Digestive Enzymes for Treating Eczema

Updated on July 03, 2011
K.M. asks from Frisco, TX
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My son and I both suffer from eczema and are trying digestive enzymes to help alleviate the outbreaks. My son's is worse than mine at this time - probably because I stopped drinking milk about 2-3 months ago as a test.

Has anyone tried the paypaya digestive enzymes; do they work the same as the "regular" digestive enzymes? Are they as effective. I got the chewable one's at central market today and the nutrionist there thought they would be equally effective? We are already running an IGG and IGE on my son and just waiting on the results from that to be done to yield what foods are possibly the trigger as well. From what I have read on the internet and from others that I spoken too, the digestive enzymes are supposed to help -- so, just wondering if anyone has some testimonials about their experience that they can share.

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Fruits are how we obtain our digestive enzymes, that's why it better to eat raw. Not sure if papaya has all that you need, but this is the list of enzymes in the supplement I take. I don't know of a source for your son, but I have had several kids that I know personally that have benefitted from getting off of OTC baby washes and lotions. I would love to send you a few articles that I have collected if you send me an email address.

I don't have eczema, but I do have a slow bowel due to thyroid quitting (radiation with cancer). I am also anemic which contributes. I benefit from the enzymes, a high quality vitamin and mineral source (Arbonne) and pro-biotics (whole foods, Udo's Choice brand).

You may want to avoid splenda, too. It lowers intestinal bacteria by 50%. My daughter, 3, used to get kidney infections and yeast infections until we took it all out of her diet and put her on probiotics.

Arbonne’s Essential Enzyme Blend™
Malt Diastase
Arbonne’s Digestive Herbal Complex (ingredient and source)
Ginger Ginger Root
Peppermint Peppermint Leaf
Chamomile Chamomile Flower
Fennel Fennel Seed
Hawthorn Hawthorn Fruit

Email me if you are interested,


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Hi K.,
So sorry you and your son are having this problem. I have some things that should help. As the other lady mentioned soaps are bad for our skin. Shaklee has cleansers for adults and children that contain no harmful substances. As an added bonus you won't have bathtub or shower scum if you use them. Several of my customers have also gotten rid of eczema by using the baby lotion.
I haven't heard that enzymes help, many people have been helped with essential fatty acids. For adults there is OmegaGuard and Mighty Smart for children.
Through the end of the month, Shaklee is offering free memberships (which give you a 15% discount) with 50 point orders. You can check all this out at http://www.shaklee.net/healthforlife. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.
Good luck to you!



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I have had gluten allergies for about 4 years now. I even lost the vision in my right eye because my body was being robbed of nutrients. About two months ago a lady at the health food store talked me into buying some Gluten Digest. She said that she had heard great things about it. Well anytime that I eat anything with gluten in it I have a severe eczema attack. The last time was around Thanksgiving and my entire leg was nothing but a running sore. Well I was really good about not eating gluten but my legs would not heal up. They were so sensitve. About 2 weeks ago the kids wanted to go to the Pizza Inn for a party. I get so depressed because all I can eat is salad. So I thought Im going to try the Gluten Digest pills. I took one and went and eat about 6 pieces of pizza. I expected the itching to begin, but quess what it didnt. I was simply amazed. The next morning I took another but Im not eating gluten and the red raised area on my legs are disappearing. So Im taking 2 pills a day. I am so excited. The brand that Im getting is called Gluten Digest and its from NOW.. It has Bio Core DPP IV ,Amylase, Protease and Gluoamylase in it.



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What kind of soap and lotion do you use? My daughter has eczema, has since she was a baby. When she was little, we tried all sorts of things. Steriod creams, Eucerin cream, etc... Last year I started making my own soaps and lotions. I made an unscented Honey Oatmeal soap that has avocado oil in it. Avocado oil is wonderful for eczema. If you would like, send me an email with your address and I will send you a sample to try on yourself and your son. It is gentle enough to use on him. Since my dd started using it, she has not had a break out once.

H. V.
H.'s Sweet Scents



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I don't have any info on digestive enzymes, but I have suffered from Eczema for the last decade. I've had so many different opinions from doctors as to what causes it, but from my experience, I believe it is from environmental contact allergies. I say that because when I went to West Virginia for a week for work, my eczema completely went away, but as soon as I came home, it came back.

I met a woman through my children's day care and she claimed it was something in the water. She said she put filters on all their faucets and shower heads and all her family's eczema disappeared.

In my case, I switched soaps here at home and my eczema went away. When I ran out of my new soap and I started using some old soap, it came back. When I switched back to my new soap, it went away again. Now, right at about the same time I switched soap, our water changed too. My husband said Fort Worth did something different in their water processing so I think it's a combination of both the soap and the water. It's like an allergy to the combination of the chemicals in those things. All I know is that I haven't had eczema in about a year or so now and I am soooo happy! My kids don't have it either, and they both suffered from it too.

Good luck! I hope you find something to help you as well.




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I have some great products for helping w/ eczema. Give me a call if I can help. ###-###-####

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