Does Yeast Diaper Rash = Thrush?

Updated on September 20, 2018
A.S. asks from San Angelo, TX
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My daughter has a very persistent rash, so I'm beginning to think it may be a yeast rash. We have an appointment with her pedi tomorrow. I was wondering if yeast diaper rashes can cause oral thrush. I know that sometimes if a baby has oral thrush, it can lead to a yeast diaper rash, but if there is no thrush originally, can the diaper rash cause thrush? I know I will get an answer tomorrow from our pediatrician, BUT I'm one of those nervous moms (๐Ÿ™ˆ), so I wanted a little insight until then!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Yes, diaper rashes can be caused by yeast, regardless of whether or not the baby has oral thrush. My baby's worse diaper rash was caused by yeast and went away quickly when treated for it. His most persistent diaper rash was caused by a cow's milk intolerance and only went away when I cut dairy from my diet (I was nursing) - something to keep in mind if an antifungal for the yeast doesn't help.

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answers from Fort Myers on

My son rarely got rashes but he got a bad one once. My aunt told me to put vagisil/monistat cream on it instead of diaper rash cream. I don't know why but it worked quickly.


answers from Boston on

Pharmacist friend of mine told me that a while ago when my grandson was a wee one. We treated the diaper rash like a yeast infection and it cleared up really quickly. Diaper yeast with or without oral thrush.



answers from Louisville on

If you have yeast in one place you probably have it in other places. Buy some athletes foot cream and use that for a few changes you should see improvement pretty fast!

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