Do You Give Your One Year Old Fish Sticks?

Updated on March 17, 2011
J.B. asks from Marrero, LA
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Hey mamas,
Well I am very happy bc tomorrow I am leaving town for a couple days for a ladies retreat, and my guys are going to have to fend for themselves :D But I am wanting to make things as easy on Dad as possible so my freezer is full of frozen nuggets, fries, waffles, fish sticks, etc. My little one will be 14 months in a couple days and I am wondering if it is fine to let him have fish sticks? I can probably count on one hand the number of times fish sticks have been in my house, since childhood! We just never had them so I never had a habit to buy them, but my older son has had them and really likes them. So do you give your one year old fish sticks? I am thinking it is fine, he eats all kinds of stuff and the fish is all minced up so bones shouldn't be an issue. Just wanting some feedback, thanks!

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answers from Santa Fe on

Yes, it is fine. :) We eat pretty darn healthy but now and then my 6 yr old will have fish sticks bc he loves them. His sister who is 1 wants what he has so we will give her one and a bit of ketchup to dip it into. I just break it into pieces for her. Honestly, she wants them but she does not really like them. She'll mostly just lick the ketchup off.

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answers from Boston on

I don't because I hate them they are gross! When we have fish I cook it it really is pretty effortless to cook. I understand wantin to make things easy for hubby but why not prepare some meals and freeze them so he can just heat and serve something healthy to the kiddos.

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answers from Richmond on

I give my 15 month old son fish sticks. It's one of the only things he'll eat!! If your little one will eat them, by all means, serve them :)

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answers from Savannah on

We generally eat pretty healthy here (well, I'm better with the kids than with myself and my coca-cola addiction), but yeah there's nothing "wrong" with giving them fish sticks here and there. When I've had to leave for a couple days to tend to my sick grandpa or whatever, I stock the kitchen with easy "man food" and let them do what they need to do. My husband knows my rule is that they can have milk at this time, juice at that time, and WATER is what we have in between. Other than that, I don't really care. Make sure they've got some cereal and fruit or oatmeal (super easy but healthy), lunch can be anything from a wide variety of sandwiches and fruit to macaroni and cheese or even a hot dog, snacks of fruit, veggie sticks, cheese sticks, and then dinner can be whatever they think is right. Dad may cook but just in case, I always provide him with a frozen lasagna and bag of salad, some PF Chang orange chicken for him and pot pies for the kids, a frozen pizza, or yeah fish. I prefer to give them the frozen fish fillets instead of the sticks (I guess I'm thinking it's a little more fish to batter ratio? lol!). That's also something I left for the babysitter sometimes. Make a thing of macaroni & cheese, the microwave mixed vegetable steamers, and some fish, then leave the sitter to feed it to them. I think if you do good most of the time, a few meals of "whatever" are not going to hurt them. It's more about a habit than legalism. :) Besides, it'll be good for dad and kids to have some time where he gets to parent and make his own impression with them; or maybe they'll go out to eat or to McDonalds to play in the playland. Thinking about Bill Cosby giving his kids chocolate cake for breakfast one day....they were fine, they were happy, there was no lasting effects of "childhood obesity" and diabetes. Just have stuff there in case they eat home, and leave it to him. Have fun on your trip!

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answers from Charlotte on

let him try them! my son when he was one loved fish sticks!

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answers from Baton Rouge on

I cut them up and gave them to my daughter when she was that age.

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answers from Louisville on

I have given them to my 15month old, but she is not all that sure she likes them yet. :-D. Sometimes she will eat them, sometimes she won't.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Yes! And don't forget about the bags of frozen veggies that hubby can just cook in some water for 5 min or whatever with no prep work! We also like frozen pierogies and raviolis.
Have fun, I'm jealous!

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answers from Washington DC on

Yep! It's one of my kiddo's favorites. They like the "whole fish" fillet kinds rather than the miced fish in shapes, but either's food! It's easy! They eat it! It's one of my "go to" dinners when they've refused other food for a couple days and have been living off fruit and PB sandwiches. (don't want to hear the remarks, "I'd never let my kid do that-foodies"! LOL)
Enjoy your time away!

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answers from San Antonio on

is Fish your issue, or are the preservatives and stuff an issue?

Fish is great for kids and adults alike. My son is now 3.He's had fish probably once a week since he was 1 year old. He's never had fish sticks, but rather homemade fresh baked/blackened/fried fish.

So yes - give your son and hubby anything to eat that y'all agree is healthy. Another good quick idea -- hot dogs, spaghettios, mac n cheese (add chicken to make a protein), a can of beans mashed up, a can of tuna made into a tuna salad with mayo. Or my MIL made tuna for my 1 yr old with mustard and sweet pear juice. My son (now 3) loves tuna with italian dressing on it.

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answers from Norfolk on

mine will not eat them but food is food.

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answers from Houston on

We eat pretty healthy, but fish sticks are one of our indulgence (even I love them), but we don't eat them often. But yes, a child that young can eat them. Even better, homemade strips of salmon.

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answers from Lancaster on

My 14 month old eats fish sticks (I make homemade ones to avoid sodium and preservatives) and loves them!! Even pre made ones are probably healthier than a ot of other premade foods.



answers from Chicago on

When my kids were little we told them they were chicken and they ate them up. They called them chicken first. I also buy them for my little one now and then. But I do buy the ones that are made from fillet not minced. After they are cooked, before serving, I put them on papertowels to absorb any excess oil.



answers from Houston on

mine got them at 9 months



answers from Houston on

It's fine if he will eat them! I haven't heard of any dangers of giving 1 years olds fish sticks like some other allergy prone foods. If my son would eat them I'd let him have them.

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