Does Your Child Have Arthritis

Updated on November 10, 2011
H.J. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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So a little while ago I sent in a question about my daughter having an "infection" in her knuckle...well that is what the doctor thought. After a full round of antibiotics, and x-rays that confirm no broken bones or growth plates. We are getting set up with a specialist. Possibly arthritis? poor girl is in so much pain as her pointer finger on her writing hand is all swollen and she can't bend it. From what I read if she does have arthritis this could go on for 6 weeks and we are only 3 weeks in :(

Any words of wisdom...any other signs I should be looking out for? any ways to help her feel better. She has her finger in a splint right now which helps but she is still in tears every night from pain.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone...After talking with our chiropractor...she as been pushed up to an apt for tomorrow. Chiro has suggested she be blood tested for a viral infection before doing anything further. I am just hoping that with all this swelling no major long term damage has been done.

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answers from Madison on

This may be the "infection" they just ruled out, but what comes to mind when you talk about the swelling is cellulitis. My FIL just had it, although it comes from an infection usually from a cut. He said it was very painful and his finger swelled almost 3 times its normal size.

Best of luck in finding the answers you are looking for! Poor girl!

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answers from Chicago on

Ok, so I have arthritis in my hip after pregnancy and I have found that Aloe Vera Juice DOES help. Both me and my fiancee have found relief drinking 8oz a day! SaVia is the brand we prefer, he likes Pomegranete and I like Mango best! It is 80 cal for an 8oz glass so it's not too bad! I am sorry she has to go thru this but I would see if the juice helps her any.


answers from Redding on

Does arthritis run in your family?
What showed on the xray? Surely it had to show something questionable.
I'd do some ice and heat on it to make her feel better while you wait on results.


answers from Houston on

My friend's seven year old has arthritis in his foot, poor thing can barely walk. They also went through a lot of rounds of testing and such to finally diagnose it.

Meds, physical therapy, and even surgery can help. Some info here for you:



answers from Anchorage on

My Son has form of JRA that flares up when ever he runs a fever/gets sick. I treat with Motrin for pain and inflammation. The good news is that many kids with JRA will out grow it eventually, but you have to watch it because any joint damage done is forever. Some forms of JRA also put the child at increased risk for eyeritis (sp?) which is a type of scar tissue in the eye, so it is important to keep up with their eye exam's. My son used to go every 3 months to his eye specialist, but since he has had no changes his yearly exam is enough now.



answers from Waterloo on

This sounds to me like trigger finger. I have the same problem that you are describing here. I am going to an othropedic surgeon today 11-10-2011 as a matter a fact. From what my Mom told me treatment can be with corizone shots in hand for temporary relief or a that do an outpatient procudure where they go in and cut the tendon that is causing the pain. However, they may have a totally different treatment for children with this. It can also be treated with Non-Steroidal Anti-Infammatory such as iburophen (spelling). Hope this gives you hope that there is something other than arthritis as a diagnois. She make also have jammed it and not realized it which could also be the case.



answers from Phoenix on

I had rheumatoid arthritis in my knee at age 10. It was swollen and inflamed for no apparent reason. Nothing helped except my homeopath put me on a healthfood diet of no sugar or artificial stuff that helped. At 14, I dislocated that knee in ballet and needed a second surgery. It was inflamed again and the doctor said that I would need reconstructive surgery by the time I was 30. Well, I'm 40 years old, live in a two story house chasing 5 kids and I teach ballet. I've never had surgery but I keep testing positive for rheumatoid arthritis but I have no symptoms anymore. NONE! The only thing I can think of is that I really don't have it and that I eat healthy and take really good vitamins that absorb really well. I also took MSM which helps with inflamation for another issue that I had but it seemed to help my knee. Good nutrition is key. There is hope! Good luck!!


answers from Houston on

If you haven't already find out as much as you can about the disease. Rest is the best thing she can get. Movement of any kind causes pain as I'm sure you know.
There is no cure, many drugs to help with pain and damage but no cure. I've had it for the past 5 years. I feel for your daughter. I hope it's something else. Good Luck.


answers from Santa Fe on

My 6 year old nephew has limped his whole life. But it was off and on and his parents kind of thought he was just doing it for attention. But this last year he was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. He saw many specialists and had a lot of tests done. He has had to have daily injections/shots and has seen doctors quite often. I guess they have totally gotten it under control.They are not sure how long they will have to continue the shots but it may end this summer.

On a side note, everyone thought he was ignoring them when he would not do as he said. 2 summers ago I was whispering to him bc I was holding my sleeping baby and was trying to be quiet. I noticed he really cold not hear me and kept saying what and had to move closer and closer. I mentioned to his parents that it seems like he has some kind of hearing loss. When they did all these tests they also tested his ears bc of this and it turns out he had a genetic hearing defect that they got fixed with surgery. Poor kid! Everyone thought he was faking limping (he was NOT a good communicator till recently) and everyone thought he was ignoring them on purpose. In their defense he can be a difficult kid.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi H.,

Osteoarthritis can be repaired through chiropractic care. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder and can be repaired through supplementation and chiropractic care. As soon as you get an accurate diagnosis, you should see an upper cervical chiropractor for assistance. If you need to find one in your area, go to Talk to them about getting her immune system working appropriately. If they don't say they can, then you're in the wrong place. A good chiropractor can do soo much more than a medical doctor in so many ways.

God bless.

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