Updated on November 29, 2008
K.M. asks from Winter Park, FL
6 answers

I am new to town and am looking for a good dermatologist in the Winter Park area. Any recommendations?

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answers from Daytona Beach on

Hi K.

This is going to sound stupid because I can't remember any of the doctors' names in the practice, but their office is located right across the street from Florida Hospital Altamonte on 436. I am a nurse and their group was consulted on a patient in my unit about a year or so ago. We were all really impressed by them, but because its so rare that we get dermatology consults, that was the only time they came around and I'm HORRIBLE with names. I will try to figure out their names and get back to you with them. Just let me know if you decide to go a different route so I don't go crazy looking for the doc's name for nothing :o)

Good luck,

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answers from Orlando on

Hello, sorry i dont know anyone in the winter park area but Dr. Steels office on sand lake rd in the Bay Hill area, they are really good, I would aks for Dr. Mario, he is great.
If you are also needing help with your skin, I offer great deep cleansing corrective facials, I dont do regular basic facials, with 17 years of experience I specialize in all skin types including acne. So if you looking for help for your
skin please look at my website
or call me at ###-###-####

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answers from Orlando on

Hi K.,
I have one that I LOVE!! They have offices all around the area. Not sure if there is one actually in Winter Park though. The practice is called Advanced Dermatology & the doc I love is Dr. Michael Bond. He is great!!!!
Her is a link to his website:

Good luck!

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answers from Orlando on

I have used Dr. Seff since I was a kid with horrible skin. He has brought me a long way to where I get compliments on my skin now instead of the pizza face comments. My sister also used him with great results.

Daniel B Seff DO
2828 Casa Aloma Way # 500,
Winter Park, FL 32792

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answers from Orlando on

I have been going to Dr Dinah Warner for YEARS (more than 10-- I go for annual mole checks). What I love about her is she listens to you. If she thinks a freckle looks fine but you have your doubts, she listens to you and takes a biopsy. It's called Family Dermatology but as far as I know she's the only one. Her office is in the hospital building-- the one on Mills near the Science Center. Since she had a baby a few years ago, she only works a couple of days a week so I'm not sure how long you'll have to wait to get an appointment, but she's worth the wait if you don't need a biopsy on something immediately

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answers from Orlando on

Try Dr. Maxine Tabas, she is on Lee Road. She is an excellent doctor.

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