dogs just have their own schedules.

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answers from Washington DC on

Each dog is different, E..

My dog? I don't think there's been a day he's had the "same" schedule for going to the bathroom.

He's 4 years old. When he was a puppy? It seemed like we were taking him out every hour during house training. It took about 2 months for complete house training, if I remember correctly - might have been faster. Any way,

He now can go hours (like 10) without going outside to potty...yeah...he'd rather stay inside wrapped up in his blanket instead of going outside in the cold!! LOL!!

Our dog self-feeds so I know that makes a difference as well.

Breed, size, type, environment all play into a dog's "routine"....sorry I can't help you more!

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answers from Norfolk on

There is no set answer.
It depends on the dog and what he's been eating the last few days.

In the 1980s, Mayo Clinic researchers measured digestion time in 21 healthy people. Total transit time, from eating to elimination in stool, averaged 53 hours.

Animals will be different but it's usually a few days for things to pass all the way through.

Did the dog swallow something and you're wondering when it might turn up in the poop?
There's a possibility it might just stay lodged in a stomach fold and not pass at all.
If it's a magnet or a battery it could be life threatening.
It's best to take the dog to your vet and then follow their advice.

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answers from Washington DC on

there is no right answer. my older dog goes reliably in the late afternoon or evening every day, my grandbeagle needs to be taken out within an hour after she eats.
you have to get to know your own dog.

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answers from Boston on

Varies wildly. Sometimes it's soon (though not right away - the food has to work its way through), sometimes it's hours. Depends on the dog and the type of food. Your dog should be defecating twice a day so if it goes a long time without doing anything, there could be a problem. But if you are training a puppy, then you are going out constantly because you want to reward the dog the second he/she does what it's supposed to do. Punishing it for going in the house accomplishes nothing. You have to be ahead of the dog's schedule.

You have to spend time learning your dog's habits and metabolism. A well-trained dog will have a specific location for defecating/urinating, and a schedule - ours doesn't have to go out the second she wakes up, but the last dog did. This one needs to go out 2 times a day, sometimes 3, but the other was 3-4 without fail. If you have a fenced yard and a doggie door, the dog can be trained to take care of itself. I have a small dog and live in an area with coyotes and some large dogs who roam (totally against the law of course) so mine cannot be outside alone, not ever. So she's dependent on me.

If you have a dog, work with your vet. If you don't but are considering getting one, work with a shelter to find a dog suited to your personality, lifestyle, family make-up (some are not good with kids, others are great but need a ton of exercise, and so on), work schedules, and time spent outdoors vs. in a crate. There are many breeds and many terrific mixes but you have to be honest about yourself and your needs/commitments.

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answers from Washington DC on

Different for every dog and sometimes different every day. Today my dog went out, came in to eat and asked to go out again right away and then out again an hour later. He is almost 2.

Puppies need to go all the time. After they eat, sleep, play, drink, exercise......well you get the picture.

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